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File 2 Grammar 1.The Past: simple/continuous/ perfect/perfect continuous 2.Used to / would 3. Word formation Vocabulary 1.Text: early memories 2.Christmas.

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1 File 2 Grammar 1.The Past: simple/continuous/ perfect/perfect continuous 2.Used to / would 3. Word formation Vocabulary 1.Text: early memories 2.Christmas 3.Ages and stages 4. … Grammar The future Vocabulary 1. Multitasking 2. Expressions about time 3. From Match Point 4. From listenings Grammar -Get 1.Taking Revenge 2.Love by numbers 3. Love and relationships 4. Expressions with get Vocabulary

2 File 2 A When I was a _ _ _ _ _ _ _


4 2.When they were young, they recalled …/ afraid of … you He was afraid of spectres He recalls a lesson at school She thought the west was a miasma of poverty and misery He recalls a toy He recalls school holidays She remembers first love He remembers about illness

5 Bad dreams= nightmares(Sheet of paper)= 1- a type of/ sort of (Sheet of p.)= 2- further than(Sheet of p.)= 3- until now (Sheet of p.)= 4- I prefer to meet (box)- I prefer + (infinitive) + rather than + (bare infinitive) ex. I prefer to go by bike rather than drive my car I prefer + (gerund) + to + (gerund)- ex. I prefer going … to driving … -I´d rather + (bare infinitive) + than + (bare infinitive)/(noun) -I´d better = I´d rather. But -Mejor presentante al examen y luego …= You´d better do the exam and …








13 3.Find a synonym with the following words. 1.Type of = _______ 2. Further than = _________ 3. Until now = _________ 4. I prefer to meet = ___________ 5. lecturer = ________ 6. Every week= __________ 7. Spot = ______ 8. Terrible/ugly = _______ 9. Bigger = _____ 10. cause= _________ 11. Idea/vision= _______ 12. Poor conditions= ________ and _______ 13. Hungry= ______ 14. internado = ________ 15. Moving to one side to the other = _________ 16. Likely to ___________ 17. Jump = _______ 18. Desmontar = ________ 19. Screeching sound= _________ 20. Necesita engrarsarse _______________ 21. No me extraña que estuviera escuálida= _____________________ 22. ceremony = __________ 23. Put it into water = _______ Kind of beyond To this day I´d rather professor weekly dot awful broader prompt outlook poverty misery starving Boarding school rocking Kind of spring unseat groaning It needs to be oiled No wonder you´re so skinny rite dip

14 T ________ = a 2 to 4-year-old person Llamar a alguien que no encuentras= C ____O ___ for When something is very bright= S _____ Drive away in the car= P _____ A _____ P ______ = way Be in care of a person = M___ ___ a person Money you pay for getting on a bus= F __ You can let a person do sth or he is A ____ to do it D _______ = noun for dark A completely new object B ______ N ____ I´ve not got enough pennies = P ______ Attach or hold sth together= P _____ Toddler path darkness Call out Mind Brand new sparkling fare Penny short Pull away allowed pin

15 Mistakes in the exam Antonio would lend money to Bassanio for he bought a gift Bassanio wanted to marry with Portia but the father of Portia Wanted to his daughter that she will marry with the best husband For she and for this his father created a game she choosed the wrong box, he didn ´t can to see … He could die if he not choose the right box He say that she can ´t had a … Bassanio was fall in love with a Portia but to go to married with she. The mysterious lawyer said that he can caught a flesh os his body If Antonio didn´t pay him before, he will cut him a pound of … Bassanio told it Portia and he said her that…

16 VERBAL TENSES THE PRESENT THE PAST THE FUTURE SIMPLE: I go/ he goesSIMPLE: I went SIMPLE: I will go / I would go Continuous: I´m going Perfect: I have gone Perfect Continuous: I have been going Continuous: I was going Continuous: I will be going/ I´d be going Perfect: I had gone Perfect: I will have gone / I´d have gone Perfect Continuous: I had been going Perfect Continuous: I will have been going / I´d have been going Conditional

17 1. Complete the sentences using the words in brackets and suitable verbs in the correct tenses. 1. I didn ´t answer the phone because I __________________ a shower 2. We arrived too late. The film _______________________ (already) 3. Today is my last day. I ________________ tomorrow 4. I´m exhausted. I ______________________ all morning 5. If I´d known you were coming, I _______________________ something especial 6. Where is Lucía?. She´s at the hairdresser´s. She __________________________ (her hair) 7. She said it was a secret and she asked me __________________________ anybody. (not) 8. A new sports centre _________________________ at the moment. 9. A: How long _________________ (you/know) Cris. B:Since the first time he ____________ (move) here. 10. When I ____________ (arrive) someone _____________the window open. This ____________ John 11. We don ´t visit you very often because you live so far away. If only you __________________ (not/live) so far 12. What time ________ (we/meet) ?. At 7. I _______there. When you get there I ____________ (wait)for 5 minutes Was having Had already finished Am leaving Have been working Would have done is having her hair cut Not to tell anyone Is being built Have you known moved arrivedHad left Might have been Didn´t live shallWill be Will have been waiting


19 Last year I went to Cádiz 2 years ago I went to Seville 3 years ago. I went to Cádiz last year Before going to Cádiz, I had gone to Seville I have been to Cádiz twice I have been travelling for 3 years


21 2.Write two sentences about Debbie according to the information below for every topic. Use Pat simple, Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous. She worked for IBM 6 years ago She has worked for SONY for 3 years She bought a house 2 years ago She has lived there since then She was going out with Kris 5 years ago She´s been going out with Mario for 4 years

22 toddler retired twenties Middle age Their thirties old baby teenager An adult adolescence 1- e 2- c 3- a 4- f 5- i 6- h 7- d 8- b 9- g

23 spent Had died Cooked/used to/ would Took/would take Was invited toldWas going tried got decided Was sleeping wanted

24 Was told climbed saw Had asked refused heard realizedHad got came opened caught Had fobidden

25 el odiohatred El miedofear La felicidadhappiness La imaginación La pobrezapoverty El aburrimiento boredom La enfermedadillness La libertadfreedom

26 El amor, la amistad y el respeto no unen mucho más que el odio por algo El miedo es, de todas las pasiones, el sentimiento que mas debilita el juicio Estar sin una de las cosas que tú quieres es una condición indispensable de la libertad La imaginación es más importante que el conocimiento. Superar la pobreza no es un geto de caridad sino un acto de justicia Solo hay dos emociones en un avión: el aburrimiento y el terror Disfruto de la conlescencia. Es la parte hace que la enfermedad que valga la pena Loa enemigos de la libertad no discuten. Gritan y disparan.

27 Anton Chekhov Cardinal de Retz Bertrand Russel A. Eintein N. Mandela Orson Wells G. B. Shaw William Inge

28 SUFFIXES + hood + ship+ dom +s/tion+ ure+ (t,c)y + age + al+ness +word changes + ence/ ance Prosper interfere deny adult resign fail afraid Ill compete break bury exclude try rehearse leak Apologize insist assist believe lose partner poor Ashamed bore celebrate child dead free friend happy hate imagine kind neighbour relation sad wise sign close perform enter pass refuse admit extend improve treat solve agree receive Prosperity interference denial adulthood resignation failure fear Illness competition breakage burial exclusion trial rehearsal leakage Apology boredom celebration childhood death freedom friendship happiness hatred imagination kindness neighbourhood relationship sadness wisdom signature closure performance entrance passage refusal admitance extension improvement treatment solution agreement reception

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