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Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) Kelli Sparkman Local Agency Liaison, Region 3 January 30, 2009.

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1 Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) Kelli Sparkman Local Agency Liaison, Region 3 January 30, 2009

2 Ready…Set… GO!! PS&E documents are used to advertise, award and administer construction contracts. These documents must be reviewed and approved by ODOT (non-certified) or an “approving authority” (certified)

3 Non-Certified Agencies: See LAG Manual Section B, Chapter 11 Certified Agencies: See LAG Manual Section C, Chapter 11 User’s Guide to PS&E Delivery See Office of Pre-letting website (; click on “Manuals, Forms, etc” on the left side; click on “Guides” ) Resources

4 Civil Rights Compliance Wage Rates Quality Control –Must be in compliance with the applicable, current, ODOT approved edition of various design standards and guidelines FHWA Form 1273 –Must be included, ODOT inserts Affirmative Action, EEO, OJT & DBE –ODOT determines goals and aspirational targets Key Items for PS&E approval:

5 Buy America Requirements –Any waivers must be approved by FHWA Traffic Control Plans –“Full” or “Simplified” Transportation Management Plan (TMP) is required on all projects Sole Source Justification Patented and Proprietary Items Local Agency Supplied Materials Warranty/Guarantee Key Items for PS&E approval:

6 Due NO LATER THAN 24 calendar days prior to the planned start of the advertisement length For Full Federal Oversight (FFO) projects, add 3 weeks to the due date PS&E due dates are assigned by the Office of Pre- letting (OPL) when the bid date is scheduled Submittal due by 8:00 am on due date ODOT employees can access submittal information from OPL’s “Bid Date Planning and Status Report” link on the OPL website Time Table for ODOT PS&E Submittals

7 Cover sheet contains project specific information Requires signature from LAL, ODOT Area Manager and ODOT Technical Center Manager If any item is marked “NO” in the “Completed?” column, a PD-02 exception letter, approved by ODOT’s Deputy Director, will be required “on file” means all relevant information is in the project master file and available for audit Final PS&E Submittal Checklist

8 PS&E Package Contents SectionDescriptionElectronicMylarPaper PS&E Submittal Checklist (signed) X Approved PD-02 Exception Letter (if applicable)X 1cCE MinimumsX 1eFHWA Public Interest Finding (if applicable) X 1fBuy America Waiver (if applicable) X 2cFinal Design Plans* X (11x17) 2dFinal Bridge Plans (if applicable)* X (full) X (11x17) 4aFinal Special Provisions*X (track changes) X 4aPOR Certification SheetsX 4bSpecial Provision Integrity Certification X 4fInsurance Risk Assessment Output X 4gPollution Liability Insurance Concurrence (if applicable) X 5aTrns*port Estimator FilesX (.est &.dat) X 5cColor CPM Construction Schedule X 7aRight-of-Way Certification FormX 7dFinal Utility Timing and Status Report (FFO only)X 8dSpecial Processing Justification Document (if applicable) X *Two paper copies are required with Full Federal Oversight (FFO) projects

9 Office of Pre-letting Tasks Import PS&E Estimate into Trns*port database and generate Bid Sheets. Obtain Chief Engineer Signature on Plans Title Sheet. Conduct a “fatal flaw” review of the PS&E package. –Comments will be sent to the LAL with recommended action Prepare advertisement and submit to ODOT Contractor Plans for publishing. Coordinate with FHWA during PS&E to obtain approval to advertise all projects with Federal funds. Process electronic addenda for publishing on the internet. The QA Engineer will prepare the new bid schedule for the addenda based on items identified in the addenda letter. Review the PS&E Estimate and prepare the Engineer’s Estimate. –Engineer’s Estimate is to be kept confidential Archive final special provisions with addenda.


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