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Facundo Pereyra & Lucas Herrera

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1 Facundo Pereyra & Lucas Herrera

2 Information The Arctic people are closely connected to nature. Their tradition believes that every being has a spirit and must be treated with respect. Umiaks Umiaks were large open boats. Kayaks The kayak was a light canoe. It was made by stretching skins over a wooden framework. Harpoons The Inuit used several kinds of harpoons and spears. Large harpoons were used to hunt the walrus. Smaller spears were used for hunting small animals and birds. Wooden spear throwers were used to increase the spear's power. All spear throwers were individually made for the hunter. The length of the thrower was equal to the distance between the hunters forefinger and his elbow. This have the hunter and extra arm joint.

3 The Inuits

4 Food The Inuit people hunt for their food.  They eat primarily fish, sea mammals and a few land mammals. They hunt seals, especially, the ring seal. Inuit know a great deal about how seals live.  They also know about ice that covers the sea in the winter.  They know where to go on that ice to find the seals. In the spring and summer, seals are hunted from boats called kayaks .In the kayak, it holds only one hunter.  It  is covered all over with sealskin or caribou skin. The hunter sits in it, dressed in tight-fitting waterproof clothing made from seal or walrus intestine. The kayak moves silently through the water.  The hunter can get very close to seals without being heard. Food kayak

5 Clothes Clothing consisted of coat, trousers, stockings, shoes or boots.  In very cold weather two of each garment were worn.  The inner one had the fur against the skin, the outer one had the fur outside. 

6 Houses The word igloo actually means any type of house, not just a snow house. The snow-block house that we usually think of when we hear igloo was not used by all Inuits.  There were no snow-block houses in Alaska.  The Alaskan Inuits lived cabins made from driftwood and covered with soil. Igloo house woodhouse

7 Inuit Video

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