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Ásgeir, Áki, Darri, Jóhann, Boris, Janne and Michiel.

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1 Ásgeir, Áki, Darri, Jóhann, Boris, Janne and Michiel


3 (63 names)

4  Janne: Comes from johanna = God is gracious Tom: Comes from thomas (apostel) = twinbrother Michiel Comes from michel = Who is like God

5  An  English Comes from anna = The gracious  Laurence  French Comes from Laurentius = Laurel  Ronny  English Comes from Ronald = Ruler

6 Arnór : Arn -> Eagle, ór -> Þór from Nordic mytholigy Birna : Female bear Darri : Spear Fannar : Snow Hafsteinn : Seastone

7 Agnar : Soldier, spear Ása : Godess from the nordic mythology Ásgeir : Spear of the gods from the nordic mythology Halldór : Stone, ór -> the god Thor Hjalti : Hilt of a sword

8 Daniel : Biblical name: God is my judge Jóhann Biblical name: God is Gracious Hanna Biblical name: Grace of god

9 Gísli Meaning: Hostage Origin: Germanic Aron: Meaning: From hebrew har'on -> the strong one Origin: Egyptian/Hebrew Camilla Meaning: "The helper to the priest" Origin: Latin Radoslaw Meaning: happy glory Origin: slavic

10 Belgian name Icelandic names PieterPétur IlseElsa FilipFilipus ElisabethElísabet JohanJóhann SophieSoffía ThomasTómas HeleenHelen CharlotteKarlotta PatrickPatrekur

11 Flanders: Louis and Marie Iceland: Jón and Guðrún

12 Most names are different Some of the names are to be found both in Icelandic and Dutch but with different pronounciation or writing Most of the common names are international and have a biblical origin

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