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SPC Call to Conversation April 6, 2011 Student Engagement Grant Scholarship Program Presented By: Mary A. Kunz, Co Chair and Kelli Wilder, Co Chair.

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2 SPC Call to Conversation April 6, 2011 Student Engagement Grant Scholarship Program Presented By: Mary A. Kunz, Co Chair and Kelli Wilder, Co Chair

3 Statement of Purpose The purpose of the SEG scholarship initiative is to: Stimulate development of special college initiatives Support recruitment in targeted programs Improve retention by providing scholarship support Improve retention by increasing opportunities for student engagement

4 Student Engagement Grant Scholarship Features · Opportunities for faculty and staff to create projects to engage students · Provides incentives for students to take part in projects supporting the College and Programs · Provides financial support for students who fulfill commitment to the project and attainment of GPA · Is a win-win-win situation where students, programs and college benefit

5 Student Retention 2009 · Fall to Spring Retention: 96.4% (SEG) vs. 73.3% (SPC) · Fall to Fall Retention: 75% (SEG) vs. 47% (SPC)

6 Student Engagement Grant Student Ambassadors Yolanda Reyes

7 St. Philip’s College Student Ambassadors Project Description The St. Philip’s College Student Ambassadors positively promote the institution internally and externally, primarily focusing on recruitment and community relations. Project Goal The Student Ambassador project enables currently enrolled students to interact with prospective students. This program serves as a vehicle to promote St. Philip’s College and increase student recruitment.

8 Student Ambassadors in Action Cherrys Parrot Fall 2010 SEG Recipient College Extravaganza

9 Conclusion “The Student Ambassador program allows us to show students that higher education is really within anyone’s grasp and that we are here to assist them the entire way to help them achieve their dreams.” Cherrys Parrot, SEG Recipient “The attainment of the scholarship helped me to get just that much closer to graduation…achieving (affording) my dream and being able to create a better life for my family by receiving my degree.” Toni Segura, SEG Recipient

10 Student Engagement Grant: Choir

11 Goals Build the choir to 30 + members that, as representatives of St. Philip’s college, will ·Perform in local, community venues ·Perform in national venues ·Perform in international venues


13 The SEG was a great motivational tool, knowing that the instructor and school were equally invested in my success. It was very important in that it allowed me to acquire additional resources such as various musical learning aids and experiences. Singing in the choir helped me to assimilate theoretical knowledge into real and practical skills. The choir participation aroused an interest which included the bigger musical world, such as exposure to world-class performers. Jimal Hales Student Testimonial

14 Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Student Engagement Grant Faculty Advisor: David W. Weaver, Asst. Prof.

15 Increase our students industry involvement and awareness of aviation history. ·students receive valuable work experience that can be listed on their resume. ·students explore networking opportunities. ·students experience community service. ·students experience technical skill application through service learning. ·student involvement Increased, 6 grants awarded 2010/11, 17 students volunteered to participate. ·National name recognition for SPC and the aircraft program through air show participation. CAF Project Goal

16 SEG Students in Action on a P-39 King Cobra The Students were just outstanding and did a great job. All of them worked on the P-39 King Cobra and the chief sponsor was extremely pleased with the work accomplished. The work included fabricating a battery bracket, safety wiring, cable tensioning, riveting, and rudder removal and re-installation to allow a tailpiece to be put in place. (Ray Clausen: CAF Lead Mechanic and SPC Graduate)

17 SEG Students in Action on a T-6 Aircraft The students worked extremely hard as usual and completed all the tasks assigned on the P-63. They then started the installation of a STC tail wheel steering system on a T-6. That will be a great entry on a resume'! (Ray Clausen: CAF Lead Mechanic and SPC Graduate).

18 SkillsUSA Computer Maintenance Technology Robert Fransman

19 Project Goals and Descriptions. Computer Maintenance Technology: ·In this program, students participate in SkillsUSA ·an organization that creates a partnership of students, teachers and industry ·to help students excel in the workforce ·Students build a community of learners ·help each other prepare for competitions and industry certifications ·they engage in campus and community activities ·Kelly Elementary at the Center of Excellence

20 Kelly Elementary at CoE

21 Student Testimonials · What do the EIT SEG students have to say? · “This has been an excellent opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone by being active in the community and the organization in the events and activities. It was because of SEG that could make it possible.” · “Awesome! I have learned a great deal from Mr. Fransman and this program. It has been very engaging and pleasantly challenging program.” · “It has been a wonderful program; enjoyed the challenges and great working environment not only has it been a great opportunity, it also has a rewarding future to come.”

22 Information Literacy Project, Kelli Wilder

23 About the Information Literacy Project. Students participate in an online course where they learn to: ·Discuss the nature, use, organization & societal context of information. ·Identify appropriate information tools for differing needs. ·Access relevant information. ·Evaluate the legitimacy, quality & usefulness of information sources. ·Organize, synthesize, &communicate information effectively. ·Use information & information technologies responsibly & ethically.

24 Different Slide (w/ Tips) ·Initial caps in this title · Incomplete sentences, no ending punctuation · But still formatted consistently · Same font size for both title (32) and body (20) · Title and body text boxes placed consistently · When in doubt · From Edit menu, Duplicate Slide · Replace existing copy

25 Student Feedback · “The course was great! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my abilities in finding usable material in half the time.” · “I thought this was an excellent way of introducing me to the world of electronic research. Should be a mandatory course.” · “Thank you for the opportunity to experience this information. It will help me in my years to come as a student and an adult.”

26 Mathematics Student Engagement Scholarship Renita D Mitchell

27 Project Goal and Brief Description Students receive a tuition & book (renewable) scholarship, interact with faculty in the Math dept. who serve as mentors, they volunteer in the community and learn indirect skills like how to be a good researcher, creating resumes, engaging professionals in their field of study, etc. ·1 st & 2 nd Semester ·Internship in MATHWORLD ·Community Service – Ex: Women Breaking Thru Conference ·3 rd & 4 th Semester ·Learn how to do Literature Review from Math & Statistics Journals ·Community Service – Tutoring in area Secondary Schools (of students choosing)

28 Student Testimonial ·The SEG scholarship has immensely helped me financially. Also, the scholarship has helped by having different workshops for us in the summer so that we will be fresh on our information coming into the fall. It has helped inspire some of my future goals and giving us a better understanding of the details of our career so that we will be properly equipped when we finish our degrees. ·Being part of the SEG Grant has opened so many doors for me in my education and life goals. The funds have allowed me to continue going to school and work towards my Associates. The Grant has also allowed me to give back to my community and tutor in the campus’s Math world, which for me has been a great experience

29 Web and Social Media Team

30 Goals and Description Goals of scholarship ·Promote St. Philip’s College events, programs and services through video and other forms of media. ·Use the Web and social media as vehicles to get our message across ·Develop Web and social media models that can be reused in the future. Description of scholarship Creative student with knowledge of the Web and social media works with the Web team to create multimedia projects that would serve as recruitment and retention tools we can use and promote primarily online.

31 Photos of the Action

32 Conclusion: Goodies from the Project Why Don’t You Come to SPC (The Anthem) Comments from Austin Wells a.k.a. Tyler Dibbz “I never thought that I'd get this much support with what I created...I think it's extremely cool because I'm always trying to be helpful and I want to reach out to the community. That's how I am. That's kind of what I want to do when I get older. To get people interested in education is pretty cool.”

33 Business Information Solutions Department—SEG Grant

34 SEG Hours Contributed VITA site hours are: Monday and Wednesday2 to 8 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday1 to 7 pm Saturday 9 am to 2 pm Hours contributed by SEG recipients: ·Angelica Courtney—296 Hours ·Abier M. Mohamed—227 Hours ·Kissie Babe Trejo—283 Hours TOTAL HOURS: 806

35 SEG Purpose and Description ·Assist at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service. ·VITA Program offers free tax help to low-to moderate- income people earning $49,000 and below. ·SEG recipients begin work months before the official opening of the site. ·Shred outdated VITA site tax returns ·Prepare materials for current tax year ·Attend VITA training ·Obtain official certification as a tax preparer ·Prepare taxes for those who qualify

36 Student Testimonials “Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I have learned so much from this experience, that I now want to work on a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.” Every day that I volunteer, I learn something new. It’s been a great experience. I’m so glad I’m doing this.” “I am enjoying this experience so much, that I definitely want to stay involved and come back to volunteer at the VITA site even after I graduate.”

37 Conclusion The VITA Program at St. Philip’s College is 20 years strong. During its first year, the St. Philip’s College VITA Program filed 200 returns. As of April 4, 2011, the site has e-filed 2, 241 returns for the 2010 tax season. The site will serve approximately 500 more clients this year due to the additional help from the three SEG recipients.

38 Thanks.

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