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W ELCOME Parents and Students of the Class of 2014.

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1 W ELCOME Parents and Students of the Class of 2014

2 Y OU KNOW IT ’ S THE SENIOR Y EAR IF … Your senior tells you that “senior skip day” is a school sponsored activity Your senior tells you pranks are approved Your seniors tells that nothing is happening in class, and they don’t have to attend Your senior tells you “that’s not due until June

3 A FAMILY APPROACH TO THE SENIOR YEAR Our goal is to make the senior year less stressful for students and parents Plan ahead, stay ahead It takes a village… Calm, simple planning. Check things off month by month Avoid the June rush Enjoy graduation June 8 th in the Tacoma Dome


5 C OUNSELING D EPARTMENT AND S UPPORT S ERVICES Counselors  Jeannie Beierle (A - G) 458-6202  Bob Dickson (H – N) 458-6203  Kelli Little (O – Z) 458-6204 Career Center  Terry Mensonides (Career and Scholarship Coordinator) 458-6413 Support Services  Pam MacAuley (Counseling Secretary) 458-6234  Sara Devore,Registrar 458-6206  Sandra Gordon (Indian Education Advisor) 458-6316

6 T HE I MPORTANCE OF T HIS Y EAR  A thousand mile journey begins with the first step… and can only be taken one step at a time.  Plan your time… or there will be no time to plan.

7 P OST -S ECONDARY O PTIONS … Yelm High School Technical College Classes & Training Skills Apprenticeship Job Skills Community College Academics 2 Year Degree (A.A., A.S.) Career 4 Year Degree (B.A., B.S.) 4-Year College Academics B.A. / B.S. Military Training Education

8 D URING THE S UMMER Students  Narrow down list of colleges  Contact Colleges – request information and applications  Research Scholarship opportunities  Explore FAFSA (Financial Aid) Parents  Review your financial situation  Discuss with your child their college choices  Visit colleges when possible  Explore FAFSA (Financial Aid)

9 S ENIORS O N T RACK FALL Credit Check / Course Requirements Visit the Career Center Sign up for SAT or ACT (See Career Center or counseling office for registration and test dates) Complete College Applications by December 15 th or sooner Check Scholarship List Weekly in the Career Center WINTER Complete FAFSA forms beginningJan. 1 st, first come first served basis SPRING Credit check / Course Requirements Check for scholarships weekly Request transcripts

10 SAT AND ACT D ATES SAT  October 5 th  November 2 nd  December 7 th  January 25 th  March 8 th  May 3 rd  June 7 th Test Fee = $50.00 ACT  September 21 st  October 26 th  December 14 th  February 8 th  April 12 th  June 14 th Test Fee = $50.50

11 C LASS OF 2014 G RADUATION R EQUIREMENTS Pass both the Reading and Writing HSPE Pass one Math EOC (End of Course Exam) either Algebra or Geometry Culminating Project High School and Beyond Plan Meet all course and credit requirements

12 C ULMINATING P ROJECT 4-Components to Project Project Proposal Due October 1 st Bibliography Due January 7 th Product Due April 2 nd and 3 rd Presentation Due April 2 nd and 3 rd CP Booklet is available at the high school website. Students should start generating ideas for a project over the summer.

13 H IGH S CHOOL AND B EYOND P LAN WOIS Washington Online Career Information System  4 Year Plan  Best Works  Career Assessment  Resume and Job Application  Personal Statement

14 S HORT C REDITS ? C REDIT R ECOVERY O PTIONS Correspondence courses –BYU or American School Average of $140.00/.5 credit. Must be completed by June 1 st. Summer School – Online credit recovery, meet with teacher weekly. $200.00 per.5 credit Make an appointment with your counselor to discuss credit recovery options and to enroll in classes.

15 I MPORTANT P OINTS TO R EMEMBER … Become familiar with Tests for College (SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, Compass, ASVAB) Build your resume (Community Service, employment) Attend Parent Nights Begin College Tours Visit and communicate with your counselor and career center. Routinely check school website and Newsletters

16 M AKE I T C OUNT ! Do Your Best Explore Your Options Stay informed Take Initiative Utilize Your Resources Actively Plan Your Future

17 C AREER C ENTER  College/Career Fair – Oct. 15 th  College Application Deadlines  Scholarship Notebook – Online  Volunteer  School Activities/Clubs  ASVAB

18 S AVE THE D ATE : Senior Orientation/Registration Day is August 13, 2013 If playing sports, turn in sports physical by August 15, 2013 Football begins August 21 All other Fall sports begin August 26



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