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The Gods and Goddesses of Greece

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1 The Gods and Goddesses of Greece
Become an expert on the god or goddess that interests you most!

2 Objectives: 1. Conduct research to learn about a Greek god or goddess
2. Create a well-organized PowerPoint to display the information about your god or goddess 3. Teach your classmates about your god or goddess through an engaging and creative 1-minute presentation

3 Ares God of War Student Sample
Appearance: a bearded, good-looking warrior dressed for battle Symbols/Attributes: a.) the spear b.) also associated with dogs and vultures Strengths: Decisive, determined, fearless Weaknesses: impulsive, bloodthirsty, wants to fight regardless of the consequences Parents: a.) son of Zeus and Hera b.) his parents don’t like him Spouse: Never married but had many affairs, especially with Aphrodite Children: a.) Diomedes b.) Cycnus c.) Oenomaus Did you know? Ares was usually more focused on the combat and bloodshed of a conflict rather than who was right and who was wrong.

4 Athena The Goddess of Wisdom war, weaving, and pottery
Student Sample Athena The Goddess of Wisdom war, weaving, and pottery Appearance: a young woman wearing a helmet and holding a shield with the head of Medusa on it and a spear Symbols/Attributes: a.) Owls (watchfulness & wisdom) b.) Shield c.) Allowed to use Zeus’s thunderbolt and other weapons Strengths: Rational, intelligent, a powerful defender in war but also a peacemaker Weaknesses: Is not emotional or compassionate Parents: born from the forehead of her father Zeus in full battle armor Spouse: None Children: None Fun Fact: She taught women how to spin and embroider. When one of the women, Arachne bragged that she was better at spinning than Athena, she was turned into a spider.

5 Research the following information about your god/goddess:
Appearance Symbols/attributes Strengths Weaknesses Parents Spouse Children 1-2 Fun Facts

6 What are some ways to create engaging presentations?

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