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1 A Fathers’ Day Skit Based on Psalm 52:8 ©2008 Allee Wengert ( Conditions for use: (1) If you use all or parts of this script in any.

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1 1 A Fathers’ Day Skit Based on Psalm 52:8 ©2008 Allee Wengert ( Conditions for use: (1) If you use all or parts of this script in any form, please consider sending a suggested $25 donation check made out to “The ROCK” to the following address: Ascension Lutheran Church, 615 Kellogg, Ames, IA 50010. Reference the script title in the memo on the check. (2) Do not sell any part of this script, even if you rewrite it. (3) You may reproduce this script for internal use, but all copies must contain this copyright statement.

2 2 Cast (The ROCK Players) Miss MeyerAllee Jimmy-son of Glacto-GuyRyan Glacto-GuyToby Susie-daughter of Muscle Man Lauren Muscle-ManMatt S. Mikayla-daughter of The BoltAnnee The BoltMatt W. Isabella (daughter of Windy Hombre)Peri Windy HombreMattias Branden-son of Mr. Hot HeadJoe Bobby-son of Mr. Hot HeadZach Mr. Hot HeadMichael Elizabeth (daughter of God the Father)Kelli

3 3 Setting: Miss Meyer’s super-hero second grade class is having all the dads visit the classroom to celebrate Father’s Day.

4 4 Miss M: Alright students, are we ready for our Father’s Day celebration? Who would like to introduce their father first? Jimmy: Me! Me! I’ll go first Miss Meyer! Please!!

5 5 Miss M: Alright Jimmy, you may come to the front and introduce your father to the class.

6 6 J: Class this is my father. His name is Glacto-guy. He can fly higher than any plane or rocket ship ever made! G-G: Now Jimmy we don’t want to brag.

7 7 J: Nah, it’s ok, you’re the coolest Dad ever. Show them how you can fly. G-G: Alright kids, don’t try this at home. (Glacto-Guy demonstrates his flying abilities.)

8 8 G-G: You see kids, flying is very hard, but it’s also fun when you know what you’re doing. One time I had to fly from Los Angeles to New York just so I could make a business meeting.

9 9 J: I’m gonna be just like my dad someday. Miss M: Thank you Jimmy and Mr. Glatco-Guy. Who would like to go next? Susie: I’ll go next, Miss Meyer.

10 10 Miss M: Ok Susie. S: Class, this is my dad Muscle Man. He can lift anything, even my 300 pound pig! Tell them how you saved all those people that one time dad.

11 11 M-M: Well kids, one time I was walking down the street and I saw a crazy driver coming down the street headed straight for a parade. So right as he passed me I grabbed his rear bumper and lifted the car up in the air. No one was hurt.

12 12 S: See, my dad is the strongest dad ever. Miss M: Well thank you Susie and Mr. Muscle- Man. Mikayla, would you like to go next?

13 13 Mikayla: Ok. This is my dad, The Bolt. He can go from zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds. He can outrun anyone.

14 14 Bolt: I do hold the world record for fastest runner. I’ve even had to race a cheetah to a rural African village to protect the villagers.

15 15 Mikayla: He beat the cheetah too. My dad is the fastest dad ever. Miss M: Thank you Mikayla and Mr. Bolt. Isabella, are you ready to go?

16 16 I: Yes Miss Meyer. Class this is my dad Windy Hombre. Tell them what you can do Dad.

17 17 W-H: I can create strong gusts of winds just by blowing air. One time I was having a terrible sneezing fit and accidentally blew out a tornado! It was ok though, it only lasted about 10 seconds.

18 18 I: Show them how you do it Dad. W-H: Alright hold on to yours hats kids. (Windy hombre takes a deep breath and blows. Actors’ hats blow off.)

19 19 I: See? My dad is the gustyist dad ever. Miss M: Thank you Isabella and Mr. Windy Hombre. Any volunteers to go next?

20 20 Branden: We can go Miss Meyer! Bobby: This is our Dad Mr. Hot Head.

21 21 Branden: He can change the temperature- Bobby: And he change blow lava or snow out of his head.

22 22 H-H: They’re right kids. I can shoot blasts of lava or snow out of my head and I can also alter the temperature. It really comes in handy when it’s super hot or super cold outside. (Cont’d)

23 23 H-H: (Cont’d) I’ve also stopped an avalanche but melting it with lava and stopped a lava river with several blasts of snow.

24 24 Branden: He also makes big snow mountains in our back yard for us to sled down. Bobby: Our dad is the most torrent dad ever.

25 25 Miss M: Thank you Branden, Bobby and Mr. Hot Head. We have time for one more student, who would like to go next? Elizabeth: I’ll go Miss Meyer.

26 26 Miss M: Ok Elizabeth, come on up to the front of the room. E: (holding Bible) My Father created the universe, the Earth, people and even you and me.

27 27 Jimmy: Whoa, that’s really cool. E: Yep, he gave up his own Son so he could forgive everyone’s sins. Susie: Really?

28 28 E: Uh-huh. Mikayla: So where is he? E: He’s right here. Isabella: So how come we can’t see him?

29 29 E: Well, he’s God the Father and he has a really busy job. He has to be everywhere at once so he can take care of everyone on Earth. Branden: No way!

30 30 Bobby: No one can do that. Miss M: You’re right Bobby, no one person can do that. But God the Father can.

31 31 G-G: She’s right kids, God the Father always takes care of us. M-M: And he loves us no matter what we do.

32 32 Bolt: And he’s always there to listen to us when we pray to him. W-H: He helps us through the tough times and guides us through life.

33 33 H-H: He’s what earthly fathers like us try to model ourselves after.

34 34 Miss M: You see students it says in Psalm 52:8 “I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever.” We need to remember to also thank God our Father each Father’s Day, just as we thank our earthly fathers.

35 35 Everyone: (to audience) Happy Father’s Day!!!

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