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BASF Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik “Helping Make Products Better”

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1 BASF Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik “Helping Make Products Better”
Luke Dhuyvetter Lee Dunford Kelli Moe

2 Introduction Introduction- Kelli History- Luke SWOT Analysis-Luke
Industry Analysis- Lee Competitor Analysis-Lee Future Outlooks- Kelli Recommendations- Kelli

3 History 1865 - 1901: Founding of BASF - the age of dyes
: The age of fertilizers   : New high-pressure syntheses   : Reconstruction and new beginning   : The beginning of the plastics age   : From Ludwigshafen to the world  

4 SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Good Reputation
Has a positive public appearance. Variety of different products Weaknesses Hitler made the company help his armies out which is a reason some people might not want to use BASF’s products. Lots of competition

5 SWOT Analysis Opportunities Threats The advancement of technology
Possibility of cheaper transportation Threats High cost of shipping goods More strict emissions laws

6 Industry Profile Chemicals Plastics Performance Products
Agricultural Products Oil & Gas

7 Chemicals Produces chemicals Construction Automotive Electrical
Electronics Health & Nutrition

8 Chemicals Produces a carbonyl iron powder that is used in electric motors Chemicals for the lumber industry Sells laminated flooring Production Sites Germany, Belgium, Louisiana, Texas, & China

9 Plastics Worlds Leading Plastic Producer
50 years ago selling 3 Million To now selling 150 Million metric tons a year Sales for million in euros

10 Performance Products Coating & Polymers
Sells a chemical for waterproofing Produces a chemical for clear coating and under coating cars

11 Agricultural Products
Sells to 60 different countries Sells spray for over 150 different crops Specializes in fruits and vegetables Sells over 1000 different products Markets 13 natural occurring vitamins

12 Gas & Oil Has oil reserves in Libya & Germany
Has 14 different wells in Libya alone

13 Competitors Bayer AG Dow Chemical Company Total SA.

14 Future Outlooks June 2006 BASF received the Federation of German Industry (BDI) Award for the Environment

15 Future Outlooks Jan 2007 #1 position in manager magazine's Good Company Ranking

16 Other Awards April 2005- Awarded the Environmental Reporting Award
June Honored with the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for UV-curable primer September Received Best Corporate Reporting of the year September Received Award for family-friendly policy in Germany December Received Best Corporate Citizenship Award in China April 2006-Nominated for EU Commission’s Environmental Award

17 Recommendations Earn a premium on their cost of capital
Help their customers to be more successful Form the best team Ensure sustainable development

18 Any Questions?

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