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2 Tonight’s Agenda  6:00pm Enjoy Dinner  6:30pm Program Begins  Introductions, Welcome, Brief Overview  Kelli Cline, Moss Adams A recruiter’s perspective  Ron Tilden General background on careers in Public Accounting  Career Services Staff More about the recruiting process Specifics about who’s hiring and the use of “Husky Jobs”

3 What is “Accounting Recruiting?”  Who?  Public Accounting Firms  What?  Recruiting interns and full-time associates  When?  September-December  Why?  To get a great job and explore career options!  How?  Through on-campus interviews and recruiting events

4 Positions Available  Audit, Tax, Advisory  Local or Nationwide  Winter 2013 or Summer 2013 Internship (full- time)  More than 1 year away from CPA eligibility (225 credits)  Audit, Tax, Advisory  Local or Nationwide  Summer or Fall 2013 start date  Will be CPA eligible by Fall 2013 (225 credits) Paid InternshipsFull-Time Professional

5 Process  Events (Now-October)  Meet the Professionals Night  BAP Meetings  Networking Events  HuskyJobs  Resumes and other documents  Deadlines begin in early October  On-Campus Interviews (October)  Occur in Career Services (UW Seattle & UW Bothell) throughout mid-October

6 Process (Continued)  Second Round Interviews (October-November)  Interviewing at the firms office  Offers (November-December)  Usually out by mid-November, varies by firm

7 Kelli Cline – Moss Adams  Audit vs. Tax  What are firms looking for?  Resume  Cover Letter  Types of Experience  Interview & Professional Conduct Tips

8 Presented by Ron Tilden Careers in Accounting

9  Your accounting degree will open the door to many different career paths!  The Private Sector Companies like Boeing, Microsoft and many more  The Government and Not-for-Profit Sectors The State Auditor, IRS, various regulatory agencies, etc.  Public Accounting This is the topic of today’s workshop The recruiting process for public accounting is very structured and it happens very early in the year (now!)

10 Public Accounting Firms  Provide specialized accounting services to their clients (let’s discuss briefly the difference between publicly held companies and private companies):  Annual Audits: Of their financial statements Of their system of internal controls (new with SOX)  Tax Services  Consulting Services Although such services were severely curtailed by SOX

11 Various sizes of public accounting firms  The “Big 4” International Firms  Deloitte  KPMG  PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)  Ernst & Young  Regional Firms  Moss Adams, Clark Nuber, Bader Martin, Sweeney Conrad, Peterson Sullivan, etc.  National Firms  BDO, Grant Thornton, McGladrey  Local Firms

12 Requirements to sit for the CPA exam  View them yourself at: ion_requirements.shtml ion_requirements.shtml  Generally speaking:  A college degree  225 credit hours – resulting in the infamous “5 th year” The 180 day provision may be relevant to many people  36 credit hours in accounting, of which 22.5 must be “upper level” (Our program achieves this)  36 credit hours in general business courses (Our program achieves this)

13 Presented by Kristin Hunt UW Bothell Career Services Specifics about the process…

14 How it works…  Prepare your application materials  Apply for positions online via HuskyJobs and company websites  Receive invitations to interview  Sign-up for interview times  Prepare your interview outfit  Interview on-campus (Seattle or Bothell)  Interview on-site  Receive your offer(s)!

15 Prepare Your Application Materials  Make sure to include on your Resume…  GPA  Graduation Date  CPA Eligibility  Beta Alpha Psi involvement  Leadership positions  For your Cover Letters…  Address which position you are applying for  Address how you plan to complete your 5 th year requirements (ie – when will you be CPA eligible?) Make an appointment and come to the Career Center to have your resume and cover letter reviewed!

16 Apply via HuskyJobs  Log-in  Set up your profile  Complete ALL of the tabs  Upload your application material  Resume, cover letter, transcript, occasionally writing sample  Apply for OCI (on-campus interview) positions  When applying, you can select what application material to include with each application  All of the firms will also ask you to apply via their website as well. YOU MUST DO BOTH.

17 Interview Invitations  At the end of the resume drop period, the employer will review applications  If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified via email as well as in HuskyJobs  On the date interviews open, you will be able to select an interview time  Keep in mind that SOME of the interviews will be at the Seattle campus  Leave enough time for parking and finding your way, 1.5 hrs is suggested

18 Preparing for your Interview…  Resources  Make an appointment for a practice interview  Learn about the Elevator Speech  Visit  What to wear  Men: Clean and pressed suit and tie, polished shoes, black socks  Women: Suit (knee length skirt or pants), panty hose (no bare legs!), minimal jewelry, no perfume, closed toe shoes, small purse

19 Bothell Interview Dates  Interviews will be held in a room off the Career Center, come to UW1 161 for your interview  10/12/12: Moss Adams  10/17/12: McGladrey  10/18/12: Deloitte  10/22/12: Clark Nuber

20 Beta Alpha Psi  National honorary accounting society  Requirements:  3.0 GPA; Cumulative and upper level accounting  Significant service hours (community service and professional development)  All students are welcome to attend the meetings.  October meetings will have speakers from accounting firms talking about careers in public and private sector  Note on the sign in sheet if you are interested in BAP THIS IS YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITY TO NETWORK AND FIND A JOB!

21 Upcoming Dates  BAP Bar-b-que  Thursday September 13th, 6pm, Blythe Park  First BAP Meeting – Moss Adams speaking  September 26 th at 6:00pm  Meet the Professionals  October 5 th ; 6:00pm, Crown Plaza Hotel in Seattle  $25, pay at the door DO YOU WANT TO BE A BAP LEADER? TALK TO Aaron, Wendy, or Jay You get: leadership skills, access to recruiters, resume builder, fun, and more!


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