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Smith County FY 2011/12. Organizational Flow Chart Smith County Judge & Commissioners Information Technology Purchasing Road & Road & Bridge Fire Marshal.

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1 Smith County FY 2011/12

2 Organizational Flow Chart Smith County Judge & Commissioners Information Technology Purchasing Road & Road & Bridge Fire Marshal Records Pre-trial Collections PersonnelPhysical Plant Veterans Service Elections

3 Honorable Judge Baker, Commissioners, Officials and Citizens; Smith County departments are, as ever, both committed and advancing, on all fronts, toward the county’s objective: Striving for Excellence. Whether well verified through more than a million dollars coming from the Collections Department, giving service as Board of Director of the Texas Public Purchasing Association, yielding assistance with revising Smith County’s Records Management Order, or implementation of County’s digital infrastructure by our Information Technology Team, one then sees that a genuine sense of real fulfillment and progress is manifesting. Smith County has witnessed tremendous growth in the last 40 years and the rendered level of seamless services is mostly outpacing staffing levels; nonetheless, though this gap is producing a real strain, significant efforts, do remain quite remarkable under these difficult and mission-critical circumstances. A wide range of achievements took place in 2011, as examples, providing training sessions for local vendors, receiving the “Achievement of Excellence” in Procurement Designation from the National Purchasing Institute, obtaining valued consulting services for requisite departmental-operational review, implementing GIS solutions for Elections and Road and Bridge, and showing concerns for our customers and the environment, by having forms available on the County’s website and Intranet site; eliminating paper use. Physical infrastructure, another clear instance, was aided by the rebuilding of two bridges and more than fifteen miles of work completed on the Surface Treatment Project; and, a further demonstration of such ongoing commitment is the case of how the Collections Department received the “Most Innovative Program Award” at the 2011 CGAT Conference. The paradigm of achievement witnessed is incorporating best practices, benchmarks, and core competencies for the better empowerment of visibility across all departments. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

4 Further evidence of significant achievement and the continued effort of “Striving for Excellence” was the completion of the new Smith County Sheriff’s Office Building extensively using Physical Plant resources and inmate labor. The building historical integrity was maintained and is a definite showcase of the County commitment to support the growth of Smith County. These cited accomplishments and directional efforts, among many, are just a slight sampling of how your Smith County departments seek both true sustainability of dedication and a citizen-centric approach; this is toward the needed work of advancing excellence, providing transparent services, building community, and yielding tangible value for the people of Smith County, and its viable future. Respectfully submitted: Smith County Department Heads EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

5 Highlights Of Success FY11 Smith County Department Heads

6 Assisted with developing the revised Smith County Records Management Order Obtained outside consulting services for departmental-operational review and survey Started publishing of RSD departmental newsletter and issuance of training bulletins Records

7 Held “How to do business with Smith County” training sessions for local vendors. Elected/Served as Board of Director of the Texas Public Purchasing Association. Received the “Achievement of Excellence” in Procurement Designation from the National Purchasing Institute. Surveyed internal/external customers to receive departmental efficiency feedback. Purchasing

8 Project for elimination of paperwork within various county operations by having forms available on the Smith County website and Intranet site. Smith County continues to be a leader in implementing Technology infrastructure thru server virtualization, Virtual Desktop and Disaster Recovery for continuity of operations. Implemented GIS solutions for Election and Road and Bridge. Successfully moved all Smith County law enforcement laptop to new air cards vendor and link into DPS. Information Technology

9 Smith County Collections Department collect $1,294,562 in revenue. Smith County Collections Department received the “Most Innovative Program Award” at the 2011 CGAT Conference. Provided a smooth transition in obtaining some of the Collection Department duties and responsibilities to ensure compliance with the Office of Court Administration (OCA) Generated $22,198 in bond revenue. Pre-Trial/Collections

10 Completed 4072 work orders thru the general maintenance system at an average of 346 work orders per month. Completed Surface Treatment project on 15.278 miles. Rebuilt two (2) bridges in the county. Divided the R&B workforce into 5 work groups. Four (4) for General maintenance and one (1) for major work needed and to assist the other work groups when needed. Road & Bridge

11 Purchased 68 Electronic Poll books. Staff member completed 5 out of 12 Election Center Certification Classes Participated in the County Shred day Disposed 34,336 inactive bonds and records. Elections

12 Maintained the Emergency Management Plan to the Advanced Level of preparedness which provides for Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery actions before, during, and after times of disaster. Provided fire prevention educational literature to 9,000 school students in grades pre-K thru 12 th grades at no cost to the County. Coordinated the development and publication of the daily Smith County Situation Report which included daily status of the KBDI and a daily analysis of the wildfire potential for Smith County. Coordinated with the 14 Counties in the ETCOG region in an Interoperability Communications exercise which tested our communications capabilities. Fire Marshal/EOC Coordinator

13 Remodeled building, predominately using Physical Plant personnel, for the relocations of the Smith County Sheriff’s Office using. Physical Plant

14 Strategies for Success FY12 Smith County Department Heads

15 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Support County Clerk in evaluating new Records recording software. Support migrations should new vendor be selected. 3/12 Completion Move the SCOB IT hub for sale of building and build the IT infrastructure for the Smith County Departments relocations. 7/12 Completion Continue to implement VDI initiative to various County Departments that fall into the business model for operational improvement. 100 additional users. 6/12 Completion Incorporate responsibility of the Juvenile Detention Center for all IT needs and issues in reducing outsourcing cost to the County. 1/12 completion For Continuity of Operations in the even of a disaster, document all process, procedures, contacts, phone and guidelines into IT Run Book. 9/12 completion Develop and implement a user’s knowledge base for top help desk calls for self help to improve Departmental efficiencies and improved customer service. 9/12 completion Implement various GIS solutions to improve County data and operational issues using the IT 2-5 implementation plan. 8/12 completion Expand the County’s web site for departments not currently utilizing their page on the web site. 6/12 completion Deploy Windows 7 operating system throughout the County for increase productivity and standardization. 8/12 completion Do a thorough evaluation of Judicial Software/CAD+Moblile software packages for replacing current replacing current software. 9/12 completion Replace Barracuda Security Appliances with Cisco Iron Port. 1/12 completion Develop Juvenile Operations Run Book for IT. 5/12 completion Replace laptops purchased in 2006 for law enforcement. 3/12 completion Information Technology – Harvy Tanner

16 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Rollout NEOGOV online application tracking & management program to all hiring managers and related staff, by January 31, 2012, to increase efficiencies in the applicant screening and interview selection processes across all departments Enroll in E-Verify and establish E-Verify as a required step in the New Hire Process, by March 1, 2012, to ensure all employees working for the county are legally authorized to work in the United States Use the Lean Sigma methodology to analyze the current New Hire Process, by June 30, 2012, to show the quantitative value of streamlining and digitizing the New Hire Process Establish county-wide procedures and guidelines to handle employee separations, by August 31, 2012, to reduce Smith County’s potential risk exposure to various separation related matters Strengthen brand awareness of our company motto “Striving for Excellence” through the increase use of digital and social media, by September 30, 2012, to further communicate to county employees and citizens the core principles that guide Smith County Personnel Department – Leonardo Brown

17 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Utilize current departmental assets to achieve greater holistic efficiency – completion 6/12 Adopt a core competency of a robust customer-centric work attitude – completion 6/12 Promote best practices favoring essential records protection for the County – completion 3/12 Maximize copier emailing feature to help environment by reducing paper usage – completion 3/12 Hold classes on proactive records management (RM) training and education – completion 9/12 Seek ways & means of utilizing RM technologies for upgrading department – completion 6/12 Rearrange interior shelving space of main Records Center (RC) areas – completion 8/12 Seek improved intellectual control over all permanent records series – completion 9/12 Investigate possibilities of potential records conversion projects – completion 6/12 Improve overall physical safety and ambience of the RC environment – completion 6/12 Revamp operational procedures and methods for improving work tasks – completion 4/12 Consolidate all archival supplies to just one central RC location – completion 8/12 Alert researchers and others concerning RC historical resources – completion 9/12 Record Services – Joseph Settanni

18 Goals & Objectives for FY2012 : Identify the location of our Bridges by GPS location and tying that information into our mapping system in the CarteGraph computer system. This will allow us to track the cost and life of our bridges more efficiently. 9/12 Completion Road Administrator – Doug Nicholson

19 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Facilitate the adoption of the FEMA approved Hazard Mitigation Plan which was developed for Smith County and the 10 cities with in it. 2 Qtr. FY12 Develop and maintain the Smith County Fire Marshal web page to provide educational information to the citizens about Fire Prevention and Emergency Management protective actions. 1 st Qtr. FY12 Develop and provide Emergency Management National Incident Command System training to elected officials and department heads assigned duties in the Emergency Operations Center. 2 nd Qtr. FY12 Provide for systematic and scientific fire and arson investigations, collect and preserve evidence of fire, arson, or related criminal acts and to provide for fire prevention code inspections. FY12 Fire Marshal– Jim Seaton

20 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Implement the use of electronic poll books in all Election Day polling locations, which will provide real time voting throughout the county. Work towards receiving Certified Elections Administrator status through the Election Centers Professional Education Program. Expand the Elections website to include information regarding the new Voter I.D. requirements. Track and provide statistical voting data by polling location Elections Administrator – Karen Nelson

21 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Assist the County and Justice Courts with compliance of the State mandated collections improvement program as provided under SB 1863. Work with Perdue Law Firm, TSG and IT to organize case files and reports in an effort to create departmental efficiencies. Prepare the courts for the upcoming state compliance audit to achieve successful completion. Update the Collections Department website to increase information and communication. Collection Department – Arvilla Banks

22 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: Organize/communicate the approved Capital Improvement Project schedule for timeliness and efficiency of projects. Hold “Purchasing Internal Resource Guide” training sessions for internal customers. Increase HUB/MWBE program development and awareness. (FY11 Goal) Perform a county wide inventory review to further organize the county’s inventory system. Purchasing Department – Kelli Davis

23 Goals & Objectives for FY2012: To be able to go to every Veteran organization within Smith County to explain benefits to Veterans and set up a good phone contact list for Veterans to talk to each other. Create a new tracking system with Texas Veteran Commission to better track process of Veterans claims. Calling the 800 number is painful waiting 20 minutes to talk to a representative. Work with local organizations on creating a better outreach for the homeless Veterans and their families. Tom Miller is providing assistance in clothes. Kelly Perry is with the Salvation Army who is currently assisting 1 of our homeless Veteran’s. To increase the number of applications at the VA clinic so we can receive a 30,000 square foot clinic, to help reduce the cost of Veterans driving to Dallas to receive some treatments. Implement a new information board for all Veteran’s to read and be up to date on current VA laws, and changes to benefits. Veteran Service Officer: Jeremy Nicodemus

24 Goals & Objectives for FY2012 : Implement new process to receive, sort, scan, input data in the computer, distribute and dispose all bonds received by PBO within 72 hours of receiving them. Provide direct supervision to defendants released on Pre Trial Release bonds by monitoring defendants’ court dates and bond conditions to assure maximum court appearances and condition compliance. Incorporate electronic process to maintain all information for the bondsmen and the Bail Bond Board. Update the Pre-Trial Release Office website to increase information and communication. Pre Trial – Arvilla Banks

25 Goals & Objectives for FY2012 : Finish the construction of the new Physical Plant Office in existing Crescent Laundry “Dome Building”. Begin construction of Pct. 1 JP and Constable offices. Construct area for “Evidence” per Sheriff’s Office instructions in County building. Rebuild major section of the T. B. Butler Fountain Plaza flower beds. Continue cross training of Maintenance personnel to broaden Departments skill sets. Upgrade the lighting in Records Services located in the CottonBelt Building. Implement new Work Order and Preventative Maintenance software. Maintain all county run Facilities. Physical Plant – Steve Christian

26 FY11 Work Load Statistics & Performance Measurements Smith County Department Heads

27 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Number of Customer Supported645661764729 Number of Software Application Supported 30343640 Number of Computers Supported525686688668 Number of Servers Supported25304070 Number of MDT’s Supported6194115106 Number of printers Supported235320330144 Number of Help Desk Calls Processed3146388940253847 Number of Help Desk Calls Closed3148388540223835 Information Technology – Harvy Tanner Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Ave. Calls processed/Help Desk Personnel/Mo. 87.4108.2118.2245 Visits to County Website275,534546,4371,021,800626,717 Help Desk Calls Response Responded to Within 4 hours - Goal 97%95.6%96.5%97.2%96.5% Close Within 8 hours – Goal is 95%94.5%97.4%99.695.6% Number of Viruses/Spam Prevented6,100/Day Ave. 6,800/Day Ave. 7,800/Day Ave. 17,500/Day Ave.

28 WORKLOAD MEASURESFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Applications/resumes processed965*1344*2305**3213*** Employees hired205193115101 # of HR Service Desk issues openedN/A 2248 # of HR Service Desk issues closedN/A 2246 Unemployment Claims ProcessedN/A35+65+049 Total Benefit Charges Received$59,785$84,979$202,887 Unemployment Hearings facilitatedN/A4+13+7 Injury reports processed9310410298 Total number of claims requiring payment 50555140 Cost of Incurred claimsN/A$217,767$96,188$170,048 Personnel Department – Leonardo Brown *Number displayed does not include online submissions as data could not be retrieved. ** Online submissions accounted for 72% of applications submitted. *** Online submissions accounted for 89% of applications submitted. (Effective 10/1/11 – we will only accept online applications, except in cases where ADA or ADAAA rules may apply.) + Corrections have been made to reflect the appropriate data collected as verified by TALX Corporation

29 Efficiency MeasuresFY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Avg. # documented issues processed/ HR employee/Month N/A 94 Avg. # First Call Resolutions – Goal 33% of issues processed/Employee/Month N/A 29 = 31% Avg. # Issues ReopenedN/A 0 HR ServiceDesk Response Time Avg. time before initial response is made to an opened issue – Goal 1 hour N/A 1hr 1min Avg. time to successfully resolve the opened issue – Goal 4 hours N/A 1hr 29min Avg. % compliant in meeting response goalsN/A 97% Overall % of unemployment claims won90%85%91% Total liability avoided or suspended$182,183$160,189$108,389 Personnel Department – Leonardo Brown

30 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Records destroyed (pounds)44,219 lbs.43,967 lbs16,207 lbs8,750 Records destroyed ( by volume) 2,210 cu. ft.2,198 cu. ft. 810 cu. ft.497 cu. Ft. Records pulled (to/from Courthouse )N/A 40,211 Publications and forms createdN/A 63 Total files for walk-in customersN/A 24071325 Record Services – Joseph Settanni Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Records requests filled within 24 hrs.99% 97% Gained greater efficiency in new shelves100% Utilized ABLETERM Bar CodingYes Accuracy in retrievals & deliveries99% 97% Accuracy in fee collections100%

31 Workload MeasuresFY08 ActualFY09 ActualFY10 ActualFY11 Actual New driveway culvert installs, and driveway culvert repaired $ 333,052$ 445,326$ 393,521$144,604 Road Patching$ 662,956$ 1,094,625$ 1,293,776$1,110,052 Right of Way Mowing$ 220,850$285,703$ 156,051$151,937 Field work orders completed4631491241224078 Cost of Field Work Order Completed$ 5,543,122$ 7,348,848$ 7,104,257$3,213,895 Shop work orders completed/for all departments Unknown3,7433,2212,960 Cost of Shop Work Orders completedUnknown$618,558$760,733$535,395 Road Administrator – Doug Nicholson Efficiency MeasuresFY08 ActualFY09 ActualFY10 ActualFY11 Actual Road Reconstruction /Oil Dirt$ 1,677,647.22$ 921,086.48$ 854,343.86$0 Overlays$ 520,323.47$ 841,018.47$ 1,309,703.07$55,399 Contract Surface TreatmentNot Used$ 1,340,604.80$ 953,127.18$413,169 Concrete Bridge Construction$ 138,656.26$ 109,462.05$ 199,304.52$143,101

32 Program Statistics & Workload Measures FY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011- Projected Incident Investigations496490470790 Felony Offenses20252830 Cleared By Exception / Arrest01020307 Misdemeanor Offenses473416190 Filed in Justice Court140205130 Warned (Written / Verbal)31281054 County Owned Structure Inspections400205 Non County Owned Structure Inspections 191202243252 Evacuation & Tornado Planning Inspections 320205 VFD Calls for Service6,0575,8355,9946,893 Civilian Injured / Killed0/06/00/01/1 Firefighter Injured / Killed0/0 1/0 Fire Marshal – Jim Seaton

33 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Registered voters119,741119,426120,154116,178 Changes processed17,39111,5928,44515,927 New applications processed8,5149,6504,3094,785 Elections supervised91112 Elections Administrator – Karen Nelson Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Number of judges and clerks trained300+75200+175 Cost per registered voter$3.47$2.99$3.41$3.50

34 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Total collections$1,361,639$1,595,493$2,042,384 $1,294,562 Payment agreements3,0343,5442,540 1,797 Postcards mailed11,46512,99612,453 5,878 Cost Benefit/Return on Investment$1,206,112$1,434,623$1,875,087 $1,227,035 Collections per employee$453,880$531,831$680,795 $1,294,562 Collection Department – Arvilla Banks Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Automated phone calls N/A 20,80426,503

35 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Purchase orders Issued6423747480027373 (to 9/23/11) Property items tagged721003 412313 Annual contracts awarded34282725 RFP/RFQ’s awarded512 6 Online requisitions submitted230626 28933500 (to 9/23/11) Purchasing Department – Kelli Davis Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Avg. days to process PO’s against contracts14 Average costs of purchase orders$.05 Average days to process sealed bids21 Average days to process RFP’s45

36 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Number of Bonds Processed12,22112,52510,687 10,714 Number of Bonds Disposed9,5139,68711,110 34,336 Number of Payment Plans Entered N/A 496 Revenue generated from Bond Fees $26,562$26,746$37,017$22,198 Pre Trial – Arvilla Banks Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Average cost to process bonds$10.32$11.12$12.97$13.27

37 Workload MeasuresFY 2008FY 2009FY 2010FY 2011 Client Office Visits2,7942,7162,5432,614 Correspondence Received1,3171,4902,2772,435 Correspondence Originated1,1051,6022,0522,113 Records Created334400456287 Records Edited5,3606,1876,4814,357 VA Forms Generated1,7832,0052,2032,362 Total VIMS Client5,6946,5876,9379,983 Home/Hospital Visits65614642 Veteran Service Officer: Jeremy Nicodemus Program Statistics 2008 Actual 2009 Actual 2010 Actual 2011 Actual Smith County Veteran Population16,64516,51516,328 Not Avail. Comp and Pension Dollars Expended$29,799,000$37,826,000$37,866,000Not Avail. Education Dollars Expended$1,880,000$2,618,000$2,623,000Not Avail. Insurance & Indemnity Dollars Expended$980,000$971,000$973,000Not Avail. Medical Services & Administration$15,905,000$19,408,000$19,428,000Not Avail. Total VA Expenditures$48,563,000$60,822,000$60,890,000 Not Avail.

38 Workload MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Work orders Completed11,5515,7036,0375,039 PM’s Completed2,4012,3352,1892,497 Physical Plant – Steve Christian Efficiency MeasuresFY2008 Actual FY2009 Actual FY2010 Actual FY2011 Actual Work Orders per staff hours worked$.06$.37$.30$.18 PM’s per staff hours worked.

39 Smith County Department Leaders Representing: CIRA Advisory Committee Chairman Ex-Officio member of CIRA Board of Directors Board of Director of the Texas Public Purchasing Association Board of Directors for Governmental Collectors Association of Texas Smith County Bail Bond Board Coordinator Vice-Chair of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee of ETCOG Serve as voting member of the Smith County Emergency Food & Shelter Board Clean-up Committee Grievance Committee Serve as member of the Smith County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee Served as a member of the Tyler Junior College Fire Protection curriculum advisory committee Member of Smith County LEAN Consortium Smith County Department Heads

40 Appendix

41 Information Technology CTO: Harvy Tanner Harvy Tanner has been the CTO for the Smith County IT Department starting May 2005. Mr. Tanner has a BS and MBA from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. IT Responsibilities: This Business Plan outlines three key focus areas and sets forth both five-year goals and one-year objectives. The key focus areas represent the critical strategic areas in which we need to channel our energies and actions. The focus areas derived from the business needs are: Enhancing the County's IT Infrastructure Expanding Electronic Access to County Services Managing IT from a Countywide Perspective Department Mission: Provide efficient, reliable and cost effective information management services through the application of computing technology and related information resources. Provide planning and technical support for County-wide data processing. The purpose of Information Technology is to enable the County to achieve its business goals, priorities and objectives. Staff: Brian Chou Will Christian Terri Gerber Linda Homer Morgan Rasco Nathan McFalls Jason Davisson Contact Information: 200 East Ferguson St., Suite 203 Phone: 903-590-4650 Fax: 903-590-4758

42 Director: Kelli Davis, CPPB Kelli Davis has worked for Smith County in different capacities for approximately 17 years. Starting as a part time receptionist she moved to buyer and Assistant Purchasing Director doing each job she now oversees. Mrs. Davis was raised in Tyler where she graduated from High School and College. Purchasing Responsibilities: Centralized purchasing for all departments All formal bidding processes Contract administration Claims administration Project Management Auctions Cooperative purchasing program Travel registrations Department Mission: The Purchasing Department exists to provide the best service possible to all County Departments in a fair and equitable manner and to protect the interests of the Smith County Taxpayers in all expenditures. Staff: Buyer: Kim Gould, CPPB Buyer: Part time Clerk: Contact Information: 200 East Ferguson St. 414 Phone: 903-590-4720 Fax: 903-590-4723 Purchasing

43 Director: Steve Christian Steve Christian has served with Smith County almost 10 years, as the Director of Physical Plant Operations and has 30 years total in maintenance craft. Physical Plant Responsibilities: Our responsibilities are to maintain the County run facilities for proper operation and the execution of County business. Currently the building total is 23 with approximately 713,000 Sq. Ft. This is accomplished with 9 men tasked mainly with maintenance and 3 m en primarily assigned construction. Our work force is augmented by 3 to 4 trustees from the Smith County Sheriff’s Department. We have a Housekeeping staff of 9 who attend to all buildings. We also are tasked with new construction and remodels of the County buildings. Department Mission: The Smith County Physical Plant is committed to providing management of the county’s physical assets while creating an environment conductive to excellence in public service through the effective implementation of facility maintenance, capital improvements, professional design, and energy management. Staff: Glen Taylor Natasha Jamie Contact Information: 210 E. Ferguson 903 590-4760 Physical Plant

44 Director: Joseph Settanni He started his position on March 7, 2011, with 35 years of professional experience. He has both a Masters Degree and a Certificate of Archives Management from New York University, New York, besides being a Certified Records Manager and Certified Professional Consultant. Department Responsibilities: Improve efficiency of recordkeeping procedures Preserve permanent records and protect essential records Uphold all State records retention requirements Save historical, genealogical, and land records Provide quick and efficient records retrieval Modernize Records Center (RC) operations Reduce potential County liability by disposing of obsolete records Provide records management training for County personnel Monitor RC physical and environmental conditions Produce monthly newsletter and training bulletins Serve as Records Management Officer for Smith County. Department Mission: Servicing of County personnel and external customers, as to record services operations, in providing efficient, cost effective, secure, and reliable storage and retrieval of inactive County records. Core values, core competencies, and a vision statement exist on the RSD Section of County internet website. Staff: Assistant Director of Record Services: Sandra Lyles Records File Clerk: Henry Brown Contact Information : Smith County Cotton Belt Building 1517 West Front Street Room 150 Tyler, Texas 75702 Phone: 903-590-2961 Fax: 903-590-2965 Email: Records

45 Administrator: Karen Nelson Karen Nelson has worked for Smith County in different capacities for 9 years. She began serving as an Early Voting and Ballot Board Clerk in 2001. In September 2004 she began working part-time as a Deputy Mail Ballot Clerk. In January 2005 she was given the full- time position of Assistant Elections Administrator and served in that position until the summer of 2007 at which time Mrs. Nelson was appointed as the Elections Administrator. Responsibility: Coordinate polling places Hire election workers Train election workers Build and prepare ballots for programming Test and program voting machines Tabulate and post election results Maintain a non-partisan office at all times Department Mission: Maintain accurate voter registration records while also protecting the voting rights of the citizens of Smith County to ensure that every vote cast will be effectively tabulated. Staff: Administrative Assistant: Joanna Stanfield Deputy Clerk: Edna Morris Contact Information: 200 East Ferguson St. 500 Tyler, Texas 75702 Phone: 903-590-4777 Fax: 903-590-4778 Elections

46 Administrator: Doug Nicholson Doug Nicholson has worked for the county for approximately 18 years. Starting as a part time employee in January 1994, in 2001 became the Engineer’s Assistant and now over see the operations of the Road & Bridge Department as the Road Administrator. Road & Bridge Responsibilities: Maintain: 1,189 miles of County Roadways Maintain: 140 Bridges Maintain: 5280 Cross Culverts Review platting of land in the county Oversee any proposed development in a Flood Zone in the county Maintain all county owned equipment Department Mission: The primary mission of the Road & Bridge Department is the care and maintenance of the public right of ways allotted under our system of laws. Staff: Assistant Road Administrator: Charley Miller Office Administrator: Ann Somerville Other Office Staff: Anna Colby Stephanie Ball General Foreman: David Potter Shop Foreman: Ken Butler Asst. Shop Foreman: Scott Crum Contact Information: 1700 W Claude Phone: 903-590-4801 Fax: 903-590-4802 Road and Bridge

47 Director: Leonardo Brown Leonardo Brown has worked for Smith County for approximately 2 years. Leonardo brings over 13 years of management and leadership experience gained in the private sector to his role as HR Director. Leonardo’s vision for the HR Department is to “Be the Bridge”, the bridge that helps to close the gap between people and performance, between communication and consistency, between learning and leadership, between executives and execution. HR Responsibilities: Assist w/Recruitment and Selection Process and Maintain all Employee Forms Develop and Facilitate Training Assist w/ Performance Management Consultant on Employee Relation Issues Maintain Workers Compensation Program Coordinate Safety Programs Monitor Unemployment Claims Maintain Compensation Program Preparation and Implementation of Personnel Policies and Procedures Department Mission: Demonstrate excellence and leadership by developing and applying human resource solutions with a customer-first attitude, a team-work based philosophy and a proactive mindset, in order to ensure a high performing workforce. Staff: Human Resources Assistant: Jaye Lynn Collins Contact Information 200 East Ferguson St. 202 Phone: 903-590-4644 Fax: 903-590-4640 Personnel

48 Director: Arvilla Banks Arvilla Banks has worked for Smith County for 22 years. She started as a deputy clerk in Child Support then Bookkeeping in the District Clerk’s Office. In 1995 she became the Assistant Director then promoted to Director of Pre Trial Release and Bond Office. In 2011 she was appointed Director of Collection for Smith County. Ms. Banks was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She attended and graduated from Wiley College in Marshall, then moved to Longview and on to Tyler, where she has lived over 33 years. Responsibilities: Receive, Sort, Scan, and Input Bond Data Distribute and Dispose Bonds Interview, Investigate, and Submit All Referred Inmates’ Folder to the Judges/Magistrates Maintain and Keep all Information and Records for the Bondsmen and the Bail Bond Board Department Mission: Smith County Judges and Magistrates with information on defendants charged with felony and/or misdemeanor offenses by conducting interviews and investigations. Bonding for defendants considered for release to assist in the reduction of the jail population pursuant to Texas Jail Standard Compliances and to help save Smith County Taxpayers. Supervision and notification of upcoming court dates to defendants released on Pre Trial Release Bonds geared toward assuring court appearances and heading off unlawful behavior Staff: Lynda Swann – Bond and Payment Plan Coordinator Verna Carroll – Bond Investigator Contact Information: 200 E Ferguson St., Suite 213 Email: Office Phone: 903-590-2620 Fax: 903-590-2626 Pre Tria l

49 Director: Jim Seaton Jim Seaton has worked for Smith County for 23 years. Starting as the Assistant Fire Marshal, he was promoted to the Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Coordinator position in 1999. Marshal Seaton is certified as a Master Peace Officer, a Fire & Arson Investigator, a Fire Code Inspector, and a Firefighter. Marshal Seaton served in the Marine Corps and is a Vietnam veteran. Department Responsibilities: Enforce state & local regulations related to fire, explosions or damages caused by fire or explosion Investigate the cause, origin and circumstances of fires within the county which damages or destroys property Coordinate fire prevention & suppression activities with local county and state firefighting and fire prevention units Maintain a workable emergency management plan designed to provide for emergency services, shelter, and food in times of disaster through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Department Mission: The Fire Marshal Office exists to provide the best service possible to reduce physical and monetary loss caused by fires through systematic and scientific fire prevention inspections and investigations and to enforce existing fire laws and regulations. Maintain the emergency management plan to the advanced level of preparedness. Staff: 1 st Assistant Fire Marshal: Oren Hale Deputy Fire Marshal: Connie Wasson Administrative Assistant: Mary Thompson Volunteer Deputy Fire Marshal: Jay Brooks, Eric Lowry Contact Information: 11325 Spur 248 Phone: 903-590-2655 Fax: 903-590-2647 Email: Fire Marshal/EOC Coordinator

50 Director: Arvilla Banks Arvilla Banks has worked for Smith County for 22 years. She started as a deputy clerk in Child Support then Bookkeeping in the District Clerk’s Office. In 1995 she became the Assistant Director then promoted to Director of Pre Trial Release and Bond Office. In 2011 she was appointed Director of Collection for Smith County. Ms. Banks was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She attended and graduated from Wiley College in Marshall, then moved to Longview and on to Tyler, where she has lived over 33 years. Department Responsibilities: To assist the Smith County Criminal Courts with compliance of S.B. 1863 Collections Improvement Program. To assist with the collection of Court-ordered fines, court costs, and attorney fees. Provide financial assessments and verification on applicants for payment agreements. Payment agreement compliance monitoring. Initiate phone and mail contact on delinquent payment agreements. Send recommendations to courts for alternative remedies on defaulted payment agreements. Monthly collections reporting to the OCA. Department Mission: It is the mission of the Smith County Court Collections Department to enforce compliance and maximize the collections of court-ordered fines and fees on criminal cases from the Smith County Courts. STAFF: Sheryl Keel – Compliance Officer Contact Information: 200 E. Ferguson, 3 rd Floor Phone: 903-590-4624 Fax: 903-590-4623 Collections

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