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19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Riitta Smeds Professor, Information networks Director, SimLab Helsinki University of Technology Helmi Holistic Development.

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1 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Riitta Smeds Professor, Information networks Director, SimLab Helsinki University of Technology Helmi Holistic Development of e-Learning and Business Models Holistinen verkko-opetuksen ja liiketoimintamallien kehittäminen

2 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT SimLab™ today Accelerator of business process innovation at HUT, Information Networks SimLab™ Multidisciplinary Research Unit Research projects and teaching in innovation and learning Knowledge intensive business processes Inter-company processes, e-Business, e-Learning Virtual learning space and methods of SimLab™ SimLab™ Business Process Fitness Centre Company projects for business process development and training

3 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Helmi objectives Research and develop innovations in processes and business models of Finnish networks of e-Learning, including also the educational system in which they are embedded. Practical objective: develop good practices and ideas for innovations for customer-driven e-Learning processes and business models Scientific objective: develop and accumulate new scientific knowledge about collaborative innovation and learning in the emerging e-Learning business network

4 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Consortium Partners in the Helmi project The City of Espoo WSOY Radiolinja Helsinki University of Technology Laurea Polytechnic Funding from Academy of Finland, Life as Learning Programme TEKES, USIX Programme Schedule (2001-) 2002 - 2005

5 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Research method and approach Participative SimLab™ business process simulations as a development intervention for selected e-Learning projects their value chains and business models Constructive research approach Action research in the case projects Comparative case research Longitudinal follow-up studies Multidisciplinary research: Business process networks, Management science and Computer science, Education, Social Psychology

6 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT SimLab™ Business Process Simulations

7 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT The SimLab™ Business Process Simulation Analysis and mapping of the process Structured and directed process discussion with case project examples Visualization Participation: whole personnel involved From tacit to explicit knowledge Knowledge sharing and creation

8 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Simulation set 4 Teaching the course developers SimLab in the Helmi project: co-learning through simulation Helmi research, basic research part case project analyses, intervention through simulations, comparative case studies, longitudinal research. Multidisciplinary team -pedagogical sciences, social psychology -management science, information networks -computer science Scientific deliverables -scientific articles, theses 1. year Level of joint knowledge in development of Network Enabled Teaching output/ input Simulation set Course projects business models Simulation set Course projects, business models Simulation set Piloting a new course and business model Continuous improvement Helmi research, applied part Case project members course developers, teachers, students support people administration,... Partners eWSOY Radiolinja, Elisa Espoo Laurea Polytechnic HUT Practical results Guidelines for educational institutions Training of course developers Business models and innovations in the e-Learning value chain New pilot course 2. year3. year New process models and business models for eLearning output/ input

9 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Helmi cases until November 2002 Case Organi- zation Secondary school Upper secondary school Espoo Institute of Business Laurea Poly- technic eWSOY Radiolinja, Elisa Producer of study module Single teacher Group of teachers Publisher& teachers Inter- company partnering e-Learning launch strategy Pioneer teacher Train the whole staff Train the spear- head teachers Turn key delivery to schools Available when needed Case course Disse- minable material package Multi- school course for talented students Flexible study environ- ment for evening classes Arena for joint projects Repetition course bridging school levels Mixed mode, manage- ment and supplier training

10 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Research topics explored in the comparative Helmi-cases … User-centered collaborative product development of e-Learning products within public-private networks Multi-level customer relationships in e-Learning service provisioning for public and private organizations Development towards an e-Learning culture in educational institutions what concepts can be used to describe an e- Learning culture? what are the effects of process simulations on the development of e-learning practices and strategy?

11 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Research topics, cont’d Which elements describe the work of the teacher in web-based teaching? What are the existing roles of the teachers in e- Learning, and what new role expectations do the teachers confront? How do the structures and processes in the school support the development in teachers’ work? How do web-course development projects affect the culture of the work community? the pedagogical thinking of the teachers?

12 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT First shared observations … e-Learning is the first ICT application to cut through the whole educational organization Collaborative creation and implementation of e-Learning strategy and process Teachership is central, teacher roles evolve; e-Learning is just a tool Anchoring e-Learning culture is a slow process

13 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Scientific objectives 4 Doctoral Thesis manuscripts 4 Licentiate’s Thesis manuscripts 10 journal articles 24 conference articles

14 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Practical objectives Generic Guide of best practices of web-based teaching Training for developers and teachers of web-based courses Partner specific Focused simulations for innovations in e-Learning processes, strategies and business models, together with customers and partners Simulation and prototyping support for the development of a pilot course

15 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT Practical & scientific results contribute to: Dissemination of results into the whole educational system to support the implementation of e-Learning Public-private partnerships simulated and developed through the Helmi case projects public seminars based on research results articles for the wider audience Development of the SimLab unit and its methods New application area: networked service provisioning processes and business models in digital economy Further development and testing of the collaborative SimLab virtual innovation environment and methods

16 19.11.2002Riitta Smeds | SimLab™ | HUT SimLab on the Web

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