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Language Arts Minute 3 rd Grade 2 nd Quarter SPI’s.

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1 Language Arts Minute 3 rd Grade 2 nd Quarter SPI’s

2 Free powerpoint template: 2 Read these pages from a dictionary. Between which two words would the word address be added? A. accident and aim B. aim and ancient C. ancient and approach D. approach and attention

3 Free powerpoint template: 3 Look at this list from a telephone book. West, Katie Wirrig,Charles Wittman,Jimmy Wolf, Bridget Which of these names would Whorton,David follow? A.West, Katie B. Wirrig, Charles C. Wittman, Jimmy D. Wolf, Bridget

4 Free powerpoint template: 4 Read the sentence. The dangerous wildcat tried to disappear over the snowy mountain. Which of these words from the sentence is a compound word? A.dangerous B. wildcat C. disappear D. mountain

5 Free powerpoint template: 5 Which of the following best explains why schoolhouse is a compound word? A. There are two words, each with no more than one syllable. B. It is a good way to explain a compound word. C. It is made up of two words, and each one keeps its own meaning. D. There is a suffix added to give a special meaning to the word.

6 Free powerpoint template: 6 What is the correct abbreviation for the word pound? A.pd. B. in. C. oz. D. lb.

7 Which word(s) in the sentence has an abbreviation? This year Election Day is Tuesday, November 2. A. Tuesday B. Year C. Tuesday and year D. Tuesday and November Free powerpoint template: 7

8 8 What contraction means "you have?”'d B. you'll C. you've D. you're

9 Free powerpoint template: 9 What does the contraction won't mean? A. will not B. would not C. will have D. won it

10 Free powerpoint template: 10 What word is the root of arrangement? A.ran B. men C. meant D. arrange

11 Free powerpoint template: 11 What is the most likely meaning of the root in advertisement? A.To get people's attention B. To make new products C. To give good service D. To write complaint letters

12 Free powerpoint template: 12 Read this sentence. The weather is bitter, and the troops need warm blankets and jackets. What does the word bitter mean in the sentence? A. harsh B. sour C. bitten D. windy

13 Free powerpoint template: 13 The word command means "to control." If -er is added to the end of the word command, what does commander mean? A.someone who is in charge B. someone who has little power C. someone who is in a battle D. someone who has common sense

14 Free powerpoint template: 14 Which prefix should be added to polite to make a word meaning "not polite"? B. bi- C. un- D. not-

15 Free powerpoint template: 15 who is like B.more than another who does D.most like a worker Read these words. teacher painter seller What does the suffix -er most likely mean?

16 Free powerpoint template: 16 Use this thesaurus entry to answer the question. break, verb 1. destroy, crush 2. come apart, divide noun 1. opening, crack 2. rest, vacation Read this sentence. The break in the trees was just wide enough for Kelli and her horse to squeeze through. Which synonym would best replace the word break in the sentence? A. crack B. rest C. opening D. destroy

17 Free powerpoint template: 17 Which words are opposite in meaning? A.remind, starve B. admit, deny C. roam, wander D. gather, throw

18 Read the poem. Then answer the next question. Free powerpoint template: 18

19 Free powerpoint template: 19 Read the dictionary entry. Which dictionary definition best describes what covered means as it is used in line 4? A. Definition 1 B. Definition 2 C. Definition 3 D. Definition 4

20 Free powerpoint template: 20 Read the paragraph. Jan wanted to try the roller coaster even though she was a bit scared. Andy was eager to go on slides and tube rides in the water part of the park. I told Jan to take a notepad and pen from the pocket on the car door. I helped the twins make notes about their ideas. "You will have about six hours," I told them. "If you plan things out in advance, you will not waste time. We will be there when the park first opens. Be smart and start with the rides that will get busy later in the day." Which would be the best topic sentence for paragraph 2? A.During the ride, we helped Jan and Andy make their plans. B. Andy likes water rides while Jan enjoys scary rides. C. I am known for making careful plans for any situation. D. I drove carefully, but the children wished we could go faster.

21 Free powerpoint template: 21 Which sentence would not fit in the following paragraph? What do Komodo Dragons Eat? Komodo dragons are meat eaters. They hunt eggs, small deer, and wild pigs. The dragons hide in the grass and wait. Then they lean out and bite the animal. A Komodo dragon can bring down a water buffalo. It also eats the meat of dead animals. Although Komodo dragons are not known to hunt humans, they have killed a few dragons. A. Komodo dragons swallow animals whole. B. It takes days for the meat that Komodo dragons eat to digest. C. Komodo dragons live in hot, dry areas of the world. D. Komodo dragons prefer to eat small deer.

22 Free powerpoint template: 22 Read these sentences about how to make your own red crayons. 1. Buy wax, red food coloring, and crayon molds. 2. A grown-up should heat the wax in a pot. 3. The grown-up should pour the hot, colored wax into molds. 4. Add red food coloring to the pot of melted wax. 5. Let the hot, colored wax cool in the molds. 6. The crayons are ready to come out of the molds. Which sentence should come right after sentence 2? A.sentence 1 B. sentence 4 C. sentence 5 D. sentence 6

23 Free powerpoint template: 23 Read this paragraph with its sentences out of order. 1. That night I could have watched TV because I had no homework. 2. However, by then I was so tired that I went straight to bed. 3. On Monday it snowed so hard that school was called off. 4. We shoveled the driveway and the walks, and then we went sledding. Which is the correct order of the sentences in the paragraph? A.3, 4, 1, 2 B. 3, 2, 1, 4 C. 4, 1, 3, 2 D. 4, 3, 1, 2

24 Free powerpoint template: 24 A student made a web about insects. Read the web. What information does not belong in this web? A. outside skeletons B. eat plants C. two antennae

25 Free powerpoint template: 25 A student is about to read an article about the different types of clouds. What should the student do first? A.draw pictures of forms clouds take B. write his own ending for the article C. talk to someone who knows more about clouds D. web everything he knows about clouds

26 Free powerpoint template: 26 Which sentence from the directions is a fact? A. Learning to draw can be fun. B. A cat is easy to draw. C. A cat's nose is smaller than its eyes. D. Your friend will want to learn to draw a cat, too!

27 Free powerpoint template: 27 Listed in order are the steps to explain how desert wildflowers grow. Which of these belongs in step 2? A.The rain waters the seeds. B. The plant grows long roots. C. The plants make seeds. D. The wildflowers look colorful.

28 Free powerpoint template: 28 Look at the chart. Which of these belongs in the empty box? A.Fog comes out at night B. Water drops slide down its back C. Lowers its head to the ground D. Fog moves in from the ocean

29 Free powerpoint template: 29 Read this paragraph. It is good exercise. Most of the kids I know like to run. Many adults run too. Even some very old adults are good runners. Which is the best topic sentence to add to the beginning of this paragraph? A.Running is great for people of all ages. B. Everyone needs to get exercise. C. All you need is a pair of running shoes. D. My big brother can run ten miles.

30 Free powerpoint template: 30 Read the paragraph. The class was divided into six teams. Each team would work together to build a mousetrap-powered car. A mousetrap has a powerful spring. Most people who need to catch mice bait the trap with cheese. Then they leave it out on the floor. If a mouse moves the cheese, the trap springs. The powerful spring snaps shut, and the mouse is caught. Our job was to use a mousetrap's spring to make a model car move as far as possible. Which is the best topic sentence for paragraph 1? A.Several of my friends are in my class. B. I like science projects better than art projects. C. A mousetrap is often baited with food to attract mice. D. My science teacher gave my class an interesting project.

31 Free powerpoint template: 31 Read this paragraph about Roberto Clemente. 1.Roberto Clemente, who was born in Puerto Rico, became famous as a baseball player. 2. Clemente was very good at baseball, but he was even more successful off the field. 3. He did everything he could to help feed the hungry and help others in need. 4. Clemente traveled all over the country with his baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. 5. In honor of his work, the “Roberto Clemente Award” is given every year to a baseball player who shows the same spirit of service that Clemente did. Which sentence does not belong in this paragraph? A.sentence 2 B. sentence 3 C. sentence 4 D. sentence 5

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