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Body system 1. Body wall 2. Digestive system 3. Reproductive system 4. Nervous system 5. Excretory system.

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2 Body system 1. Body wall 2. Digestive system 3. Reproductive system 4. Nervous system 5. Excretory system

3 Body Wall (3 parts) 1. Cuticle 2. Hypodermis 3. Somatic musculature

4 Cuticle 1.produced by hypodermis (non-cellular) 2. semipermeable membrane (depending on nature of environment) 3. exoskeleton ( 외골격 ) :covers entire body and openings(esophagus, vulva, anus, cloaca, excretory pore, sensory organ) 4. structure-3 layers cortical zone, median zone, basal zone 5. chemical compound: collagen(protein)


6 Hypodermis 1.Beneath the cuticle (syncytial or cellular) 2. Major food storage : Lipids(fat), glycogen(carbohydrate) Intense metabolic activity ; Nuclei, mitochondria, endoplasmic recticulum, body nerve 3. Two lateral chords, one ventral, and one dorsal chord 4. Impermeable

7 Somatic musculature 1. Beneath the hypodermis 2. Single layer of spindle-shaped cells 3. Nematode movement - series of undulation by coordinated patterns of muscle contraction and relaxation on opposite sides of body

8 Structure of body wall Cuticle Hypodermis Basement membrane Somatic musculature

9 Pseudocoel( 위체강 ) 1.Body cavity -not derived from mesoderm 2. Provide structural integrity of the body shape-Hydrostatic skeleton 3. Fluid- 장으로 부터의 영양물질을 body wall 또는 gonad 로의 이동, 흡 수를 용이하게 함. 4. Fluid is under pressure and aid nematode movement



12 Digestive system 1.An internal tube extending from oral opening to anus 2. Consist of oral opening, stoma, esophagus, esophagus-intestinal valve(cardiac), intestine, rectum or cloaca, anus 3. Three parts 1) Foregut-oral opening, stoma, esophagus, cardia 2) Midgut-intestine 3) Hindgut-rectum, cloaca, anus

13 Foregut 1. Oral opening (mouth) ; 몸통의 가장 앞쪽에 위치, stoma 로 연결 2. Stoma-size and shape ;cylindrical to oval, reduced or inconspicuous 3. Armature(sclerotized) : teeth, denticle, stylet -reflect methods of feeding

14 Stylet 1. Stomatostylet 1) origin-stoma 2) composed of sclerotized cuticle, lumen(>1um) 3) cone, shaft and stylet knobs 4) diversity in length of stylet and size of knob 5) example: Tylenchida 2. Odontostylet 1) origin-esophageal wall 2) an enlarged tooth with lumen(several um) 3) odontostyle, odontostyle extension, and flanges 4) shed with every molt 5) example: Dorylaimida

15 Stomatostylet and odontostylet Cone Odontostyle Odontostyle extension Flange

16 3. Toothlike odontostylet 1) A ventrally curved, elongated mural tooth 2) consist of solid outer spear and fine inner spear 3) occurred in Trichodorid nematode Odontostyle Odontostyle extention

17 Stomatostylet Odontostylet Tooth

18 Foregut(Esophagus) :portion of digestive system between stoma and intestine 1.Lumen-Triradiated muscle 2.Glands-one dorsal and two subventral 3.Four parts of esophagus 1) Corpus-procorpus and metacorpus 2) Isthmus-cylindrical and short 3) Basal bulb-3~5 glands 4) Cardiac:esophagus-intestinal valve 4. Used in systematics characteristics 5. Cardiac-prevents the intestinal contents from moving forward into the lumen of esophagus

19 A.Cylindrical B.Dorylaimoid C.Bulboid D.Rhabditoid E.Diplogasteroid F~H. Tylenchoid I. Aphelenchoid

20 Midgut(Intestine) 1.extending from the cardiac to the rectum – a tube like structure 2.absorbs nutrients, metabolizes them, stores food, and excretes wastes (combination of intestine and liver of mammals) 3. Intestinal cells contain stored food material such as glycogen, fatty acid and proteins ( During periods without food, nematode utilize stored food and the intestine becomes clear )

21 Hindgut 1.Rectum, or cloaca, and anus 2.Female, the rectum connected with anus and is lined with cuticle 3.Male, the reproductive and digestive systems are jointed posteriorly to form a cloaca and it is lined with cuticle


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