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May 14, 2013 State & Local Coordination RECOMMENDATIONS Overview.

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1 May 14, 2013 State & Local Coordination RECOMMENDATIONS Overview

2 Historic work of local and regional coalitions State Early Learning Plan Strategies #21, 34 & 35 Create formal pathways for parent participation Build Statewide Infrastructure for Partnerships & Mobilization Strengthen Public Awareness and Commitment Federal Grant Commissioning States to Articulate How Systems Will Be Strengthened across Localities, Region and State Origins Project Purpose: Strengthen how different parts of early learning system work together to support children. In particular, improve coordination and communication between state, regional and local partners in ways that will enhance our work in the long term.

3 Project Objectives  Create a structure where unique community voice and needs can be balanced with the desire for consistent access and quality as initiatives are designed and implemented  Build on coordination bodies that are working: o The Washington Early Learning Partnership o ELAC o Early Learning Regional Coalitions  Strengthen coordination among independent early learning sub-systems  Avoid creation of new and overlapping initiative structures  Build a continuous quality improvement cycle into the system 3

4 Steering Committee Angela Abrams - Department of Early Learning, Early Achievers Rebecca Timmen –Department of Health Bianca Bailey – Parent Ambassadors (South Central) Bob Butts – Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Ham – SELF (Southwest Washington) Deeann Puffert – Child Care Resources (King County) Elizabeth Bonbright – Child Care Aware of Washington Jodi Becker-Green – Department of Social & Health Services Judy Nelson – Pierce County Libraries (Pierce) Karen Walker– Department of Early Learning, ESIT Kathy Goebel – State Board of Community & Technical Colleges Kelli Bohanon – Department of Early Learning Leslie Dozono – Children’s Alliance Lois Martin – ELAC, Child Care (King) Molly Boyajian, Thrive by Five Washington Paula Bond – Tacoma Public Schools (Pierce) Sage MacLeod – San Juan County ECEAP (Northwest) Samantha Bowen – Walla Walla Valley Community College (Southeast) Sandra Szambelan – ESD 101 (Northeast) Sandy Nelson – ESD 113 (West Central) Shaine Schramling – Parenting Matters Foundation (Peninsulas) Shanthi Ragu - University Child Development School (King) Sue Winn – ELAC, Child Care (Northwest) Susan Yang – Foundation for Early Learning (King) Yolanda Esquivel – Washington State Migrant Council (Southeast) 4

5 Principles for Recommended Structure Has high potential to increase benefit and improve outcomes Improves effectiveness and efficiency Promotes use of data to improve accountability and program quality Advances equity and raises the bar Is doable, feasible and builds on strengths Uses the power of combining state guidance with local flexibility Solidifies and accelerates gains Fosters high performing state and local partnerships that work together to improve results Brings the right people to the table at all levels 5

6 Process  Describe the Current Structure  Best Practices Review o (Arizona, North Carolina and Oklahoma)  Outreach to Identify Barriers and Opportunities o Interviews & Focus groups (150 stakeholders) o Surveys (175 responses)  Cultural Competence Reviews  Draft Recommendations o Two-tiered Surveys (223 responses)  Refinements Recommendations 6

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