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Welcome to 8 th Grade Math with Mrs. Allen Address:

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1 Welcome to 8 th Grade Math with Mrs. Allen E-mail Address:

2 I was born in Carrollton. I was raised in Cobb County, and attended South Cobb High School. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1984 with a BBA in Management Sciences. This is my 18 th year as an educator, and 17 th year at CJHS. I am married to Paul Allen and we have two children, Matt - 2007 and Kelli – 2010. Meet your teacher:

3 My Family on Lake Michigan

4 Matt’s Graduation from the University of Georgia

5 Be sure to visit the New CJHS Web Page. On Mrs. Allen’s page you will find: Announcements Homework assignments Information about your teacher Pictures of sample performance tasks A calendar with important dates.

6 My Web Page

7 Our New Curriculum is from Carnegie Learning This curriculum has four volumes. We will be tearing out one unit at a time, and placing it in a three ring binder.

8 Carnegie Learning


10 Carnegie Learning – On-line

11 MATHia


13 tudent/26/ tudent/26/

14 Supplies for 8 th Grade Math 1½- or 2-inch three- ring binder Dividers Pencil Pouch to clip into the binder Pencils Colored pencils Highlighter Red pen Cap erasers Small scissors Graph paper

15 REMEMBER: Grades are posted on Powerschool. You may check your child’s grades any time. If you do not have a login for your child – talk to Mrs. Hagan in the front office. or You can send me an e-mail to check on your child’s progress.


17 Grading Your mathematics grade for each nine weeks will be determined by scores on tests, performance tasks, daily assignments, homework, Accelerated Math and quizzes. Grades will be averaged with daily assignments and homework counting 1 time, quizzes counting 2 times, and tests counting 3 times (Honors – test counting 4 times). Class participation and effort will also be considered when computing final grades.

18 Help is Available! I am available to help you with assignments before school on Monday – Thursday, or after school by appointment. Please let me know if you need extra help - a few minutes can make a big difference.

19 Mrs. Allen’s Wish List Hand sanitizer Lysol Spray Clorox Wipes Kleenex Pencils Individually wrapped candy

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