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DONATELLO AND VERROCCHIO By: Chris Lukose Jamie Mathew.

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1 DONATELLO AND VERROCCHIO By: Chris Lukose Jamie Mathew

2 DONATO DE BETTO DI BARDI (1386-1466) Donatello was born in 1386 in Florence. After years of creating buildings, Donatello started to focus on the art of sculpting and painting. After years of practicing sculpting, he started to be asked by people all over Europe to travel to their city to build sculptures for them. He never married and did not have children. Instead focused on his works of art and sculpting. Worked as Goldsmith After a long life of sculpting, Donatello died at the age of 80 in 1466.

3 STATUE OF ST. MARK (1411-1413) Made in: Rome Is now located: Orsanmichele Church Museum Donatello was 25 years old when he made “St. Mark”

4 STATUE OF DAVID (1425-1430) 158 cm tall and made of Bronze The crown of leaves on his head symbolizes classic Roman heroes Made in: Rome Is now located: Museo Nazionale de Bargell, Florence Donatello was 39 years old when he made “David”

5 STATUE OF MADONNA AND CHILD (1448) Made in: Padue Is now located: Padue (Basilica of St. Anthony Church) Dantello was 62 years old when he made “Madonna and Child”

6 PERSPECTIVE Used perspective with architecture in works Arches in “Feast of Herod” give depth to the relief sculpture

7 CONTRAPASTO Spear BearerSt. Mark Contrapasto is a term that means to give a sculpture the look that it is about to take a step Statue of St. Mark uses Contrapasto Contrapasto in St. Mark inspired by the ancient Greek statue “Spear Bearer”

8 SIGNIFICANCE One of the most famous artist of the early Renaissance Donatello was a pioneer in using architecture as perspective Brought back contrapasto as a technique


10 Verrocchio was born in Florence in or about 1435. His father was Michele di Francesco Cioni, who worked as a tile and brick maker and, later, as a tax collector. Verrocchio never married, and had to provide financial support for some members of his family. He was at first apprenticed to a goldsmith. It has been suggested that he was later apprenticed to Donatello, but there is no evidence of this and Pope-Hennessy considered that it is contradicted by the style of his early works. HISTORY

11 Donatello, Gilded Bronze St. Louis of Tolouse, c1418-22 VERROCCHIO, Andrea del Christ and Doubting Thomas c1476-83 COMPARISON

12 COMPARISON CONTINUED Donatello Verrocchio

13 THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST (1472-1475)


15 JOHN THE BAPTIST (1472-1475)


17 END

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