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The Goddess Athena or Minerva By Reeves Oyster

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1 The Goddess Athena or Minerva By Reeves Oyster

2 Athens Spheres of Influence
Athena or Minerva, is the goddess of wisdom, warfare strategies, divine intelligence, and crafts. Athena is also the patron goddess of Athens. Athens

3 Relation to other Deities
Zeus Hera Metis Athena Aphrodite Hephaestus Athena never had any children, and her mother and father are Zeus and Metis. However, Zeus, even though he was married to Hera, mated with many other goddesses. Because of this, Athena has many half brothers and sisters, cousins, and many other family members. Shown above is the relationship with Aphrodite and Hephaestus, Athena’s half brothers and sisters. Metis, is the Goddess of deep thought and intelligence.

4 Emblems and Symbols Athena/Minerva’s symbols were owls, olive trees, armor, helmets, and spears. -322AX39ZjDDw&zoom=1&I =258&tx=180&ty=108&sig=11 =safari&sa=X&rls=en&biw= =1&hl=en&safe=off&client 1280&bih=596&tbm=isch& tbnid=oaAIXk-aN03QKM:& docid=_1oKJ0RloNsQwM& k-Spear-head-and-but.jpg&w =800&h=600&ei=NojJTqT7B act=hc&vpx=504&vpy=181& ge=1&tbnh=110&tbnw=143 mgres?q=greek+spear&um imgrefurl=http://www.pref xes_maces_polearms.php& imgurl=http://www.preferr dur=647&hovh=193&hovw &pa &start=0&ndsp=26&ved=1t ns/large/polearms/3b-Gree :429,r:3,s:0 &h=400&ei=cIfJTuSuFqSW2 age=1&tbnh=111&tbnw=105 imgres?q=olive+trees&um =1&hl=en&safe=off&client &bih=596&tbm=isch&tbnid =2tKDEQyLt3fjPM:&imgre =safari&rls=en&biw=1280 com/od/jerusalem/ss/oldcit y_9.htm&docid=01dWUSC eTxLriM&imgurl=http://z.a AXo5fXGDw&zoom=1&iac t=hc&vpx=160&vpy=158&d ur=834&hovh=225&hovw= 225&tx=129&ty=130&sig=1 &p &start=0&ndsp=22&ved=1t furl=http://judaism.about. /7/jerold_olive.jpg&w=400 :429,r:0,s:0 hl=en&safe=off&client=safari&sa=N&rls=en&bi w=1280&bih=596&tbm=isch&tbnid=RaobG-eIL BOUKM:&imgrefurl=http://getintobirds.audubon. org/awesome-owls&docid=hfZwivMRr0WoKM& imgurl= ault/files/photos/wildlife_barn_owl.jpg&w=683& h=1024&ei=wYbJTrSSAee0sQLZyJA7&zoom=1 &iact=hc&vpx=348&vpy=133&dur=794&hovh=2 75&hovw=183&tx=101&ty=167&sig= &page=1&tbnh=111&tbnw=73& start=0&ndsp=25&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0

5 Deity in Ancient Times Athena or Minerva with a shield and spear painted on an ancient pot. This pot was estimated to be painted in the year c. 490 B.C.E..

6 Deity In Much Later Period
This is a Renaissance painting by Botticelli, the photograph shoes Athena vanquishing a centaur.

7 Deity Now A statue of Athena in Athens. This statue remains still in modern days, showing Athena ready for battle.

8 Athena’s Story Athena was born out of Zeus’ head when he swallowed Metis. Arachne was one of Athena’s pupils Arachne was a beautiful weaver, and challenged Athena to a weaving contest Athena and Arachne competed, but in Arachne’s tapestry she made fun of all of Zeus’s wives. Athena turned Arachne into a spider, so came arachnophobia

9 Bibliography

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