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Collaborate, Innovate, Make a Difference Cubic’s STEM Program.

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1 Collaborate, Innovate, Make a Difference Cubic’s STEM Program

2 To establish a STEM program within Cubic Corporation that will create partnerships to benefit the company, students, and the community. Our Objective Our Students Cubic hires students for flexible, part-time, paid positions Cubic places students where they can apply their skillsets A professional person is assigned as a Mentor each student Training is provided to the students as part of their internship Cubic provides performance feedback and student evaluations

3 What Can STEM Students do at Cubic? Game Testing – Looking for bugs Image Tagging – Describing the image to make searching easier for the Artists Space content Package – Updating the database with P4 links Encoded Procedures – Editing code and filling in missing component names UV-Mapping –Flattening/turning 3D objects to 2D objects to prepare for color Component Identification – Assisting Artists with component Identification Administrative - Assisting all departments with daily tasks Point Cloud – Merging of multiple 3D scans into one unified image Our students are valuable members of the Cubic team

4 Internship Training Series History and background of Modeling and Simulation About Cubic: products, services and careers Introduction to personal and workplace security Introduction to Systems Engineering Working in project teams Gaming, Animation and Simulation Developing professional work habits and skills Developing communication and presentation skills Writing technical reports and proposals Interviewing and resume writing Education opportunities in Central Florida Preparing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to meet education and career goals Encouraging innovation and protecting Intellectual Property (IP)

5 STEM Community Partnerships Crooms AOIT Lake Howell Edgewater Oviedo Cubic was honored to be chosen “Business Partner of the Year” by Crooms AOIT! We Currently employ 20 STEM students at Cubic in Orlando from local High Schools including: Oakridge University Apopka Winter Springs Other STEM Partners include:

6 Innovative Work Environment Collaboration Spaces, both formal and informal Formal Spaces have closed doors for privacy Larger rooms can be reconfigured quickly with mobile tables. Whiteboard “walls” Informal Spaces are open area spaces Soft Seating. Large Flatscreens In the Social Lounge Free snacks, drinks, coffee, tea and more. Enjoy! Flat Screen TV’s Bar-type seating Console Video Games – Play. Learn. Pool Tables, Table Tennis, Darts, and more Coffee Table Lounge Areas Encouraging Informal Discussions and Collaborations

7 The CALS Technology Center Culture Respect. Contribute. Learn. Respect. Each CALS team member is part of a highly selective team We have the best in industry. We will connect to succeed. Engage in an activity. Encourage creative responses. Share. Contribute. Learn by doing. Use this fertile space to grow ideas and create projects. Nurture the team through community. Challenge: Blur the lines that separate & different kinds of contributors. Learn. Turn walls into chalkboards, share information. Connect. Plan. Create. Improve. Teamwork All teams will create clear objectives. Define what must happen for successes. Decide what is possible even with limited time and resources. Understand who is making decisions. Plan how the process will unfold.

8 What’s Next for FY15? Incorporate Individual Development Plans (IDP) into the STEM Internship Program. Students will learn about IDP’s and receive a personalized plan outlining expectations and goals Cubic will host students from Crooms (10/16) and Osceola County Public Schools (TBD) for two separate Job Shadow Field trip days Cubic will give local students product demos at I/ITSEC on Student Day (12/4) Cubic will be a sponsor and host a workshop for students at Crooms Tech Fest event (3/12) Bring your child to work STEM event (April) Cubic employees will take advantage of opportunities to visit local schools to deliver workshops

9 For More Information on our program or to find out how you can get involved: Kelli J. Plumley, PHR Sr. Human Resources Manager Phone: (407) 859-7410

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