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Hi! We are back again with the first issue of the year! This month’s issue is about the environment, how to go green, honoring 9/11, and a whole lot of.

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2 Hi! We are back again with the first issue of the year! This month’s issue is about the environment, how to go green, honoring 9/11, and a whole lot of other awesome stuff! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!!! Page Guide Fun Page ~ 2 Letters to the Editor ~3 Articles & Interviews ~ 4-7 Fiction Stories~ 7-8 Laptops @ School The idea of using laptops at school is nothing new. Schools in Silicon Valley have been using laptops at school since the late 90’s. However, those schools have the money, time and resourses to buy and maintain laptop computers. But what stops us from bringing our own laptops to school? Nothing actually, but the idea that our computers would be stolen is enough to make most pepole leave theirs at home, but what if we had a place to put them? Like those lockers near the gym? I, personally think that if we convinced the pricipal to buy a lock and put it on one of the lockers, we could all bring our laptops to school and do things like take note in a more eco friendly way, and take tests and keep track of homework more easily. If you think we sould be able to bring our laptops to school and have a laptop storage place then send an email to or send a letter to the editor. By Patch Murphy

3 Going Green

4 Letters to the Editor Dear Pink Girl, Thank you for replying to the new Letters to the Editor page. I also thank you for the compliment. For everyone who doesn’t know, letters to the editor is a way you write about anything can talk to the editor of the paper. You can write about anything from comments It’s your choice!!! Simple, right? about our paper and school to something totally random. It’s your choice!!! To begin with, write or type a letter with a fake code name to replace your name. After that, take your letter to the office and hand it to Marie. Simple, right? When we get your letters, we’ll go through them and pick out 4 or 5 to go in the You will have a newspaper. Don’t worry if your letter isn’t in the paper that month. You will have a chanceIf you have anyquestions The Editor chance in any of the other papers we put out. If you have any questions, just ask any of our staff or just simply write a letter.Thank you. The Editor Lisa Ortega Lisa was born on July 5, in Warham, Massachusetts. Her favorite color is purple. The school that she went to was Hogan Senior High in Vallejo. The job she had before she came to Riverview was medical billing. She was also a stay at home mom. The job that she would like to have if she wasn’t a teacher would be to work with animals. The reason she became a teacher was so that she could help kids. The 3 places she has traveled to are Guam, Hawaii, and Tahiti. By Jennie Claudianos, Lacey DuBois, and Alyssa De La Rosa Mrs. Du Bois Mrs. Du Bois was born on April 13 in Sacramento, CA. She went to school at Isleton Elementary then Rio Vista High School. Before she was a teacher here at Riverview, Mrs. Du Bois worked in Stockton for 6 years as a preschool teacher, worked at the Pizza Factory, Fosters, and Rio Vista Florist. On October 18 th she will start her 18 th year here at Riverview. She said that if she didn’t work, she would be a stay-at- home mom. Her favorite color is blue, and if she could travel anywhere in the world it would be Europe or England. By: Alyssa DeLaRosa and Lacey DuBois Staff of the Month

5 Jennette McCurdy, age 18, is now starting her career as a popular country singer. Most of you know Jennette McCurdy from the hit Nickelodeon TV show, ” iCarly ”,playing as the rough- housing, tomboyish, funny Sam Pucket. And unlike most TV stars, singing things like Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rap, Jennette McCurdy has chosen to sing Country. Who would have known that Jennette has such an amazing range! If you have ever heard her first song, ” So Close ”, you know about her amazing voice range. Right now, Jennette has seven songs but only five are active. Her first two songs, “ So Close ” and “ Homeless Heart ”, where not as popular as her other five songs, “ Not That Far Away ”, “ Stronger ”, “ Break Your Heart ”, and “ Put Your Arms Around Someone ”. “ Homeless Heart ” was written for Jennette McCurdy ’ s best friend, Cody Waters, that died of Brain Cancer last year. She wanted it to be very popular, but sadly, it wasn ’ t. Jennette ’ s brand new music video of “ Not That Far Away ”, was shown on CMT and Nickelodeon on August 17,2010. Her new Album, “ The Story of My Life ”, will be realesed in September 2010 including all of her songs except for her first two. I would definitely recommend buying her album for anyone who likes Country music, or someone whose just looking for something new and uniqe. Jennette McCurdy Articles & Interviews BP Oil Spill By Lacey Du Bois On April 20, 2010, a fire folowing an explosion, erupted on an offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico called the Deepwater Horizon, which had just completed an exploratory well 52 miles from shore in 4,992 feet of water. The incident led to the death of eleven workers. The fire destroyed the rig, which sank on April 20, 2010. The sinking rig damaged the oil well, and the oil spill resulted from the failure of the blowout preventer, a safety device intended to stop the flow of oil. It has taken BP more than 2 months to clean up their mess. Many jobs have been lost, and many animals have lost their lives. Vampire’s Suck Movie Review By Justin Hagan What sucks more than vampires? Lame, lazy movie parodies. Everyone else will wanna drive a stake through their heart watching this stupid parody of “Twilight”—despite the short 80-minute running time. So any way it’s just a very stupid movie that nobody should see. 3 out of 54 people give “Vampires Suck” a good review.

6 Eco Phones Looking for a new cell phone? Here are some types of eco-friendly phones and ways you can save the environment after you’re done with them. If you look around, you can find a lot of green phones like the Samsung E200 Eco, Moto 233 Renew, and the LG Remarq. These phones are all made with eco-friendly materials, packaged in recyclable boxes and bio- plastic. The phones themselves even have green features, such as the Samsung’s alarm that tells you when recharging is finished so you’re not needlessly using electricity. If you already have a phone, how do you get rid of it when you already have a new one? Here’s how.Electronics that have been thrown away has become one of the most serious threats to our environment. When cell phones are simply chucked in the garbage, lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals leak from them into landfills, which can become really serious environmental and health hazards. To solve the problem, you can recycle phones through the maker of seller.If your cell phone seller doesn’t have a recycling program, the phone manufacturer probably does: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and T-Mobile all have cell phone recycling programs. Another thing you could do is give your phone to someone else. Make sure to mention cell phone recycling to the reciever so they can recycle it after use. Lastly, you could donate it to a charity group or other organization.Many charities accept old cell phones as donations including and TheSupportNetworkforBatteredWomen.. Find other organizations that accept old cell phones at Charitable Recycling. And also, why not organize your own cell phone recycling drive if you want to get further involved? We can all make a difference. Start now. By Enid Partika

7 An Error in Semantics By Patch Murphy Coal Power; a cheap, easy, and very old way to produce eletricity that’s very abundant. What chould be bad about it? Coal is a very dirty, and inefficient way of producing power. When making this kind of power, we burn fossil fuels that pollute the air and cause asthma and acid rain. Acid rain causes plants to wilt and die. The bad news is that almost half of the power of the world is made from coal power. Scientists prodict that in a matter of years we may use coal for most of our power needs. Coal and fossil fuels have caused much of the greenhouse gasses. Other better, friendlier ways to make energy is through hydroelectric energy,wind energy, and solar power. You can help reduce coal plants by turning off energy appliances before you go anywhere, turning off your lights when not in use, buy energy star appliances, and use energy saving lightbulbs. If we do these things, we could make a step towards saving the planet. Rio Vista Rams Rio Vista Rams Football Game Scores September 3 rd Rams VS East Nicolaus Lost 14 - 21 September 10 th Rams VS Esparto Lost 28 - 35 September 17 th Rams VS Cows Won 48-14 Palentologists Find a New Breed of Dinosaur, Related to Velociraptor By Eliza Partika It was a dinosaur with two hooklike claws, ferocious, carnivorous, eatign animals much larger than itself. It was Balaur Bondoc, the “ stocky dragon. ” This newly found dinosaur is the first complete skeleton of predator dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous period in Europe. Scientsts say that Balaur ’ s discovery may provide further insight into the development of dinosaurs and their ecosystem at that time. Before the end of the Cretaceous period, Europe was a series of small islands in higher sea levels than Europe is in today. Previous fossilks found fromtghis period state that life here followed the “ island effect, ” which is when animals in isolation evole smaller than their relations on big continents. Balaur did but at the same time didn ’ t fit the pattern. Since it was not geographically indigineous, Balaur had relations in North America and Asia, which were continents at the time. It is unclear to scientists whether the “ island effect ” was expressed in Balaur ’ s species or not. “ We have been waiting for something like this, ” Mark A. Norrell, of the American Museum of Natural History, explains about Balaur “ and it ’ s really, really weird. ” Something scientists have noticed about the Balaur skeleton is that it has some characteristics that other dinosaurs of prey don ’ t. The most noticible trait is that there ’ s a claw growing out of the second toe and the big toe. It ’ s stout limbs were used to grasp and disembowel prey. Stephen L. Brusatte, a grad student at Columbia University, who analyzed the fossil said “ Compared to veloceraptor, Balaur was probably more of a kickboxer than a sprinter. It might have been able to take down larger animals than itself, like carnavores today. ” This is a new breed of dinosaur, unlike anything we have ever known.

8 9-11 Never Forget …… September 11, 2001 It was a normal day in New York City, like any other day. Then tragedy struck. The news flared with the shocking story - the World Trade Center ahd been hit by terrorists. Many thought the world was ending. Others thought that we had just been taken over. As the world watched in shockled silence … the great World Trade Center went up in flames. On that fateful day, many people and firefighters were killed saving others, and serving their country. This is a reminder, that whatever hardships our daily lives bring us, and even if we are too busy and wrapped in the action of life …… We will never forget those who gave their lives for us. By Eliza Partika Once upon a time there was a gladiator named Pickleitis who lived in a town called Pickletopia. Pickleitis had green skin and white hair with streaks of gold. One eye was red and one was yellow.Pickleitis was extremly fast,strong,and couragous. The top of his spear was solid Platinuim and the bottom was solid gold. His sword was gold at the top and the grip of the sword was the shape of a lions mouth with a Blood red ruby inside it. His sheild was circular and was made out of platinuim and gold swirled together and in the middle was a spike made out of pure titanium. Around the edges was more titanuim spikes for extra protection and damage. Pickleitis had a girlfriend named Jennifer. Jennifer had green skin, blue hair with streaks of red. One eye was red and one was blue. Jennifer had the same weapons that Pickelitis had. Made out of the same things and was as strong, fast,and couragous as Pickleitis. One day in the middle of summer in Pickleforest. Pickleitis and Jennifer got lost with only a sword, food, and water. They had forgot there map so they had travel for hours long and this is how there epic adventure starts. Jennifer said to Pickleitis “what should we do.” Pickleitis said “travel through the forest until we end up in a town then ask how to get back to Pickletopia.” “ok.” “ok ” said Jennifer. Five minutes later the mighty Pickledragon appeared. Jennifer had luckily brought Pickledragon treats just in case this happened because they had attacked people before. Jennifer threw the treat into the Pickledragons mouth and the Pickledragon instantly befriended them. So Jennifer and Pickleitis climbed onto the Pickledragons back and the he took them to the Pickledragons nest. The Legendary Story of Pickleitis Fiction Stories

9 The Legendary Story of Pickleitis (continued) In the nest the pickledragon showed them the room filled with Pickledragon eggs. In the king and queens Pickledragon’s thrown, they saw the queen Pickledragon eating a little Pickledragon. They went to the Pickledragon’s room and the Pickledragon said “the queen eats most of the Pickledragons and is five times as big as a regular Pickledragon.” “Do you want us to do something about the King and Queen Pickledragon?” said Pickleitis. “Yes I want you to slay the King and queen Pickledragon” “ok” said the Pickledragon. We need a sheild and spear both of us” said Jennifer. Good thing I have an armory in my room in the closet; enter it and grab what you need. ”.So Jennifer and Pickleitis opened the closet and saw weapons that looked like there own weapons so they each grabbed a spear and a sheild each and flew off to slay the king and queen in there own thrown. Luckily for Pickleitis and Jennifer the king Pickledragon was asleep so they quietly walked up to the King Pickledragon and cut his throat and The king instantly died. Now they were off to the queen’s thrown to slay her. The queen was awake when they got there so this was going to be harder for them, then killing the king. So they jumped in the queen’s thrown room and threw their spear at her and got her in both wings so she couldn’t fly away. While the queen couldn’t fly both Pickleitis and Jennifer attacked the queen and cut her legs. The queen couldn’t fly away or move so Jennifer cut the queen’s throat and the queen had died. The Pickledragon said “Thank you for slaying the king and queen Pickledragon for me.” “Why did you want me to slay the king and queen Pickledragon so badly ” asked Pickleitis. “The king and queen ate all my brothers and sisters one by one ” replied the Pickledragon.” I hated them for that and hoped one day they would be slayed for eating my family” said the Pickledragon. “ Ok” said Jennifer.“Since we slayed them could you give us a ride to Pickletopia?” said Jennifer. “yes I can give you a ride if you give me another treat” replied the Pickledragon. So Jennifer gave the Pickledragon a treat and they flew to Pickletopia and every one was wondering where they were so Jennifer said “we went on a picnic and explored the forest.” One year later they saw the Pickledragon again and the Pickledragon told them he needed some help. The story will be continued in story 2 The Pickledragon’s request. THE END Story by Tyler Williams And Ben Smulo The Tunneling Platypuses Fiction By Jake Hagan The Story takes place in Australia in 1822. People killed many platypuses. So the Queen Platypus and the other platypuses dug under the Pacific Ocean to California. They will arrive January 1, 2011. The day was Friday when the platypuses arrived. In LA hundreds of little platypuses came out of the ground causing earthquakes and mass destruction. They were attacking everything except for the U.S. Bank Tower, the tallest building in LA. Millions of people died.Has the destruction continued in LA in Washington DC the science people knew that the tiny platypuses were the least of the bad stuff. At the time of January 2, 2011 at lunch time a Queen platypus will erupt out of the ground right under the US Bank tower the only thingy left in LA. They also knew that super earthquakes and super tsunami and Super man will destroy any human living in LA! Back in LA an earthquake started shaking and the sunami was in sight and so was super man! Togther they will wipeout all of LA if any one did not do anything and no one did any thing so LA is know platypus territory.THE END

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