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Indigenous weapons and tools

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1 Indigenous weapons and tools
By:Febin , Zayne, Joshua

2 Clubs made of mulga wood.
Mulga Wood is from a type of tree that is found in this parts of Australia. Mulga wood is found in south western queen land

3 Shields Shields are usually made from the bloodwood of Mulga trees. Aboriginal men using very basic tools make these. They are designed to be mainly used in battle.

4 bow The bow and arrow was assumed to be more efficient than the spear for hunting and fighting.

5 spear Spears are made for killing big animals like kangaroo and they need to be made from strong hard wood. Spear can cut the skin of a fast moving animal. Most of the time the spear head was made from stone that was sharpened so it was able to tear through the skin of the animal.

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