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Preston Steele BME 281 Tuesday November 15, 2011.

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1 Preston Steele BME 281 Tuesday November 15, 2011

2  Only known cause is a mutation of a gene known as the Fragile X gene  Characterized by intellectual disabilities, poor communication skills and social behaviors, and sometimes repetitive behaviors.  Approximately 1 in 110 people are diagnosed with it

3  Invented by Temple Grandin  Applies lateral pressure to squeeze stress out of patients  Materials: plywood, thick, soft padding, with remote control and air compressor

4  Temple Grandin Invents first Hug Machine  Carnegie Mellon Biomedical Engineering students redesign Hug Machine and make first prototype of new design


6  Cheaper to make  Easier to put together  More available in clinical settings as well as in home use

7  Hug Machine - Temple Grandin. Digital image. Designed Objects. Web. 12 Nov  Redesign of "Hug Machine" Digital image. Carnegie Mellon University. Web. 12 Nov  Scheider, Paula. Home | Autism Speaks. Web. 12 Nov  Sullivan, Kelli. "Hug Machine For Autism - Health News Story - KPRC Houston." Click 2 Houston | Houston News, Houston, Texas News, Weather, Sports | KPRC Local 2. Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Web. 12 Nov  Swaney, Chriss. "Carnegie Mellon Biomedical Engineering Students Win Award for Designing Device to Help People with Autism." Welcome to the College of Engineering. Carnegie Mellon University, 27 Sept Web. 12 Nov

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