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The Book of Genesis: Perspectives Chapters 27:1-31:55 “Life of Jacob”

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1 The Book of Genesis: Perspectives Chapters 27:1-31:55 “Life of Jacob”

2 “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” Announcements –Sympathy to Lowell Rickey and Jane Mauch in the loss of their wife and sister, Jean Rickey, who passed away Wednesday, January 27. The funeral was February 1 in Sapulpa, OK. –Did you notice the new West Side sign? –Ladies are invited to Pajama Rama Movie Night Friday, January 29, 6:30 PM, in the chapel. RSVP to the office. –Youth Super Bowl Party & Devo Sunday, February 7, 4:30 PM, at the home of Bill & Kelli Helms. Everyone bring sodas, guys bring finger foods, and girls bring desserts. –Those wanting a CHRISTeens t-shirt can sign up at the table, by the chapel. Cost is $12.00 each. The deadline to order a t-shirt is Feb 10th. –Please sign up for CHRISTeens Housing. CHRISTeens is the last weekend of this month and 25 families have signed up so far. The sign up list is in the foyer. –Help Needed: a single mom needs a couch or love seat. Please contact Vicki Betterton, 967.2149 or 747.2149.

3 “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” Prayer List Carolyn Williams – St. Mary’s #201. Bill Hilton – St. Mary’s #377 after surgery for a broken hip. Paul Hogan – transferred to Legacy Lodge #49 February 2. Don Todd – knee replacement February 4, at AR Surgical Center. Lagrand Strickland, Jennifer Humphrey’s friend, Afghanistan

4 Genesis WeekDateTopic 109 Dec 09Introduction and the Creation: 1:1-2:25 (Ben) 216 Dec 09The Fall: 3:1-5:32 323 Dec 09Elder Selection Discussion (Herb) 430 Dec 09The Flood: 6:1-9:29 506 Jan 10Table of Nations/Tower of Babel: 10:1-11:9 613 Jan 10Life of Abraham – Part 1: 11:10-16:16 720 Jan 10Life of Abraham – Part 2: 17-23; 25:1-10 827 Jan 10Life of Isaac: 24; 25:11-26:35 903 Feb 10Life of Jacob: 27:1-31:55 1010 Feb 10Jacob and Esau: 32:1-36:43 (Ben) 1117 Feb 10Life of Joseph – Corruption: 37:1-38:30 1224 Feb 10Life of Joseph – Exaltation: 39:1-41:57 1303 Mar 10Life of Joseph – Salvation: 42:1-50:25

5 Today’s Objectives Provide a review of last week’s lesson Review a map of the area where Isaac lived Provide a summary of Genesis 27-31 See how Jacob steals his fathers blessing Find out the real reason Jacob flees to Haran Learn how Jacob meets Rachel and what Laban wants from Jacob in return for Rachel Learn why the relationship between Laban deteriorates Learn why Jacob leaves Haran to return home and see what happens in route

6 Last week Provided a review of last week’s about Abraham and Sarah Studied a map of the area where Isaac lived Reviewed Genesis 24-26 Learned how Isaac and Rebekah came to be married Learned how God blesses Isaac Reviewed the account of Ishmael Learned about the birth of Esau and Jacob Learned why Esau sells his birthright Learned about God's covenant with Isaac

7 Authorship Bible scholars attribute Genesis to Moses –Inspired by God, Moses was the human instrument through which God spoke –Also attributed to writing the first five books of the bible Date of writing –Uncertain –Probably between 1500-1400 BC –Spans more time than any other book of the Bible –Approximately 2370 years, more time than the other 65 books combined –Oldest and most detailed record of ancient history in existence

8 Terminology Bereshith –Hebrew name for the book meaning “in the beginning” Septuagint –Oldest Greek translation of the OT, around 270 BC Torah –Hebrew word for “the law”, refers to the first five books Pentateuch –Greek name for the first five books of the OT Dead Sea Scrolls –Ancient manuscripts found in 1947 contain parts of all books of the OT except Esther, confirming translations


10 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 Travels of Jacob

11 Genesis 27 Highlights Transitions to the life of Jacob We find examples where he lives up to the Hebrew meaning of his name – deceiver –He first stole his brother’s birthright –Now he steals his fathers blessing due (27:1-25) Esau becomes very angry (27:34-36) As a result, Rebekah advises Jacob to flee to Haran where her brother, Laban, lived (27:43-45)

12 Isaac’s Blessing (27:1-13) It is time for Isaac to bestow a blessing on Esau as the first-born (v. 1-4) –Isaac is around 137 years old –Asks Esau to provide him a meal before he is blessed –Blessing could not be given away once received Rebekah overhears Isaac and Esau –Instructs Jacob to hurry and provide a meal so he can receive the blessing first (v.10-13) –Try to deceive Isaac, but why? –God had already said that Esau would serve Isaac, she was trying to make sure

13 Stolen Blessing (27:14-33) Jacob carries out Rebekah’s wishes –Prepares the meal (v. 14-17) –Dresses to give the smell and touch of Esau Isaac blesses Jacob –Although Isaac somewhat suspect he was Jacob (v. 22) –Much deception on Jacob’s part –Claims he was Esau –States God had brought the food to him –Isaac still blesses him (vs. 28-29) Isaac returns soon thereafter –Prepared a meal, but discovers that Jacob had already received the blessing, by deception (v. 30-33)

14 Esau’s Discovery (27:34-46) Esau becomes very bitter –Learns that Jacob will rule over Esau (v. 37) Isaac’s blessing upon Esau –He would have material blessings from God (v. 39) –Would live by the sword, but would prevail (v. 40) –Would serve Jacob, but would break away from his control in time (v. 40, also see II Ki 8:20-22) An angry Esau decides to kill Jacob (v. 41) Rebekah advises Jacob to flee to Haran (v. 43) –But tells Isaac a different reason for Jacob’s departure (v. 46)

15 Chapter 28 Overview Jacob at Bethel God confirms the covenant with Jacob with Abraham Isaac sends Jacob to Padan-Aram (1-5) Esau marries the daughter of Ishmael (6-9) The vision of Jacob’s ladder (10-19) Jacob makes a vow to God (20-22)

16 Jacob’s Travels to Padan-Aram (28:1-9) Isaac sends Jacob away (1-5) –Did not want Jacob to have a Canaanite wife –Padan-Aram, home of Rebekah –Reminder of the blessing Esau marries the daughter of Ishmael (6-9) –Infers that his previous wives were Canaanite women –Saw Isaac’s wishes in Jacob’s being sent to Padan-Aram –Marries Mahalath, daughter of Ishmael

17 Jacob at Bethel (28:10-22) Jacob travels towards Haran –Remains over night and uses a stone for a pillow –Dreams about a ladder reaching to heaven –God was at the top of the ladder –God confirms the covenant with Jacob (v. 13-15, compare with Gen 22:18 and 26:4 Jacob wakes up –Took the stone he used for a pillow and poured oil on it –Set it up for a pillar –Named the place Bethel (v. 19) Jacob’s vow to God (v. 20-22)

18 Chapter 29 Jacob acquires wives and starts having children with those wives Jacob comes to the well of Haran (1-8) Meets Rachel and finds Laban (9-14) Jacob’s covenant with Laban for Rachel (15- 30) Leah’s sons (31-35)

19 Jacob and Rachel (29:1-14) Jacob arrives at the well of Haran (v. 2) –Several flocks of sheep with herdsman –He inquires about Laban (v. 5) –Rachel arrives with sheep (v. 6) Jacob and Rachel meet –Kisses Rachel, informs her that he is related to her father –She ran back to inform her father, Laban Laban runs to meet Jacob –Jacob stays with Laban for a month

20 Jacob’s Covenant with Laban (29:15-35) Jacob states that he should not work for free –Discussed pay with Laban –Jacob asks for Rachel in return for work (v. 18) –Jacob says he will work for seven years as payment for Rachel, which he does (v. 17-20) Laban goes back on his word –Does not give him Rachel, gives him Leah –Jacob did not realize it until the morning, but he was committed to Leah, works another deal for Rachel –Costs him another seven years (v. 30) Leah gives birth to Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah

21 Chapter 30 Children of Jacob Other children born to Jacob including Joseph by Rachel (1-24) Jacob’s new agreement with Laban to work for him for cattle (25-43)

22 Children of Jacob (30:1-24)

23 Jacob’s New Agreement (30:24-43) Once Joseph was born, Jacob asks Laban for permission to back to Canaan (v. 25) –Laban did not want this Jacob relates to Laban how much Laban’s wealth has increased since Jacob was around (v. 30) –Jacob ultimately concedes and stays for a price –All speckled and spotted livestock, brown livestock –Laban separates the spotted livestock, implying Jacob would only get future offspring –Jacob concocts a mixuture that causes animals to be born speckled and spotted, providing many more livestock

24 Chapter 31 Jacob returns to his homeland after working for Laban for twenty years Jacob’s secret departure from Laban (1-21) Laban’s pursuit of Jacob (23-35) Jacob’s complaint of Laban’s conduct (36-42) Covenant between Jacob and Laban at Galeed (43-55)

25 Jacob Leaves Haran (31:1-21) Laban’s family not happy with what Jacob was doing (v. 1-2) –Jacob’s scheme was working too well –Laban was no longer pleased with him God directs Jacob to return home (v. 3-16) –Jacob explains his plan to his wives (v. 4-10) –Gives reasons (Laban changing the agreement) Jacob departs with his wives (v. 17-21) –In packing, Rachel had stolen idols belonging to Laban –Jacob did not tell Laban he was going –Laban then goes out after Jacob

26 Laban Pursues Jacob (31:23-55) Laban catches up with Jacob –Near the hill country of Gilead (v. 23) –God warns Laban about his contact with Jacob (v. 24) –Confrontation between Jacob and Laban (v. 25-29) –Big issue were the idols/gods (v. 30) They agree to a covenant –Jacob would not harm Laban’s daughters, take other wives besides his daughters (v. 50) –Not traverse the land beyond the Galeed (v. 51) –Jacob and his family proceed to Canaan (v. 55)

27 Review Provided a review of last week’s lesson Reviewed a map of the area where Isaac lived Provided a summary of Genesis 27-31 Saw how Jacob deceived Isaac and stole his blessing Rebekah advises Jacob to flee for Haran or else Esau may kill him Jacob meets Rachel, ask Laban if he can marry her; however, he must labor many years Jacob and Laban’s relationship deteriorates Jacob leaves Haran to return home, Laban catches him, and a covenant is made Next week – Jacob and Esau, Gen 32-36

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