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United Way U.S. CEO Summit February 15, 2013 New Organizing Frameworks: Business Performance Matrix and United Way Partnerships.

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1 United Way U.S. CEO Summit February 15, 2013 New Organizing Frameworks: Business Performance Matrix and United Way Partnerships

2 United Way’s new organizing framework for local United Ways in the U.S. – the Business Performance Matrix What’s in the Matrix Using the Matrix as a tool to drive local performance United Way Partnerships in Graduation and Corporate Engagement Today We Will Discuss 2 Organizing for Success

3 Timeline of Business Performance Matrix Creation 3 Creation of U.S. Task Force on United Way’s Economic Model & Growth April 2010 Task Force Executive Summary: Recommends new segmentation framework July 2011 Network Engagement and Support Team (NEST) Formed September 2011 Business Performance Matrix developed May 2012 Segment 2B/C, 3B/C Webinar November 14, 2012 Highlights: 18-member field committee Two National Professional Council endorsements Presentation on work at Community Leaders Conference Two national webinars on work with more than 400 attendees Builds on Standards of Excellence and the ‘new business’ 700+ United Ways receiving Matrix segment designation

4 Network Engagement and Support Team Committee Members 4 NAMEUNITED WAYTITLE Jill Michal (Chair)United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey President and CEO Kerry Blume (Vice Chair)United Way of Northern ArizonaPresident & CEO Bob Berdelle (Executive Sponsor)United Way WorldwideSenior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Chris PrestonUnited Way WorldwideProject Manager Karen RathkeHeartland United Way (NE)President Kate McGowanUnited Way of Addison County (VT)Co-Director Eric McDonnellUnited Way of the Bay AreaExecutive Vice President & COO Donna BuchananUnited Way of Metropolitan AtlantaChief Operating Officer Peter CarpinoUnited Way of Greater RochesterPresident & CEO Patrick JinksUnited Way of Lancaster County (PA)President/ CEO Connie HodgesUnited Way of Northeast FloridaPresident Alice ThackerUnited Way Retirees Association Scott FergusonUnited Way of the Chattahoochee Valley (GA) President and CEO Debby HamptonUnited Way of Central OklahomaPresident & CEO Carol BurgerUnited Way of the Capital Area (MS)President and CEO Mary Lou GoekeUnited Way of Santa Cruz County (CA)Executive Director Jeff ElderUnited Way WorldwideDirector, Research Segment 2B/C, 3B/C Webinar November 14, 2012

5 5 Business Performance Matrix Source: United Way Research 4 0 0% 14 1% 13 1% 28 2% 3 54 4% 163 13% 60 5% 45 4% 2 205 16% 269 22% 40 3% 27 2% 1 245 20% 82 6% 3 <1% 1 <1% Missing Data ABC 0-4950-7475-100 Business Performance Index X-Axis Resources/Capacity/Influence Y-Axis Organizing for Success

6 6 Business Performance Matrix Y-axis Is Relatively Fixed Year to Year, Movement is on X-axis 4 3 2 1 ABC 0-4950-7475-100 Business Performance Index (BPI) Resources/Capacity/Influence Organizing for Success FTE < 1 Population ≥ 1,000,000 F500 / GCL co. HQ or ≥ 12 GCL non-HQ co.’s No F500/GCL co. HQ and <12 GCL non-HQ co.’s

7 Scope of Business Performance Index Is Comprehensive Show Leadership Align and integrate Strategically communicate Develop talent Network engagement Engage Individuals, Organizations, and the Community Engage and align with the community* Publicly commit to an issue Deepen relationships with individuals, organizations and networks Mobilize resources Develop Community Impact Strategies to Get Results Develop and implement community impact strategies to get results 7 Organizing for Success

8 8

9 Individual Profiles: Key Points All profiles are at If you did not get a matrix designation, we’re doing it again this summer and fall Indexes aren’t perfect; the nuances of your progress may not be evident in every individual topic (and we know that) There is a key online that shows you what survey questions go into each of the 25 topics The tool is only as accurate and useful as you want it to be Organizing for Success 9

10 The Matrix is a tool for you Use it in your strategic planning Set local goals to move indicators Reach out to United Ways leading in key areas to learn more Share what you know in strong areas with your colleagues Organizing for Success 10

11 Using the Matrix: Examples Organizing for Success 11

12 Table Conversation 1.Brainstorm examples of how you could use the matrix for learning, for driving your own performance 2.What other information do you need to make the Business Performance Matrix useful? 3.What other support should we provide? Organizing for Success 12

13 Key points of contact Organizing for Success 13 United WayContact Name(s) Group 4 United WaysSean Garrett Jeff Sheedy Group 3 United WaysJamie Mueller Groups 1 & 2 United WaysRoger Wood General QuestionsMike Wood Kelli Kreps

14 Next Steps: Business Performance Matrix Regional Conferences Mid-Winter Institute Tri-State Conference) State Meetings Texas, Pennsylvania, Others TBD Staff Leaders Conference Resource Page – UWW field engagement aligned to Matrix Organizing for Success 14

15 Discussion Organizing for Success 15

16 United Way Partnerships Organizing for Success 16

17 Driving Performance: United Way Performance Partnerships Overview 17 Groups of United Ways working on issues collectively: Graduation, Corporate Engagement Formal agreements (MOUs) Sharing human and financial resources to address common challenges Making strategic decisions together Holding one another accountable Measuring results collectively Each Partnership will launch with a 14-month Partnering Program which will provide coaching and facilitation to help build our partnering muscle.

18 Driving Performance: United Way Performance Partnerships – Commitments and Benefits Commitments Dedicate CEO, lead volunteer and lead staff time to the partnership Engage in joint planning, co- investing of resources, and joint resource development for shared goals Invest in and participate in 14- month Partnering Program with an initial fee of $30,000 Other commitments and investments to be decided on by the members of the Partnerships Benefits Achieve better local results through: Improved relationships with key partners More access to best practices, training, and technical support Greater ability to attract human and financial resources Enhanced local and national leadership Ability to innovate and take risks 18

19 Thank You

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