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Guidance Curriculum Moulton-Udell Community School District For 2010 and Beyond.

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1 Guidance Curriculum Moulton-Udell Community School District For 2010 and Beyond

2 Who Is Involved? Guidance Counselor – Dan Walker Principal – Randy Alger All these dedicated faculty members: Jim Altmaier, Phil Beeler, Dianna Davis, Connie Gillaspie, Brianna Greiner, Courtney Hawkins, David Housman, Glenda Jensen, Peg Kauzlarich, Andie Lawson, Kim Lawson, Gary Ogden, Jason Ogden, Brent Martsching, Susan Martsching, Tiffany Meyer, Laurie Oden, Kathy Roos, Lynne Taylor, Kelli Warren, Daniel Vanderlinden

3 Moulton-Udell Guidance Philosophy Based on the belief that all students can achieve, the Moulton-Udell counseling philosophy includes and emphasizes the need for staff-as-team delivery of a comprehensive, standard-and-benchmark-based program that matches state and national expectations. It establishes accountability and data-driven decisions to determine student needs and program effectiveness.

4 Moulton-Udell Guidance Department Mission Statement The Moulton-Udell Guidance Department, as a principal partner, will develop, evaluate, and revise a guidance curriculum that serves all students. This curriculum will provide a consistent, accountability-based program geared to students’ academic, career, and personal social development.

5 What IS Guidance Curriculum? In the course of three years, Moulton- Udell staff and the guidance counselor will teach the academic behaviors, the career awareness and goals, and the personal/social development skills which have been designated as key standards and benchmarks in the National School Counselor Association National Curriculum Model.

6 How will this curriculum be delivered (Teachers)? Teaching staff from across the whole spectrum have designated which standards and benchmarks they presently teach in their curriculum or have designated those which they find appropriate to teach in their courses. Each instructor has responsibility for around five benchmarks. This makes for relevant and responsive teaching.

7 How will this curriculum be delivered (Counselor)? The counselor will work closely in greater part with elementary teachers in the delivery of these ASCA standards and benchmarks. The counselor will join the classroom teachers as facilitator of the lessons.

8 So What? One would like to see a tangible result for these teaching efforts. The principal has expressed a desire to see a decrease in office referrals, and the former elementary principal and elementary staff would like to see a decrease in tardies, a problem which has been around for some time.

9 So What (continued)? Therefore, we as a faculty strongly believe, that a concerted effort to teach the ASCA standards and benchmarks over academic, career, and personal/social skills, as they naturally occur in staff lesson plans, will have an impact on alleviating office referrals and tardies. We are looking for a casual relationship if not causal.

10 How will we manage this? Daily attendance will be monitored and data derived. These will serve as base line information. Office referrals will be monitored and logs will be kept, tracking the nature and frequency of referrals. These will serve as base line information. An advisory council to the guidance department will be established. It will review the two streams of data, help recommend action plans, and evaluate curriculum effectiveness over a period of time. A guidance calendar will be composed and revised as each year progresses, ensuring timely preparation for and execution of guidance “events.” The counselor and principal will review every semester the counselor’s use of time among elementary, junior, and senior high.

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