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‘07August Poetry Postcard Fest Paul E. Nelson

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1 ‘07August Poetry Postcard Fest Paul E. Nelson

2 Robert Daniel (Irie Beard!) Jackson, MI Robert - 7.26.07 Irie my long lost Lutheran Brother ! How goes the beard tonight? The Mountain was still drunk on vapors this morning but rebounded in time for a pinkened sunset and a near full Blood Moon! May the Emperor festoon you w/ bloodstones & may Jah guide. Blessings – PAUL NELSON

3 2. to David-Baptiste Chirot (Mahakala) Milwaukee, WI David - 7.26.07 I’m here under a Blood Moon, near full have sipped the Yogi’s nectar (Matcha) mixed w/ some kind of blood line concoction BAILEY’S & full contention w/ Slaughter I offer Mahakala so you may remember the uselessness of time & fearlessness of compassion. Hasta Pronto Paul Nelson Slaughter, WA

4 3. to Anne Hollingsworth (Turtle, 2003) Issaquah, WA Dear Anne 7.26.07 For you a turtle as this Blood Moon waxes and we begin to see the USELESSNESS of time. Could be turtle could be mandala but I bathe this card in ritual ash and hope for an answer someday. Many Blessings – Paul Nelson Slaughter, WA

5 4. to Birgitta Jonsdottir (Raven, red, white, blue) Reykjavik, Iceland Dearest Birgitta! 7.26.07 Many Blessings from under the near full Blood Moon whose beams ricochet off The Mountain after the south-moving sunset capsizes beyond West Hill catching this red, white, blue & black Raven before he can swallow time in all its Greasy manifestations. Ashé – con Abrazos! Paul Nelson – Slaughter, WA

6 5. to John Davis (Jupiter) Bainbridge Island WA John – 7.26.07 Just as suspected Jupiter still beaming judicious arson orange beams of warm waves upon our hungry planet just to the right of the near full Blood Moon, while The Mountain still rests still reeling from all this morning’s vapors. Happy August Paul Nelson – Slaughter, WA

7 6. to Constance Wiseman (Lotus Lapover-edge Cup) Greenbank, WA Slaughter, WA 7.26.07 Dear Constance – Hola! The doppler’s calling for a Blood Moon w/ a side of Jupiter & an arson orange sunset to burn for. Care to join me for tea? Care for silver flower & bug festooned China? Care to dance at the next Burning Word? Take Care. Paul Nelson

8 7. to Kim Clark (Teaching Little Ones Death) Nanaimo, BC Slaughter, WA 7.26.07 Hola Kim – Not happy news despite Jupiter and wacky cards, despite July’s last sun set cannonballing beyond West Hill and the near full Blood Moon’s delicate dance over this particular Slaughter anger’s got the best of Pop & he’s getting hallucinations. Keep well. - LOVE – Paul N.

9 8. to Rochelle Nameroff (Red Eagle) El Cerrito CA Slaughter, WA 7.26.07 Dear Rochelle – By divination, an Eagle (the eagle is experience). By divination, The Multiverse (the soul unbound laughing hard at humans grappling w/ the uselessness of time). By divination, summer rain- water quenching a desert rock. Happy August! PAUL N.

10 9. to Todd Johnson (Chewing Nails) Auburn, WA Slaughter, WA 7.26.07 Todd – I’m running out of cuticles and time to begin again under a sultry Blood Moon who dances at the behest of Jupiter while white breasts are spied under the palm trees. Go forth and birth, yes go forth & birth your inner Magician while Rosa smiles. – Your Brother – Paul Nelson

11 10. to Frances LeMoine (Only in it for the Monet) Nashua, NH Slaughter, WA 8.1.07 Frances, I’m only in it for the Monet. I’m only in it for August exercise of psychic muscles and doorstop zinnias and poems to stop the chatter of 1,000 monkeys, for sleeping weather and a middle-aged yoga body swelled by beef jerky and the tilted windmill thrust for eternity. PAULNELSONPAULNELSON

12 11. to Leslie Styles (Weird Tie Marx Bros) Kirkland, WA Slaughter, WA 8.1.07 Leslie, A guru is dying and everyone wants to cast the first brick, but here’s where real comfort comes in. Water, laughter, a weird tie and a fading Blood Moon. w/ each glass of it (plastic bottle?) I wash away a bit of my brickness. Watch the red flecks flee. Paul Nelson

13 12. to Jessie Lyle (Ribbon’s Twisted) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.1.07 Jessie! My ribbon’s twisted & my favorite crayon lost, so this missive to celebrate August and zinnias, hydration & the recognition we’re smooth & free despite the similarity of this hairy nest of flesh to the Broome County Jail. Abrazos! Paul Nelson

14 13. to Denise Calvetti-Michaels (Dragon vs. Phoenix) Kirkland, WA SLAUGHTER, WA 8.2.07 Dear Denise – The Mountain is close re-routing the sound of wind through old rivers in new channels. Dragon vies w/ Phoenix & I w/ my night self on one hand drunk on stars, the other the urge to devour them and make my rightful mark on Slaughter. MANY BLESSINGS – Paul Nelson

15 14. to Therese Broderick (Dali Annihilates Time) Albany, NY August 2, 2007 Therese – Time is not one of the Twin Falls and yet I postcard to annihilate it as we remember life -times as moths long ago. This year Panther soul, blue-furred and eyeing all. Together w/ the certain on-rush of the end of time make one continuous ROAR we pronounce: August. pN – Slaughter, WA

16 15. to Tara Betts (Whale’s Cosmic Consciousness) Pearl River, NY Tara - 8.2.07 The eagle is experience. The whale’s cosmic consciousness (regeneration). To carry experience past all the August islands we encounter, bridges crumble and we light a candle, pray for survivors. Some thing under the waning Blood Moon connects us. Blessings, Paul Nelson Slaughter, WA

17 16. to Cathy Ruiz (Mother Turtle) Weed, CA Slaughter, WA 8.3.07 for Cathy – who has gone on to Weed leaving us to our just August Slaughter. Mother Turtle for long life. Mother Turtle to re-invent time in the image of an egg a cell a song a ritual – perhaps an August note wishing you all the best blessings only Weed can offer. Paul Nelson

18 17. to Michael Dylan Welch (Trent Tea Time) Sammamish, WA Slaughter, WA 8.3.07 (Tea Cups) Dear Michael – A Holy August before the Bop Apocalypse makes August Slaughter look like teatime in Tieton. Or Trent. Or imagine the river at the bottom of Twin Falls and how our concept of time could be questioned by foam slowly re-entering the flow just like you and I and a Monday hike to postpone our return to Slaughter. - Your Friend Paul Nelson

19 18. to Nashira Priester (Che en la destrucción del tiempo) Seattle, WA Hola Nashira Aquí en matanza hacemos agosto santo un ritual en la destrucción del tiempo. Hacemos agosto un plazo de matanza y encontramos el poema la lucha articulada para ser tú mismo. ¡Poetas de Viva! Abrazos, Hello Nashira, Here in Slaughter we make August holy a ritual in the destruction of time. We make August a respite from Slaughter and find the poem the articulate struggle to be yourself. Viva Poets! Hugs, Paul

20 19. to Amanda Earl (Haida Smiling Whale) Ottawa, Ontario Castlegar, BC 8.4.07 Amanda – Made it to Canada & found a Haida (I think) smiling whale for you. Made it back to Canada & the vibe’s lighter and the Blood Moon tho waning nearly knocked my eye out. Made it to Canada & Runes say: PERTHO - an initiation reminds me this here body’s a rental. Blessings – Paul Nelson

21 20. to Valerie Fetherston (Raven & Indra’s Net) Victoria, BC Castlegar, BC 8.4.07 Valerie! Back here in Canada staying w/ Linda, sleeping next to the Bhagavad-Gita and watching bits of Dudley’s fur fall in the light of one waning Blood Moon. Raven spits jewels & Indra’s net catches a few more wily bits of meat who know that net is made of Ravens people and post cards. Love - Paul N.

22 21. to Barbara Palecek (Touching Haida Frogs) Seattle, WA Castlegar, BC 8.4.07 Barb! Saturday in Castlegar, B.C. and here’s a Haida frog in beads and buttons and me below what’s left of one Blood Moon washing away the dead bits of myself by touching frogs and guzzling water & standing transfixed at the stars that light the B.C. night jewels like you and me. Blessed Be – PN

23 22. to Ruby Dixon (Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat) Langley, WA Nespelem, WA 8.5.07 Dear Ruby – At the grave of Chief Joseph where my offering was foreign coins, seems right, enit? Thunder Rolling Down Mountain his Nez Perce name as cocks crow over & over & no weapons in my fists for I, too will fight no more forever unless you count yellowjackets - Best - Paul N.

24 23. to Jenifer Lawrence (Thunderbirds & Yellow Jackets) Poulsbo, WA Nespelem, WA 8.5.07 Jenifer! Here where Chief Joseph rests in peace fighting no more forever even cocks have stopped this moment even heat brings out yellow jackets & bees pollinate baby tumbleweeds as if no thing could disturb or prevent August. Hoit. Paul N.

25 24. to Gregory Severance (Kolus at Chief Joseph’s Grave) New York, NY Nespelem, WA 8.5.07 Gregory – Now, starting to put my August stain on this Kolus card wind begins and cocks stop. Now there is the certain snap of grasshoppers. “I will fight no more forever” Chief Joseph said, Thunder Rolling Down Mountain his real name in our tongue and on his grave six jelly jars, two apples many coins & one large WA August blessing for you. Hoit - PN

26 25. to Catherine Daly (Gordon Parks and the Border) Los Angeles, CA Slaughter, WA 8.6.07 Catherine – Back in Slaughter from a respite in Canada except at the border “No, I’ve no bombs” just a three day beard and a racial profile as Gordon knew, and now the clean-up crew arrives but who’ll gut this rat’s nest of macho Texas militarism and ring out the mop, cook up the antidote to Slaughter? Happy August! Paul N.

27 26. to AK Allin (A Cloud Over Argentina) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA  8.6.07 Mimi – The weather’s warming up down here & there’s me disguised as a cloud over Argentina just ticking away the Ravens (or large crows) just below the border line but AH! from Space borders? (No comprende) its just the passengers on the ship need to get caught up. Ah August! Paul Nelson

28 27. to Mickey O’Connor (Raven’s Wingbeats) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.6.07 Mickey – A short drive from Slaughter where pet cats could be an Eagle’s lunch, there is the whoosh whoosh whoosh of Raven’s wingbeats (Nature’s registered letter) the news is something old and dated’s gonna meet the maker & who will have explaining to do ? MANY BLESSINGS – PAUL NELSON

29 28. to Bruce Greeley (Lichtenstein & I’m French) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.7.07 Bruce! The chili’s cookin’ Zappa’s away and a Trader Joe’s Blueberry raspberry muffin awaits. I’ve long since shorn that sinister mustache melted myself from one version of wax and look for the right tool to (deft & quiet) dismantle time. Til then postcards must do and visits to all the late Chiefs summer romance six irons past the cup and did I mention coffee ice cream? In August I’m French. Is this cheating? HtBA! Paul Nelson!

30 29. to Julene Tripp Weaver (Assorted Poisons) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.7.07 Jarred Beef and Red Bean chili, blueberry/raspberry muffin, ground turkey patties w/ wild rice, cashew bits, raisins organic peeled baby carrots, green onions, the greens and breezes of 15 years hence, no exercise except for wrist curls of too much coffee ice cream damn you Trader Joe peddling your assorted poisons! w/ love – Paul N.

31 30. to Becky Ellis (Oosumich) Glen Carbon, IL Slaughter, WA 8.7.07 Keesta would cleanse for weeks re-do his Oosumich, considered necessary for survival interspecies mind talk original energy work in the traditional way. Now, high on velocity and technology, the long term moments seem so few, but the whales still smile. Many Blessings – Paul Nelson

32 31. to Tish Lester (Instant Karma) Dordrecht, Netherlands Slaughter, WA 8.8.07 This is an Instant Karma Card. It’s chockfull of August and bugs & coffee ice cream & iced green tea & good Runes, grand collapses, panther stamps, war addiction and context w/ depth & character. What you add to it or take from it determines its future. Give  a chance and BURN! Paul Nelson

33 32. to Linda Lee Crosfield (Dance of the Blue Whales) Castlegar, BC For Linda Lee two blue whales doing a jig. For Linda Lee a card ripe w/ pleasure from one Nelson to a Nelsonite. For Linda Lee power & strength and patience to deal w/ a large, loud neighbor and good aim w/ the electric yellow jacket racket & the Oso Negro latté. MANY BLESSINGS peN 8.8.07

34 33. to Lana Ayers (Desperate Sport of Poets) Kirkland, WA to Lana: Who’s helped prepare August for the desperate sport of poets; who burns from the inside out under the last bit of blood moon & who knows the poet chooses from snake, eagle, bear, human, poet and sometimes fails but never w/o a good tale. L O V E _ Paul Nelson

35 34. to Ruby Kane and Ami Eaton (Happy Genius) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.9.07 Ruby, Ami – ¡Hola from Slaughter! The effort to destroy time ain’t going fast as I’d planned so postcards postcards postcards slow it down to a Seattle August construction – bogged tempo and despite all the traffic, the inner crickets, the 1,000 monkeys and the yet even more finicky cat, I’m lonely. But I’m in my east room here in Slaughter & if someone asks, tell ‘em I was a happy genius. B L E S S I N G S PEN

36 35. to Kitty Jospe (Gibbous Earth) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.9.07 Kitty – There’s a Gibbous Earth out tonight, feel like dancing? The Gibbous Earth wanes storms appear over what might be Cuba this ol’ Blood Moon don’t feel like a waning crescent about to go dark so let us dance some giant Blood Moon steps & bound about the Heavens, eh? PAULNELSONPAULNELSON

37 36. to Michel Tsouris (Ganesh & Lonely Samba) Clinton, WA Slaughter, WA 8.9.07 Michel – Still falling short running out of Blood Moon light to destroy time, even tho’ Ganesh got my back even tho’ each poem writ earns me a small almond crisp cookie tho’ I’d prefer Fat Tire Ale. Perhaps I am grotesque around my mirror. No one watches my lonely samba. Best! peN

38 37. to Maggie Kelly (Tibetan Prayer Rug Blessings) Tacoma, WA OLYMPIC SCULPTURE PARK 8.10.07 Dear Maggie – It’s 7:53p and not yet sunset and Olympic Mountains are that way but not seen. Wish the band would make up their mind – hip-hop or polka. Wish everything could be as easy as sweet potato cakes & split pea soup & yogi tea. But who can complain the Olden- burg Typewriter Eraser the mountain Hurtling Giant Blessings lined path y touristas y to you & Tacoma. one golden ball of flame sinking into Elliott Bay. Paul Nelson

39 38. to Matthew Timmons (Art Deco Teacup Sunset) Los Angeles, CA OLYMPIC SCULPTURE PARK 8.10.07 Matthew – Sunset at the Sculpture Park not as planned w/ Hip-hop serenade sometimes sounds like polka but sunset much further north than expected. Perhaps the desire to destroy time’s paying dividends perhaps I’ve not paid enuf attention perhaps the ritual illusion of it all’s rising to the top of the cup. Drink up Matt Paul Nelson 1928 ain’t that long ago.

40 39. to Cindy Lamb (Woodfrogs @ Sunset) Yakima, WA OLYMPIC SCULPTURE PARK 8.10.07 Dear Cindy – It’s 8:11 and the sun sets and might burn a hole in that tree before cannonballing into Elliott Bay and like frogs poets live in two worlds: one where reality is solid and nothing what can’t be touched tasted smelled seen heard; one behind it sensed as if someone staring at you, boring a hole in your spirit not unlike August and one more setting star. Blessings – Paul Nelson

41 40. to Bridget Nutting (Gibbous Earth Awaiting Lightning Moon) Vancouver, WA Slaughter, WA 8.11.07 Bridget – Still a Gibbous Earth from our Blood Moon perch tho only a slice left before we access new Lightning moon in Leo. Diane writes from S.F. pining for Bridget – not you – another Goddess. I’m not searching for God status will settle for Happy Genius of my household, pleased to be destroying time postcard Abrazos! by postcard. Paul Nelson

42 41. to John and Roberta Olson (Dancing Bears Destroying Time) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.11.07 Dear John and Roberta – August drifts on to the amusement of dancing bears, snapping grasshoppers bounding over the graves of Chiefs, poets and those itching for their lost indigenousity. We’ve avoided August Heat (so far) and what some would translate as pink flesh I’d call a Rose of Meat like you two eating up more sun abetting the utter destruction of time. Blessings - Paul Nelson

43 42. to Christopher Luna (Furious Moptops) Vancouver, WA Slaughter, WA 8.11.07 Dr Luna! Here come 4 moptops they come grooving up slow like August like Canada humming birds barely moving til you see the fury close up. How goes your August fury? Has it detoured you from your impending Phoenix or aid your reconnoiter of the clouds of Slaughter? w/ Blessings - Paul Nelson

44 43. to Lana Ayers (We Two Woodfrogs) Kirkland, WA Slaughter, WA 8.12.07 Dear Sweet Lana – 1st there was 19th DRAFT symbolized by woodfrogs they croak their way out of chaos created by the lies of Newton. Frogs kissed turn into SPlab into poets shaped by Ilalqo. May the Striped Water turn your ills into Blessings may your song sink deep into God’s loving ear. Your friend – Paul

45 44. to Lana Ayers (So Many Moons) Kirkland, WA Slaughter, WA 8.12.07 Lana – Blood Moon, Ripe Plum Full Moon, Moon over Sun- setting Cascades, New Moon in Leo, Lightning Moon, pining for the Hunger Moon, so many moons, so little space on these cards & you & I a moon apart. Will the Crackbook in fifty years have a “Moons I’ve Visited” feature? And what will come of all these cards? Lost in the fog of the digital age or the first salvos of the last paradigm necessary? Love - Paul Nelson

46 45. to Arlene Naganawa (Good Afternoon Frog Card) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.11.07 Arlene! It has come to this. A land defended by ancestors of Stuckabsh who evolved from snake people who night mared themselves over invaders in love w/ the smothering nature of asphalt who see (saw) the frog as messenger between realms who mimic the poets w/ a cheery croak in the morning in the evening in the good afternoon w/ a frog card to you. Redeep! Paul Nelson

47 46. to Deborah Brink (Lightning Moon, Comet Card) Longview, WA YAKIMA, WA 8.12.07 DEBORAH! Lightning Moon over Yakima but noone sees it, so new, but it’s there for now because plums have fallen postcards are flying & the destruction of time is right on schedule. So here in room 107 of Cedar’s Inn they’ve left a sonnet clock that, in red numbers says 5:41. The card is done. Happy August – Paul Nelson

48 47. to Suzanne Edison (Einstein in Yakima) Seattle, WA Yakima, WA 8.12.07 Suzanne! Here in Yakima a room at the Cedar’s Inn festooned w/ a sonnet clock! Same poetics as the School of Quietude, but some see the organic, try to fake it, send out the same old poem over and over. Some prefer postcards over sunsets. Not us, eh? Abrazos! Paul Nelson

49 48. to Florencia Milito (1 Family Under Brother Panther’s Ojo) San Francisco, CA Yakima, WA 8.12.07 ¡Hola Florencia! Que tal? Here in Yakima the cuisine’s been changing to mas frijoles yet few celebrate the coming of the Lightning Moon or the passing of the Ripe Plum Moon. Indeed here the clock says Sonnet & my measure’s a post card & our family stays together under Brother Panther’s watchful ojo. Abrazos - Pablito

50 49. to Kim Bridgford (Tibetan Rug Card Recipe) Wallingford, CT Yakima, WA 8.12.07 KIM – How to send a Postcard Poem 1) Look for the next person on the address list. 2) Pick a card, not any card (Keep receiver in mind.) 3) Link to previous poems when possible. 4) Write (1st thot best but that don’t mean chronological.) 5) Write to destroy time. 6) Write to bleed Chronos 7) Write to deepen the brother and sisterhood of poets. 8) Remember the Infinite is not measurable. 9) Remember to affix proper postage. 10) End w/ good wishes & post card sal u ta tions ! Paul Nelson Yakima, WA 8.12.07

51 50. to Holly Anderson (Blumen Postcard Garten) Jackson Heights, NY Yakima, WA 8.14.07 Dear Holly – Postcards spew out the mail box out my pocket brain pen corkboard, old poems from old friends, new ones from new & you (while I await a bigger slice of the Lightning Moon) you are the first half of a postcard experiment: Are poems better on empty stomach, or one festooned by left over enchi ladas? Abrazos! Paul Nelson

52 51. to Charlie Stobert (Break on Thru) Reading, United Kingdom Yakima, WA, USA Charlie – Other side of the leftover microwaved El Porton chicken enchilada dinner other side of the Cascades, other side of breakup re-start romance fuckwheel other side of the ocean from you mired in war addiction and fear and the largest cars since the pole shift other side of RR’s driving life now started we find ourselves Bön- less & normal, one Lha Khu short of a combination plate & yet somehow we remember moments of Thunder Island & understand what’s real & what’s a guru’s broken ego. Blessings my Brother – 8.14.07 Paul Nelson Break ON Thru

53 52. to Suma Subramaniam (Silence of the Whales) Woodinville, WA Slaughter, WA 8.17.07 For Suma – My little mailbox opens today w/ an explosion of silence. The silence of cellos in transit silence of aching glaciers coyote silence blood moon silence and for you dear fellow poet card traveler THE SILENCE OF THE WHALES. w/ HUGE REGARDS PAUL NELSON

54 53. to Janet McCann (Beatles en Silencio) College Station TX Slaughter, WA 8.17.07 JANET - What would you say if this card arrived out of tune instead of being festooned w/ all the grand silence of those other cards? The New York card card of wicked (excuse me) liquid embrace Siamese oranges or Viva Las Vegas? Pick out the head of a dead hero and perhaps pass it on. En Silencio – PEN

55 54. to Julia Bloch (R.I.P. Max Roach) San Francisco, CA Blessings! Slaughter, WA 8.18.07 PEN Julia! - “If it sounds good, it is.” Duke Ellington On the lake of the one mind the hands that Max Roach used to curve the silence of the Harlem night are still, the view, front row of the Buddhafield. Forever to alter consciousness w/ the greasy, low-down high of the hi-hat, what will we do w/o that tish tish tish… ?

56 55. to Lyn Coffin (Calm Tea Transparency) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.18.07 To the Esteemed Dr. Coffin – Liberation ain’t cheap (a cheap liberation can be had w/ a libation, but you know and I know the poet can’t achieve “calm transparency ‘cept in the eternal moment of the poem” so we reach for it one postcard at a time, but settle for tea. Blessings – Paul Nelson *Sam Hamill on K. Rexroth

57 56. to Pit Pinegar (Postcard Weave Libation) Plainville, CT Slaughter, WA 8.18.07 Pit – 50 yrs ago Kenneth Rexroth knew the poet is one who “creates sacramental relationships that last always.” Please see this as postcard tempered by candlelight, smudged w/ altar incense and blest by the sacred hands of the Plainville mailman. Yrs– Paul Nelson

58 57. to Rebecca Meredith (Matisse Paradiso I) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.18.07 Rebecca – The lithograph a kind of paradise. The poem a kind of paradise. Sake August Matcha cat fur her scent all paradise. In this moment the flame some call Slaughter can be turned down the candle, lit the spark inside this sack of meat – Paradise. Love – PEN

59 58. to Brendan McBreen (Matisse Paradiso II) Auburn, WA Slaughter, WA 8.18.07 Brendan – Matisse thought painting a kind of paradise. The way John Coltrane shaped Seattle air w/ the bell of his horn sound wave paradise. Who knew the urge to document Slaughter in all its dirty mantra manifestations was discovery of a kind of wicked 3D mambo-inducing paradise? Your friend - Paul

60 59. to Sandra Lucke (Flavor of Nelson’s Surrender) Bellingham, WA Slaughter, WA 8.18.07 Sandra – Back from Nelson here in Slaughter my surrender’s flavored like sake, chicken sausage w/peeled organic baby carrots & scallions in mole, scallops & prawns in green curry w/ lemon grass, lime peel, coconut milk, compassion, Lushootseed air & the road narrowed to a red ravine. Blessings – PEN

61 60. to Anna Lena Phillips (Lavender vs Sorties) Chapel Hill, NC Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 for Anna Lena – I put lavender in my pocket like a rogue President’s yes men order sorties. My fingers smell floral. Thousands of silent screams will forever hover around his grave in hell there is no silence. Paul Nelson

62 61. to Robin Cherney (Poem Rug Transmission) Redmond, WA Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 Dear Robin - This card is a poem. This card is a transmission. This poem is a prayer for August and silence and justice for Elvira Arellano, mother, plane- cleaner, illegal immigrant and the Rosa Parks of the Dismantle the Borders movement. May it cleanse and heal, keep you warm in the December night and make shelter for warm December dreams of August postcards. Blessings! Paul Nelson

63 62. to Jeremy Gaulke (Elvira Arellano’s Wolf Watch) Walla Walla, WA Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 Jeremy – Regards - Paul Nelson Some neighborhoods in America only safe place, only place for occasional silence holy and sanctuary’s the church. Adalberto United Methodist Chicago West Side, Our Lady Queen of Angels, downtown L.A. Today Elvira Arellano was sent back to Mexico. Do you feel safer? Who watches the wolves watching the Hen house?

64 63. to Kelli Russell Agodon (RavenDancer/Ancestor Urges) Kingston, WA Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 Kelli – Here on the Rez the dance might be a Fancy Dance might be one involves liberation of the liver. But Rosa smiles brings Hopi postcards & scents of New Mexico to her Happy Genius only acting out his Ancestors highest urges. Many Blessings! PAUL N.

65 64. to Raul Sanchez (Frida and Fried Bananas) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 Raul! Mi Hermano, Lana says Frida wdn’t be muraled into a cage not unlike the spider monkey she freed not unlike the fried bananas Mama used to make. But Frida wdn’t set the masculine hat on fire teaching us still how to overcome the urges some call Slaughter. Hasta Pronto. Pablito

66 65. to Brian McGuigan (Bears Fan) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 Brian! He stops the August rain to ask if he’s “A Bears Fan?” Yes walking in the path of a Galloping Ghost or Sweetness but Bears fans prefer DEFENSE don’t care about wins & losses so much as “We just want to see you lay someone out.” Ouch. PAUL NELSON

67 66. to Suellen Wedmore (Tibetan Rug Epistle) Rockport, MA 66. to Suellen Wedmore (Tibetan Rug Epistle) Slaughter, WA 8.22.07 Suellen – You are next in this post card parade. In this eternal August moment made sacramental between you and me by a poem made w/ the care of a Tibetan rug maker weaving in the endless dreamtime, and by the care w/ which you open the hatch of your mailbox and get a whiff of this epistle from Slaughter. Many Blessings – Paul Nelson

68 67. to Brent Allard (See Phoenix, Raise Thunderbird) Manchester, NH Brent – See your Phoenix and raise you a Thunderbird. See your wish card and raise a prayer up to the beams of a half full Lightning Moon. See a break in August rain and run for it as if Diego himself were chasing me or the Devil who always has a good excuse for ignoring a potent myth, employing torture or simply setting it all on fire. Peace to you & yrs. – Paul Nelson Slaughter, WA 8.22.07

69 68. to Gerald Schwartz (Least Careless Pollock) W. Irondequoit, NY Slaughter, WA 8.21.07 Gerald – Here underneath the looming and something Lightning Moon before traffic approaching sacred relents in life during war in this exercise time few recognize. Here we christen “August.” somewhere left of ever vigilant Slaughter where Blessings - (fortunately) a horse can Paul Nelson still spot a fool I slap a few least careless and least logical sounds (syllables) onto the back of Jackson Pollock’s card hoping you find amusement

70 69. to Marjorie Rommel (Frida and the Deceased Dismas) Auburn, WA Slaughter, WA 8.23.07 Marjorie – We finish in a blaze of Frida, is this my fault? Frida arrives as bride w/ Diego 3rd eye, as braided in the shape of a soft hairy pretzel and as DEATH, a reminder to Slaughter, it means end and new start but perhaps San Dismas will end his grimace and take Slaughter in. Stay well – Paul Nelson

71 70. to Lois Jones (Warhol and the Water) Glendale, CA Slaughter, WA 98002 8.23.07 Hola Lois – They sent me Fridas of all sizes but I, for you, have Andy. Perhaps a giant Chairman Mao to festoon your Glendale mailbox? Or a soup can from the boy who did the St. Vitus Dance? Who iconed Jackie O? Twenty yrs gone o please Lois don’t let my end come from water. Be well – PEN

72 71. to Greg Watson (Brother Woodfrog) Auburn, WA Slaughter, WA 8.23.07 From one wily woodfrog a foot in each realm to another in this first August festooned w/ many Fridas and the silence only a slew of morning postcards can bring to a brother who keeps Arthur Ballard alive one ancient story at a time. Hoit! PN

73 72. to Peggy Miller (Postcard Tribe) The Villages, FL Slaughter, WA 8.24.07 Peggy – A missive from Muckleshoot Nation – the place where you can see all over - to Seminole Country – The Unconquered People. From under the Lightning Moon in the shadow of glaciers our band of bards creates a new nation one postcard at a time. Many Blessings – Paul Nelson

74 73. to Jim Teeters (Dali, Not Frida) Kent, WA 72. to Jim Teeters (Dali, Not Frida) Slaughter, WA 8.24.07 Jim Teeters You don’t get a Frida card. You get a strong man dismantling time. You get butter all over the Lightning Moon and nothing but trouble for your efforts. You get one leg, no PANTS leg up on someone and the key to unlock the life you don’t see under your bare left foot. – Be well. Paul Nelson

75 74. to D.D. Wigley (One (Postcard) Love) Port Townsend, WA Slaughter, WA 8.24.07 Irie D.D! Did you ever consider the concept of One Love could mean postcards? Did you ever consider postcard poems as missives as epistles perpetuating the sacramental nature of this moment in which you & I exist? Clarissa said anyone who believes no good will come from this is not yet listening. Peace – Paul N.

76 75. to Susan Rich (Sexy Mustache Whisper) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.25.07 Susan - We’re all for the hip shimmer, but I’m for the destruction of time. Maybe the August postcard’s a salty mambo, maybe the mustache whisper uncovers a scar we’ve forgotten about, blazes a meridian home. – Best. Paul Nelson

77 76. to Iris Dunkle (Jasper’s DC Streetmap) Washington, DC Slaughter, WA 8.25.07 Iris - Slaughter is America the poem’s and America, one big the effort Slaughter, where the capitol to sort it all city was laid out to foist out. invaders, left a city of confusion, combined w/ English (language of I and separation) Lordy what a mess! But even in the bleakest roadmap voices are near. Maybe dead poets, maybe antepasados, but Blessings – Paul Nelson

78 77. to Barbara Joan Tiger Bass (Sacramental Rug (poem) Obligation) Oakland, CA Slaughter, WA 98002 8.25.07 BJ - Hola. What makes gaiety raucous and the moment long term? Sacrāmentum obligation and I’m for you #7 and you for me 29 and we find in the moment the sign of Grace maybe visible – more likely aural although no one else can hear. Blessings – Paul Nelson

79 78. to R.D. Shadowbyrd (Blind Refs and Rexroth) Kent, WA Slaughter, WA 8.25.07 RD - Rexroth said a poet is “one who creates Sacramental relationships that last always” and it IS a desperate sport because it is a task over which despair’s a part. Take the pain of passing the August Stuck or Green by car and know it awaits the kayak now empty in the yard or the intro task turned into extended insult. But then some of us remember to forgive and never perpetuate the Slaughter in any old or new manner. PEN

80 79. to Diane Gage (Port Townsend Postcard) San Diego, CA Port Townsend, WA 8.26.07 for Diane - Jotting here from what once was The Inevitable New York proof again what’s flawless? Change? Postcards? The Book of Sushi divines futu mori w/ oboro whitefish under white-capped mts - this sure ain’t Montana – Blessings – Paul Nelson

81 80. to Bethany Reid (Port Townsend Postcard II) Edmonds, WA Port Townsend, WA 8.26.07 Bethany - Greetings from the former “Inevitable New York” a respite from Slaughter tho’ they still crave their velocity. August almost gone, has been eyebrows & blood moons, Silence and the futile attempt to destroy time. Be well! Paul Nelson

82 81. to Brian Moreau (Wolf Papa) Wilton, NH Slaughter, WA 8.27.07 For Brian – Who may now be bathing in full Lightning Moon light. For Brian who would live in a wolf- built house, who’d drag his light heart in there and watch fire, make liquid fire w/ a wolf woman and laugh at his half-human half-wolf pup progeny who piss all over everything. ! Paul Nelson

83 82. to Diane di Prima (Postcard Shaman Disciples) San Francisco, CA Slaughter, WA 8.27.07 Under white ritual candle light and a night on which the Lightning Moon reflects full fire, from the town they once called Slaughter in thick Lushootseed air we call you lost moon sister ask “Do you wander” w/ jeweled breath down Niagara to the mailbox maybe on Mission? In this summer of heavy rains endless war, blood moons & postcards our candle to Tiamet stays lit smoke rises and those who don’t equate power w/ the sacred feminine are in for a big surprise. w/ HUGE BLESSINGS – Paul Nelson

84 83. to Jessea Perry (Death Mask) Oakland, CA Jessea – August, so young and ready for death w/a mask of fat they call the Full Lightning Moon Eclipse a moon on fire, burnt orange and Halloween-like & the howls are again from poets bemoaning August’s swift demise & again doing little in the battle to destroy time. w/ Blessings – Paul Nelson Slaughter, WA 8.28.07

85 84. to Judy Jensen (Tea & Mescaline) Austin, TX Slaughter, WA 8.28.07 J U D Y ! Your friend, the grammar-addled happy Genius, has invited you to tea. There will be matcha or jasmine and enough mescaline to put a shine back in our war-addled eyes. Enough to slow things to a Lightning Moon darkened mind warp. Enough to put some flesh on all the ancient voices writing these poems. Blessings - peN

86 85. to Aundria Martinez-Parkman (Tibetan Rugs and Rez Dogs) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.28.07 Aundria – Your friend, the lonely happy genius Rez-dog loving fiend has invited you to remember how it all began under the Blood Moon as the Lightning Moon edges into a simple reflection of fire, putting the shine back in our WAR- addled American eyes in the hope you & I can slow down Slaughter. Blessings! Paul

87 86. to John Burgess (Earth, Stars, Dream) Seattle, WA Slaughter, WA 8.29.07 John! To the left there is a star. Billions, actually. Perhaps we met on one lifetimes ago and now choose to re-inhabit this rock as sparks of light in sacks of meat. Stars are what we are and will return to after this lucid dream we burn through. Buenos Sueños to you & Patsy - Paul N.

88 87. to Marit Saltrones (Quiet Monkeys Watch Eclipse), Bainbridge, WA Slaughter, WA 8.29.07 Marit! All one thousand monkeys are quiet as they watch the full Lightning Moon reflect full fire, quiet except for thumbs clicking off bleary-eyed text messages while watching the eclipse. WTF? Moon all orange & Halloween-like & this, still August! Salutations! – Paul Nelson

89 88. to Lionel Kearns (Let’s Eat Money!) Vancouver, BC Slaughter, WA 8.29.07 Lionel! MAYBE A Krugerrand sandwich or a Loonie McMuffin- you want bonds w/ that? A hot crude-oil malted, a stir-fry of housing futures in a dollar bill vinaigrette. The “Shit where you eat” crew’s running the world. How much longer will Slaughter prevail? Blessings – Paul Nelson

90 89. to Carol Dorf (Eagle Fires) Berkeley, CA Klamath, CA 8.30.07 CAROL – Apologies. Been putting off your card 3 days now & now headed yr way w/ “Back on the Fire” the new G. Snyder book of essays. Hope this postcard fest lit a few little fires for you. From where Eagle sees Lord knows we needs ‘em. Paul N.

91 90. to Carla Shafer (Ferlinghetti Freedom) Bellingham, WA Klamath, CA 8.30.07 CARLA – From north of Ferlinghetti’s natural habitat lifting a mighty (I hope) PEN of freedom to you & every Belling- hamster awake enuf to want one w/August postcard fiesta blessings for you & all the fires we started. – Ashé. PN

92 91. to Jennifer Flescher (California Mission) Arlington, MA Jennifer – I hate how this ends amidst eucalyptus trees and the drone of Hwy 1 so I drag it out perhaps out of context. Perhaps it makes August more memorable. Or at least this moment, still north of the last Mission except the one of mercy. Abrazos! Pablito

93 92. to Julia Cousineau (Animal Soul) Tacoma, WA Castro Valley, CA 8.31.07 Julia – Have delayed this card past midnight, ergo August, yet efforts to put the hurt on time lost. From the heart of my animal soul to yrs, we see what’s left of the Lightning Moon over the Bay & know the moon prevails tho poets can’t prevent the end just like every one else. Love – Paul N.

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