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COHBE Implementation Plan Overview August 13, 2012 1.

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1 COHBE Implementation Plan Overview August 13, 2012 1

2 Agenda Core Team High Level Schedule Status Key Risks Questions?

3 Core Team RoleCOHBEDelivery Partners COHBECGI OITHCPF Executive SponsorPatty FontneauHeidi GreenKristen Russell Sue Birch Project ManagerGary SchneiderKristine JohnsonDave CorenMegan Woods PMOAdele WorkCameron HolmN/A Technical LeadJed SummertonSteve PapkeSherri Hammons N/A Business Operations / Policy Lindy HinmanRichard CurleyN/AAntoinette Taranto Functional LeadJohn Barela / Jessica Dunbar Kelli KangasTBDMaureen Dove-Yuhas System ArchitectGary SchneiderRick Sammartino Test LeadTBDMike McKethon Security LeadBill Jenkins (Revision Consulting) Robert Yu

4 Activity CMS Reviews Planning Requirements Validation Infrastructure Incremental Build Design and Test Testing Deployment Interface Development Training & Documentation Policy Development Outreach Business Operations Plan Management Call Center COHBE High Level Schedule Development Iterations Q2 2012Q3 2012Q4 2012Q1 2013Q2 2013Q3 2014Q4 2014 Live 10/1/2013 Individual Pilot 7/1/2013 SHOP Pilot 5/1/2013 Dev RVD Planning As of Today SHOP/ Individual System Test SHOP Planning Sizing Estimates Performance / Security Test Test System Test Starts January 2013 Prod UI Individual Open Enroll Design/Build/Unit Test Test PlanningPolicy Development Planning Execution Hiring / Process Development Align with DOI Develop Processes Carrier Alignment Load Test Plans Certify and Load Plans Develop Call Center Tools and Processes RVD Planning Create MaterialTraining Execution Planning/Analysis Build Test Cases TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION BUSINESS IMPLEMENTATION Call Center SOW

5 Current COHBE Status Dashboard

6 Key Implementation Risks #Risk Description 1Availability of External Eligibility Service 2Availability of standardized tool for carriers to load and DOI to certify plans (SERFF) 3Functionality gaps in base system require additional development effort 4Carrier alignment and system integration 5Time for CMS to develop policies 6Availability of Federal Data Hub Time (potential to delay launch) Scope / Quality (potential to impact functionality / usefulness of Exchange) 1 3 4 6 *Size of bubble indicates relative impact relative 2 LowMediumHigh 5

7 Questions ?

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