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Announcing the CDPH Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch Connector Team.

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1 Announcing the CDPH Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch Connector Team

2 The California Department of Public Health, *Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch has a new team! We are pleased to introduce new staff and provide a snapshot of what this team will be doing. *Recently renamed from Cancer Control Branch, pending HR approval

3 Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch The Branch mission is to make healthy eating and regular physical activity the norm in California. The Branch includes: The Connector Team The Network for a Healthy California The Agron Group, including CA Project LEAN

4 Coordinating Office for Obesity Prevention (CO-OP) A CDPH policy office reporting to the chief deputy director of policies and programs Coordinates obesity-related policies and activities across all CDPH Centers, Divisions, Branches, and Programs, including: –Center for Family Health –Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Division –WIC –Center for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion –Environmental and Occupational Disease Control Division –Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch –Center for Environmental Health

5 CO-OP Specific Aims Identify emerging trends Broker new ideas Develop strategic partnerships Spearhead special initiatives Leverage current resources to attract new investments and resources Maximize outcomes

6 What is a Connector Team? In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, “Connectors” are the people who "link us up with the world... people with a special gift for bringing the world together." A branch-level extension of the Coordinating Office for Obesity Prevention to link departmental “grass- roots” to “tree-tops”.

7 What is the PA-N Branch Connector Team? The “bricks” to build on existing CDPH nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention efforts The “mortar” to link the silo-funded programs The “foundation” to implement the California Obesity Prevention Plan

8 Connections Directed by Neal Kohatsu, MD, Chief of the newly formed Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch Guided by key directorate-level collaborative relationships: –Coordinating Office for Obesity Prevention –Health Information and Strategic Planning –Center for Family Health

9 Funding Five-year Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Funding Amount: $730,398 per yr/5 yrs. Term of Agreement: 06/30/08 to 06/29/13

10 Goals –Prevent and control obesity guided by the California Obesity Prevention Plan –Reduce the adverse impact of obesity- related chronic conditions and diseases –Decrease obesity-related health inequities

11 Who is the Connector Team? The “Connector Team” consists of 4 State employees: Laurie Pennings, MS, RD, IBCLC – Team Coordinator Erin Abramsohn, MPH – Evaluator Kelli Berliner – Strategic Planning Coordinator Kimberly Hall – Office Technician Top row: Kimberly Hall, Erin Abramsohn Bottom row: Laurie Pennings, Kelli Berliner

12 Connector Team Bios Laurie Pennings, MS, RD, IBCLC, Team Coordinator –13 years of experience at WIC –Previously the California WIC Breastfeeding (BF) Coordinator –Developed the CA BF Peer Counselor Program and training manual –Planned/facilitated the CA BF Promotion Advisory Committee meetings –Developed the CA DHS’ Strategic Plan for Breastfeeding Promotion –Extensive experience with breastfeeding policy development –15 years teaching healthy lifestyle (nutrition/physical activity) classes –BS and MS degree in Nutritional Science –Board Certified Lactation Consultant Erin M. Abramsohn, MPH, Evaluator –Research and evaluation –Contract management –Scientific writing and editing –Epidemiology, study design –Data collection, analysis and reporting –Experience developing quantitative and qualitative surveys –Public health policy and policy evaluation

13 Connector Team Bios Kelli Berliner, Strategic Planning Coordinator –Experience in strategic planning for local program interventions –Capacity building, policy development, and health disparities expertise –Project and contract management experience –Workgroup facilitation –Training and technical assistance –Website design and educational materials development –14 years of progressive experience at the California Tobacco Control Program –BS degree in Health Education from the University of Nevada, Reno Kimberly Hall, Office Technician −Experience in analysis of financial statements −Research and data comparison experience −Administrative support −Holds a Real Estate License for Business Consulting −BS degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University

14 Find the Connector Team… Coordinating Office for Obesity Prevention (CO-OP) “Connector Team” Health Information and Strategic Planning Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Center for Family Health WICMCAH *Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch Chronic Disease Control Branch Epidemiology & Prevention for Injury Control Branch Cancer Surveillance and Research Branch *Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch Sections & Programs *Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch Staff CDPH Director’s Office, Chief Deputy Director of Policy and Programs, Bonnie Sorensen, MD, MBA * Pending HR approval

15 1 st year goals Coordinate the development of an “enhanced” version of the California Obesity Prevention Plan: –Develop Partnership Committees –Gather stakeholder input –Draft objectives due July 1 –Final plan due December 1

16 1 st year goals Strengthen cross-cutting environmental change efforts by partnering across multiple sectors. Conduct inventory of current California efforts. Identify evidence-based research & literature. Identify training & resource needs. Design and develop a multi-sector (private and public) place-based implementation plan. Develop an overall evaluation plan.

17 Critical 1 st Year Goal Develop and disseminate an “enhanced” version of the California Obesity Prevention Plan Why? CDC requires the plan to address 6 target areas CDC requires plan components be aligned with the CDC State Plan Index – a scoring tool that measures 60 required elements of the plan CDC requires a focus on policy and environmental change

18 6 CDC-Mandated Target Areas 1.Increase Physical Activity 2.Increase Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables 3.Decrease Consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages 4.Increase Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration, and Exclusivity 5.Reduce the Consumption of High-Energy- Dense Foods 6.Decrease Television Viewing

19 For more information: We hope this introduction has helped you understand more about the team. Please feel free to contact us! Visit us at http://cdphinternet/programs/Pages/CPANOP.aspx http://cdphinternet/programs/Pages/CPANOP.aspx for additional information. Laurie Pennings Team Coordinator 445-9025 Erin Abramsohn Evaluator 445-9030 Kelli Berliner Strategic Planning Coordinator 445-9029 Kimberly Hall Office Technician 445-9031

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