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Mission 2005/06 REPORT OF MISSION TRIP TO NIGERIA December 20, 2005 to January 20, 2006 IFEOMA OKECHUKWU.

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1 Mission 2005/06 REPORT OF MISSION TRIP TO NIGERIA December 20, 2005 to January 20, 2006 IFEOMA OKECHUKWU

2 Mission 2005/06 Reaching and empowering people in rural African communities with the knowledge and experience of the salvation in our Savior, Jesus Christ and providing the tools they need to discover their own dreams and succeed in life. Mission Statement

3 Mission 2005/06 Luke 14:23 ….Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that My house may be filled The Commission

4 Mission 2005/06 1.Reach out to all the people in rural Africa community with the Gospel of Life 2.Reach out to troubled heavy laden, weary and overburdened individuals, providing discipleship and leadership training in order to build up faithful men and women of God 3.Promote the oneness of the body of Christ through collaborative efforts with Christian Churches and local Ministries whose visions and beliefs are similar to ours Objectives

5 Mission 2005/06 4.Provide training opportunities to the troubled heavy laden, weary and under-skilled, encouragement to the faint-hearted, and hope to the hopeless with skills and spiritual base that build self-worth of individuals. 5.Provide micro-aids to poor faithful women for self- employment who will in turn help others and support the local ministries. 6.Consolidate plans with local ministries, brethren and church leaders to host skill trainings, seminars, and crusades and provide adequate support to new converts. Objectives

6 Mission 2005/06 Summary of Events

7 Mission 2005/06 Summary of Events  Preached salvation to about 400 men and women including a two day crusade

8 Mission 2005/06 Outcome of Events  Number Saved: 92

9 Mission 2005/06 Outcome of Events  Responded to Healings: 50  Rededications: 18

10 Mission 2005/06 Other Ministrations Home prayer and bible discussion Supervised all night prayer for over 45 immediate & extended family members Conducted over 60 counseling/prayer sessions

11 Mission 2005/06 Other Ministrations

12 Mission 2005/06 Other Ministrations Exhortation to local Ministers

13 Mission 2005/06 Women Sponsorship Trained 6 women to own their own business –Basics of good trading –Open accounts with a local bank –Distributed about $1,800.00 mini- trading

14 Mission 2005/06 Sustainability Strategy New converts were introduced to the local –Better life Bible Church and –Watchman Renewal Movement Church Follow-up visits and communications

15 Mission 2005/06 Clarion Call For Help! There is a tremendous need to provide spiritual and technical guidance, motivation, and skills Pray for God’s guidance on how to help Sponsor a woman to start making a living with less than $500.00 Contribute to the outreach program to rural Africa: –Partial or full funding –One time donation

16 Mission 2005/06 Conclusions Through your help, the positive ripples of the visit with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ from America will continue for a long time in Nigeria. God’s love in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders will continue its effects in the lives of many.

17 Mission 2005/06 Acknowledgements Our gratitude and special thanks go to following Churches and Organizations Family Prayer League, –Dr. Asopuru Okemgbo, Mentor Antioch Missionary Baptist Church –Dr. E. S. Payne~ senior Pastor/Founder –Dr. C. Boles Pastor Second Olivet Missionary Baptist church –Rev. Keith Nelson

18 Mission 2005/06 Acknowledgements Ms. Quinnett King Dr. & Dr. Mrs. Rami Baroody Ms. Dorothy Levi Carol Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Love Mr. & Mrs. Don Kimberlin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Anderson Dr. & Mrs. Xavier White Ms. Leutsha Newby Ms. Sharon Matthew Ms. Vernasa Hudson Ms. Toyan Harris Mr. Tesfu Hambir Agape Inspired Design Company Ms. Monique Simmons Ms. Edna Branch Ms. Yeatonia Martin Ms. Pamela Wellf Ms. Robin Anderson Ms. Kelli Chamberlin Mr. Andre Bell Ms. Felicia Christian Ms. Vanessa Davis Mr. &Mrs. Fred Almond Mr. & Mrs. Weaver Mr. Priscilla Craig Ms. Sharon

19 Mission 2005/06 Questions? Contact: Ifeoma Okechukwu, Evangelist PO Box 316 Farmington, MI 48332 –Phone: 248-470-7252 –Email:

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