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May 12, 2010 Taylor County Extension Office 10:00 am EST District 5 Staff Agenda.

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1 May 12, 2010 Taylor County Extension Office 10:00 am EST District 5 Staff Agenda

2 Personnel & Programs PERSONNEL UPDATES PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS for DISTRICT 5 FCS Christy NuetzmanANR Ron Bowman HORT Dennis Morgeson 4-HYD Misty Wilmoth SPECIAL RECOGNITION Supervision 101ESP District NewsChi Epsilon Sigma May Staff Refreshments - Grayson and Green Counties

3 Information – Deadlines - Events ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE Developing State-wide standard for Counties AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PLANS Due June 1 – Online entry closes July 1 Report Against for FY2010/2011 beginning July 1 AGENT FEEDBACK ON SPECIALISTS ALUMNI MEETINGS FOR AgHES AUDITS

4 BENEFITS Check UK HMO Eligibility Dependant Eligibility Survey BUDGET UPDATE and ECONOMIC OUTLOOK Waiting on a Budget – Cuts still expected for 2010 Additional Cuts expected in 2011 No Raises This Year – All Employees Form Due Dates CAMP RENOVATIONS Lake Cumberland and Feltner – Renovation of 4 Cabins West KY – Cabin of the Future, Sparks Hall Renovation All Camps – Aquatic Activity Enhancement Activities

5 COMMUNICATING with POLICYMAKERS Mandatory In-service Training – Aug. 13, Taylor Co. Office Agent Com. – Brain Newman, Tony Rose and Becky Nash COUNTY COORDINATOR LIST – 2010-2011 D5 DIRECTORY Updates due to Kathy Ballard, Nelson Co. Support Staff EQUIPMENT INVENTORY FORM Due July 15

6 EPSILON SIGMA PHI NATIONAL MEETING Jackson Hole Wyoming – October 12 – 15, 2010 Congrats to Kelli Bonifer, selected as a Presenter FMLA Critical: Paperwork, Deadlines and Notice to D5 Office Notification if connected to Military facebook District 5 Site - 64 Fans and growing County sites

7 FINANCIAL FORM Grants, Contracts, etc (Doesn’t include Phase I) Due July 15 FINAL PAYMENTS TO UK 4 Counties remaining FLOOD RELIEF AND REPORTS FOOD STAMP REPORTING (SnapEd) Continue to report Monthly Commitments not mandatory for reporting hours

8 GRADUATE SCHOOL FAM 759 – Working with Military Families Degree Masters Approvals Spring Completions to Martha Thompson HOLIDAY Memorial Day - May 31 st *Official UK Holiday - regular positions IT UPDATES

9 INTERNSHIPS Meade, Hardin and Washington Counties State Contact: Martha Thompson KY EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS ASSOCIATION State Meeting: May 10 – 13 LEADERSHIP/LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY Proposed for Fall 2010 Agent Committee Meeting: Today, following D5 Staff LEAVE REMINDER Report throughout year thru CATPAWS Old Leave Deadline – June 30, 2010

10 MENTORING Assignments Upcoming: Mentor Certification – May 14 th D5 Mentor Contacts: Katie Alexander & Christy Martin NEW AGENT TRAINING Website Full Staff Meetings – 1 st Day of Work for New Agent PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS Option Year for Agents with more than 5 years of service Rating Options Forms – Due Today PHASE I MONEY REQUESTS

11 POW Pac Codes, Feature Programs, Updates Program and Staff Development Webpage PRAYER AND RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS UK Policy REGIONAL UPDATES/INFORMATION View WebPages periodically SECRETARY TRAINING - Fall, 2010 ANR Agents – Contact Group Needs: Location and Program

12 STAFF – AGENTS' FALL PICNIC September 2010 Committee Needed: 1 Representative - Program Groups STATE FAIR ASSIGNMENTS Cloverville – completed Livestock and Horse – Assignment by Specialist STUDY LEAVE AND SPECIAL LEAVE Revised Guidelines for Agents HR Policy SUPERVISION 101 FEEDBACK

13 APRIL BIRTHDAYS! April 2 Katie Alexander, Breckinridge CEA for FCS April 7 Linda Bell, Clinton County 4-H Program Assistant April 9 Margie Hernedez, Russell County SNAP-Ed Assistant April 11 Roberta Hunt, Washington CEA for 4-H YD April 16 Betty Kimbler, Russell County Support Staff Christy Martin, Russell CEA for 4-H YD April 17 Carol Hinton, Breckinridge CEA for ANR April 23 George McCain, Marion CEA for ANR April 28 Sue Ann McCandless, LaRue Support Staff

14 MAY BIRTHDAYS! May 2 Regina Markins, Meade County Support Staff May 6 Jack Ewing, Grayson CEA for ANR May 7 Kelly Carney, Taylor County Support Staff May 13 Debbie Shepherd, Casey CEA for FCS Connie Conlee, District 5 Administrative Support Staff May 19 Danielle Hutchins, Nelson CEA for 4-H YD May 20 Beth Wilson, Pulaski CEA for Horticulture May 29 Glen Roberts, Wayne CEA for ANR May 30 Juanita Herron, Marion County EFNEP Assistant Brenda Williamson, Pulaski County EFNEP Assistant


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