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The Roaring 20’s.

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1 The Roaring 20’s

2 Transportation Henry Ford-mass production
Model T: 1908: $850, Detroit location, 1927: $290 (56% own one) Gas stations-Standard Oil Hwy system Airplane-new way to travel across the U.S. or between continents Transportation


4 Consumer Culture Advertisements, magazines (Life), news, ads
Buying on credit Electric washers, vacuum cleaners, irons, radio, refrigerator sales, dishwashers Consumer Culture


6 Education 3 R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic
Sigmund Freud-Austrian psychologist; much of human behavior is driven NOT by natural thought but by unconscious desires Education

7 Religion Religious fundamentalism-emphasizing Protestant teachings
Scopes-Monkey Trial (1925)-TN law making it illegal to teach Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; Scopes taught it and was arrested, found guilty Religion

8 Other Social Issues Red Scare-fear of communism (Bolshevik Revolution)
Quota systems-limiting immigration from specific countries (Emergency Quota Act-favored northern European immigration) Sacco and Vanzetti Trial (1927)-immigrants, accused of robbery and murder, evidence was sparse, they were convicted and executed (1977-MA. Gov. declared they were unfairly tried and convicted, but case is still officially open, Sacco-guilty? Vanz.-innoc.?) KKK rises again Other Social Issues

9 Other Social Issues Prohibition-18th amendment (1919)
Al Capone-Chicago gang leader Bootleggers Speakeasies-secret drinking establishments Women-challenging political, economic, social and educational boundaries Right to vote-19th amendment (1920) Other Social Issues

10 Jim Crow Marcus Garvey-”Back to Africa” movement Other Social Issues

11 Flappers-shorter hemlines, more makeup, danced, assumed she had the same political and social rights as men Dance-”The Charleston” Charlie Chaplin-silent film star Disney-Steamboat Willie (1928) The Jazz Singer (1927)-Al Jolson-first movie with sound Phonograph and radio Radio station-KDKA (1920) Social Life

12 Sports/Entertainment
1927-Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey boxing match Babe Ruth-Sultan of Swat and Ty Cobb-“Georgia Peach”-baseball Bobby Jones-golf Charles Lindbergh-daredevil-Spirit of St. Louis flight across the Atlantic Sports/Entertainment

13 Jazz age, blues Louis Armstrong-trumpeter and singer from New Orleans-jazz Duke Ellington-composer and pianist Tin Pan Alley-NY (area of musicians, songwriters, etc.) Irving Berlin-Tin Pan Alley-a composer (musicals, show tunes), Jewish “White Christmas” “God Bless America” Music

14 Lost Generation-no longer had faith in the cultural guideposts of the Victorian Era
F. Scott Fitzgerald-”The Great Gatsby” Hemingway-”Farewell to Arms” William Faulkner-”The Sound and the Fury” Harlem Renaissance-explored black America ( ), began in Harlem, NY; painters, dancers, musicians, writers Literary voice-Langston Hughes Zora Hurston-”Their eyes were watching God” Literature

15 The 1930s

16 Movies/film The Wizard of Oz-1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs-1937 King Kong-1933 Gone with the Wind-1939 Film corporations-MGM, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount 2/3 attended a movie once a week Movies/film


18 T.V. Bob Hope Shirley Temple 3 Stooges The Lone Ranger-1933
War of the Worlds-1938 (starts with radio) T.V.

19 Radio NBC & CBS-Broadcasting giants Fred Astaire-swing
Bing Crosby-singer/actor Duke Ellington-”It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing” 2/3 homes owned a radio; by the end of the decade, 9/10 homes own one Radio

20 Grapes of Wrath Literature

21 Comic strips-Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, Superman, Little Orphan Annie, Popeye (1929)

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