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The Source for Housing Solutions Arizona Housing Forum Charlene Flaherty – Corporation for Supportive Housing Kelli Donley – Arizona Department of Health.

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1 The Source for Housing Solutions Arizona Housing Forum Charlene Flaherty – Corporation for Supportive Housing Kelli Donley – Arizona Department of Health Services September 12, 2014

2 Welcome!

3 Agenda  Defining Supportive Housing and Housing First  CSH Dimensions of Quality  SAMHSA Fidelity Scale  Where do we go from here?  Q&A

4 What is Supportive Housing? Supportive housing combines affordable housing with services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy and dignity.

5 Who Lives in Supportive Housing? Housing Supportive Services

6 Defining Supportive Housing Targets households with barriers to housing and/or employment Is affordable Provides tenants with leases Engages tenants in flexible and voluntary services Coordinates among key partners Supports tenants in connecting with the community

7 Housing First  Housing First is an evidence-based practice that looks at housing as a tool, rather than a reward, for recovery. It is an approach to ending homelessness that centers on providing permanent housing first and then providing services as needed and requested. 7

8  No ‘housing readiness’ requirement  Commitment to working with clients for as long as they need  Separation of housing and services  Engagement  Client choice and self determination  Harm reduction & recovery focus Essential Features

9 Targeted Populations  Chronically homeless individuals  Families and individuals cycling through institutional and emergency systems and are at risk of long-term homelessness  Persons being discharged from institutions and systems of care  Those without housing who cannot access and make effective use of treatment and supportive services. 9

10 Supportive Housing is not:  Treatment  Transitional  Licensed community care 10

11 The Source for Housing Solutions CSH Dimensions of Quality

12 The Big Picture  NOW: The Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing (guidebook)  LATER: Online Toolkit, Revised Trainings, Certification/Self-Assessment

13 Background on the DOQ  1 st edition created in 2009  2 nd edition:  Designed to be used by projects that create units through leasing as well as through building  Enhanced content on integrating tenants and projects into the community  Added content to focus on the role of the project in the larger system and the community

14 Core Outcomes for Tenants in SH

15 Supportive Housing Project Components Project Design and Administration Property and Housing Management Supportive Services Community

16 Dimensions of Quality Tenant- Centered AccessibleCoordinatedIntegratedSustainable

17 Matrix: Components v. Dimensions

18 Matrix: Tenant-Centered

19 Project Design and Administration Tenant-Centered  Tenants play an active role in planning the supportive housing project, and all partners share a common commitment to helping tenants thrive.  Tenants are part of the team creating the supportive housing project, providing meaningful and ongoing input during the project’s planning phase.  At least one individual who represents the target tenant population meets regularly with the supportive housing project team.  There is at least one focus group comprised of members of the targeted tenancy.  There are multiple, documented instances of how tenant feedback has been incorporated into the supportive housing.

20 Project Design and Administration Tenant-Centered  Tenant-driven planning  Partners commit to supportive housing goals  Privacy and living space How do we find out? What do tenants need?

21 Project Design and Administration Accessible  Affordable  Location, location, location  Getting from here to there  Accessible and accommodating

22 Project Design and Administration Coordinated  Clearly defined roles and responsibilities  Regular communication  Continuous quality improvement

23 Project Design and Administration Integrated  Attractive housing and units that fits  Community dialogue

24 Project Design and Administration Sustainable  Show me the money...and keep showing me  Being green may not be easy, but it is efficient

25 Property and Housing Management Tenant-Centered  Tenant education  Encouraging tenant feedback  Clear communication processes

26 Property and Housing Management Accessible  Housing first  Simple and streamlined application process  Landlord relationships that facilitate housing entrance  Cultural competency

27 Property and Housing Management Coordinated  Working closely with landlords  Coordinating property/housing management and supportive services

28 Property and Housing Management Integrated  Housing unit choice  Leases with all the rights and responsibilities of tenancy

29 Property and Housing Management Sustainable  Regular checks on units and proactive maintenance

30 Supportive Services Tenant-Centered  Easy access to a comprehensive array of supportive services  Engaging tenants in voluntary services

31 Supportive Services Accessible  Outreach and in-reach efforts  Awareness and convenience of services

32 Supportive Services Coordinated  Connections to mainstream and community-based resources

33 Supportive Services Integrated  Developing and strengthening community connections

34 Supportive Services Sustainable  Ongoing services funding  Ongoing partnerships with other services providers

35 Community Tenant-Centered  Tenants have meaningful opportunities for leadership

36 Community Accessible  Coordinated access to housing

37 Community Coordinated  Prioritizing frequent or high users of systems  Partnering for positive discharges from institutions

38 Community Integrated  Increasing tenant choice with regard to housing model and location

39 Community Sustainable  Consistent with and supports community plans  Tracking and sharing data

40 Using the New DOQ

41 The Source for Housing Solutions SAMHSA Fidelity Scale + Other ADHS Housing Work

42 SAMHSA Fidelity  Tool to evaluate the quality of care being provided to those within supportive housing  Examines both quality of housing and supportive services

43 Background + Timeline  Arnold v. Sarn  Maricopa County housing, census creation  Hiring of fidelity reviewers  Implementation of national fidelity model  Publishing of results

44 Permanent Supportive Housing  Change of perspective  Quality of life important too

45 Victory Place  Collaboration  VA  US Vets  ADHS/RBHA

46 SocialServe.Com  Olmstead Group – community conversation  -- community tool

47 Contacts Charlene M. Flaherty Director, Southwest CSH Kelli Donley Project Manager Behavioral Health Services Arizona Department of Health Services

48 Thank You!

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