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Welcome!. The Program Committee of Yankee Dental Congress 36 2011.

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1 Welcome!

2 The Program Committee of Yankee Dental Congress 36 2011

3 The mission…. The YDC 36 Program Committee is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the educational division of the meeting. It will be the best program offered by any major dental meeting.

4 the chairs….. Paul Chalifoux Mary Jane Hanlon-Rogers Carl McManama Janice Spada

5 very important people John Fischer, President Janice Moriarty, Program Chair Dorrey Powers Alicia Wright Amy Jordan Cast of others

6 introduce yourselves, name, what and where? rookie or veteran?

7 Committee’s role…. headliner decisions Contact headliners Subcommittee chairs Select second group Contact non-headliners Chair subcommittees Work hard during YDC 36

8 Timeline….. 1)Five or six meetings before YDC 35 2)Subcommittee meetings during 2010 3)Volunteer orientation late 2010 4)Last minute meetings PRN 5)YDC 36

9 Tentative 2009 Schedule 1)Tonight 2)Tuesday May 26 th 3)Thursday July 16 th 4)Tuesday September 15 th 5)Monday October 26 th 6)Another one?

10 Subcommittees etc… Hands-on Courses Minuteman Lectures Panel Courses Poster sessions Women’s Program Day Captains

11 The “program”

12 Types of courses….. headline speakers up-&-comers & topics special programs Minuteman courses panel courses workshops hands-on courses

13 Usual format… Initial contact (you) Contact sheet (you) to staff Negotiation (not you) Contracts (not you) Repeaters???? Day captains, PC’s & RC’s

14 Headliners?

15 Endodontics Steve Buchanan Cliff Ruddle Joe Camp Richard Mounce Martin Trope Koch & Brave Donald Yu

16 Restorative & Esthetics G. Christensen F. Spear R. Jackson C. Wakefield H. Heymann J. Brucia D. Hornbrook* Van Haywood Jon Kois Dan Fischer George Freedman Howard Strassler Edward Swift Markus Blatz Michael Miller Ray Bertolotti Gerard Chiche Terry Donovan Douglas Terry Tom Abrahamson Lee Culp Bud Mopper Gerald Denehy Gary Alex Paul Belvedere Bruce Small Howard Strassler Corkey Willhite

17 Periodontics Samuel Low J. Suzuki

18 Pediatrics Greg Psaltis Jane Soxman Michael Ignelzi Steve Pearlman

19 Geriatrics R. Huffines G. Folse* Linda Niesson

20 Infection Control & OSHA J. Molinari Laney Kay

21 Oral Pathology etc. J. Svirsky Robert Kelsch

22 Anesthetics etc. S. Malamed Mel Hawkins

23 Implants Carl Misch Dennis Tarnow* George Priest Dan Sullivan John Sorrenson Curtis Jansen Tom McGarry

24 Occlusion & TMJ Jeff Okesson Henry Gremillion Terry Tanaka Glenn DuPont Mark Piper

25 Forensic Dentistry Henry Lee Tom Glass

26 General Health Joe Dillon Tom Caruso Barbara Steinberg Bethany Valachi David Ahearn Larry Sangrik

27 Dentures etc. Nader Sharifi Joe Massad Greg Folse*

28 Hygiene Cynthia Fong Sherry Burns Karen Davis

29 Dental Assisting Niki Henson Sarah Conroy Shannon Pace

30 Front desk etc. Char Sweeney Kelli Vrla Rebecca Wilder Rhonda Savage Katherine Eitel Robin Wright Gary Zylesky Jennifer de St. Georges Kathy Jameson Jeff Staads Castagna & Moore Connie Podesta

31 New Technology Larry Emmott Joel White Dale Miles Paul Feuerstein Jim Dunn

32 Oral Surgery Karl Koerner R. Edwab

33 Business stuff Dick Barnes Charles Blair Paul Homoly The Jameson’s Roger Levin Tom Limoli Sally McKenzie Linda Miles

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