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The Extreme SPORTS OF THE IROQUOIS BY : Kyle, Kelly and Michael.

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1 The Extreme SPORTS OF THE IROQUOIS BY : Kyle, Kelly and Michael

2 ALL ABOUT THE Iroquois SPORTS Hello fellow readers. In this power point you are going to learn what the Iroquois played. They played many unusual games. So the games and sports they played are different than what we play today. They played most of these sports for training and survival. Warning!!! Students please don’t try this at home!!!

3 VOCABULARY GRID Hickory stick It is made out of wood and hickory Javelin A type of spear. Peach stone. This is a game they play every summer. Snow track. It is a long track made of snow in the winter Corn. This is one of the three sisters of their crops. Competiti on. They would play many games for competiti on.

4 More vocabulary lacrosse. This is a sport they play all summer Hoops and darts Is a sport they loved to play Spear. This is a long sharp stick used for hunting.

5 Summer sports One summer sport is lacrosse. The Iroquois liked to play lacrosse because it was a competition. They called lacrosse the ball game back in the day. The materials are: a bat, a ball and a net. Another sport was peach stone they really liked to play in the summer time. They played to train The materials they needed were: a bowl, peach stones and people.

6 More summer sports! They had another summer sport. It was called hoop and darts. These are the materials: a wooden target, a spear, a wide open space, and people. They made the target with a thin wood snake like javelin. They made the target with a thin wood snake like javelin.

7 Winter sports Snow snake was a fun game they played outside in the winter. These are the materials they needed: five to nine foot long hickory stick, and a track made out of snow. They played snow snake by throwing the hickory stick through the track. Whoever threw stick the longest won the game.

8 12 word summary The Iroquois played most of their sports for training an survival skills.

9 2 cents Kyle-I think some of the games are similar to the games we play today like darts and they play hoop and darts. Michael-I think they had different sports like lacrosse is a major competition, and most of the other games were mostly for training. Kelly- Over doing this power point I found out many different things about there sports and our sports.

10 Questions for the audience. What was the Iroquois's most popular sport? How did the Iroquois come up with the sports they played? What is a javelin? What is a snow track and, what do they use it? Did you like our power point? why or why not?

11 Fun facts The Iroquois loved to shout and and scream for who they wanted to win. They played at least one sport a season. They played in the winter, summer, fall and spring.

12 Sport art!!!!!


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