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Silence Cell Phones Your LHS Counselors! Kelli Angelos A-Ca Judi NeubergerCe-F Scott BogumilG-Kan Sarah KellyKao-McC Jessica NogaMcD-P Dawn ShannahanQ-Sta.

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2 Silence Cell Phones




6 Your LHS Counselors! Kelli Angelos A-Ca Judi NeubergerCe-F Scott BogumilG-Kan Sarah KellyKao-McC Jessica NogaMcD-P Dawn ShannahanQ-Sta Nancy StetterSte-Z

7 LIFE AFTER LIBERTYVILLE What are your plans? College/University Vocational or Technical College Military Job/Career Gap Year “I don’t have a clue…”


9 10 Steps to a Successful College Application Process

10 STEP #1: Be Aware of Deadlines College Applications ACT/SAT/Subject Test Registration Scholarships Completing Graduation Requirements

11 IF COLLEGE DEADLINE IS: TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS/COLLEGE FORMS DUE TO COUNSELOR BY: November 1October 18 November 15November 1 December 1November 15 December 15December 1 January 1December 10 January 15December 18 2012-13 College/Scholarship Application Deadlines

12 STEP #2: Organize Write down deadlines, username, and password for each school Keep e-mail folders or files of important paperwork from colleges Put a calendar on fridge to keep track of dates Use your smartphone!

13 STEP #3: Understand Application Options

14 STEP #4: Refine Your College List A “healthy” college list includes: Foundation School(s) Good Match Schools Reach Schools

15 STEP #5: Know the Application Process COLLEGE Admission Office Application Fee Form Essay Test Scores ACT SAT Subject Tests Transcript Recommendation Letters Teacher(s) Counselor

16 The Application Biographical Data Resume/Extracurriculars Essay Fee Helpful Hint: Create an e-mail account and username that you can use for all college applications and communication. Make sure it is APPROPRIATE!

17 Test Scores Two ways to send scores to colleges: 1.When registering for the test (4 FREE) 2.Online at: (ACT - $10 each) (SAT/Subject Tests - $10 each) Helpful Hints: NEVER pay to rush your scores! Check out colleges that don’t require test scores at

18 Transcripts Complete a Transcript Release Form for EVERY college you apply to Obtain form from your counselor or CRC See attached samples Helpful Hint: Use the same name on your application that is on your transcript. Some colleges no longer require transcripts: U of I-UC, Iowa State, Iowa, University of California schools

19 Teacher Letter of Recommendation Most colleges require ONE teacher letter, if any Ask teacher if he/she will write on your behalf Preferably from Junior Year! Ask teacher who knows you as a student Complete Teacher Rec form on Naviance Add Teacher Name to Naviance Helpful Hint: Say THANK YOU!

20 Counselor Letter of Recommendation Some colleges require ONLY a counselor letter Complete Counselor Rec form on Naviance Let counselor know you have completed the form Helpful Hint: Say THANK YOU again!

21 Senior Parent Questionnaire Available on Naviance Provides additional insight E-mail counselor to let them know parents have completed questionnaire

22 STEP #6: Naviance

23 Log In Username: firstname.lastname Password: LHS ID #

24 Update Email Address Click on the pencil icon to edit

25 Update List of Colleges

26 Check Out Colleges Visiting LHS

27 Teacher Recommendations

28 Add Teacher(s) to Naviance

29 Counselor Recommendation

30 Track Application Status

31 If Using the Common Application We recommend you check YES. Check this box Enter your Common App Username and Password here

32 Start Scholarship Search Check Back Often!

33 STEP #7: Work on Your Essay RSVP for our Senior Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Writing The College Essay – Thursday, September 27 – Periods 4, 5 – Friday, September 28 – Periods 6, 7 Help available in the CRC by appointment Starting October 9, 8 th period Tuesdays and Thursdays in CRC Help available in The Write Place

34 STEP #8: Attend CRC Programs September 6 – Parents of Seniors College Night September 10 – NCAA Night at Stevenson HS September 19 – U of Illinois Night at D128 September 27, 28 – College Essay Lunch ‘n’ Learns October 1, 2 – Putting App Together Lunch ‘n’ Learns October 10 – Senior Q & A Night (for your parents) November 13 – Financial Aid & Scholarships Program

35 STEP #9: Attend College Fairs October 29 – Chicago National College Fair October 30 – Milwaukee National College Fair October 18 – ICE College Fair at CLC October 24 – CHOICES College Fair for Students with Disabilities November 15 – New Horizons Tech Fair at LHS

36 Step #10: Visit Colleges Take advantage of upcoming holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Columbus Day, Yom Kippur) Call ahead to schedule tour, interview, classes Ask good questions!

37 Important College Notes Priority Application Deadline of November 1 University of Illinois – Urbana Indiana University University of Wisconsin-Madison Priority Application Deadline of November 15 Illinois State University Purdue University*

38 Important College Notes November 30 Deadline University of California System Academic Criteria: Pay attention to FINE PRINT! Some schools require specifics like 1 yr Fine Arts or 3 yrs of Social Studies

39 Parent Panel Lynne Lenz Steve Risley Jewel Ronne Marty Valente

40 Final Helpful Hints Make sure e-mail address and voicemail messages are appropriate Be mindful on Facebook

41 Like Us!

42 Final Helpful Hints Avoid Senioritis Check your e-mail often Don’t wait until the last minute

43 Final Helpful Hints Use your counselor and the CRC Utilize Naviance Breathe…and...

44 Take the Pledge Justin Lenz and mom Lynne



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