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Greek Mythology Gods and Goddess on Mount Olympus.

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1 Greek Mythology Gods and Goddess on Mount Olympus

2 The Gods of Early Man 1.Gods were created to give an explanation for unexplainable phenomena; 2.They were created to quell man’s fears; 3.Gods were either monsters or animals; 4.Gods later became half-animal and half-man.

3 Classical Greek Gods 1.Gods had human appearance and characteristics; 2.They embodied the Greek ideals of human physical and spiritual beauty; 3.Gods often reflected man’s vanities and short comings; 4.Gods were often humorous; 5.Yet they could be fooled; 6.Gods were important in every aspect of Greek life: home, architecture, drama, painting, sculpture, and war.

4 Myths 1.An anonymous story having roots in primitive folk beliefs of races or nations and presenting supernatural episodes as a means of interpreting natural events. 2.They attempt to explain creation, divinity, and religion. 3.They probe the meaning of existence. 4.They account for natural phenomena such as lightning (Zeus). 5.They chronicle the adventures or racial heroes (Odysseus).

5 Origin of the Greek Gods Gods did not create the universe; it created them! Origin of the Greek Gods Gods did not create the universe; it created them! CHAOS HEAVEN AND EARTH (Uranus) (Gaea) TITANS (Rhea & Chronus) OLYMPIAN GODS (The children of Rhea and Chronus)

6 First Things First Parents Uranus (Heaven) Gaea (Mother Earth) Children Cronus (Saturn) & Rhea (Ops) The Elder Gods (The Titans)

7 First Things First Grandchildren (12 Olympians) Zeus (Jupiter) Poseidon (Neptune) Hades (Pluto) Hestia (Vesta) Hera (Juno) Ares (Mars) Athena (Minerva) Apollo (Apollo) Aphrodite (Venus) Hermes (Mercury) Artemis (Diana) Hephaestus (Vulcan)

8 Who’s Who on Mount Olympus?

9 King of the gods Ruler of mankind Zeus (Jupiter) Symbol Lightning Bolt Realm Misc. Hera’s husband

10 Poseidon (Neptune) Symbol Realm God of sea, horses, and earthquakes Trident -3-pronged spear

11 Hades (Pluto) Realm God of underworld Misc. Never lived on Mt. Olympus Stole Persephone to be his wife Symbol Helmet (makes him invisible)

12 Hestia (Vesta) Realm Goddess of hearth & home Symbol Fireplace (hearth)

13 Queen of Gods and protector of married Women Misc. Zeus’ wife Jealous Hera (Juno) Realm Symbol Cow/Peacock

14 Ares (Mars) Realm God of war Symbol Vulture/dog Misc. Not liked on Olympus

15 Goddess of Wisdom, war, and weaving Misc. Born from Zeus’ head Athena (Minerva) Symbol Realm Olive tree

16 Apollo (Apollo) Realm God of sun, music, poetry, & medicine Symbol Golden lyre/chariot

17 Goddess of Love & Beauty Misc. Mother to Cupid Born from sea foam Aphrodite (Venus) Realm Symbol Dove/swan

18 Hermes (Mercury) Symbol Realm Messenger god God of commerce, travelers, & thieves Winged feet & helmet

19 Goddess of the moon & the hunt Misc. Eternal Maiden Artemis (Diana) Facts Symbol The moon &the deer

20 Hephaestus (Vulcan) Symbol Realm God of fire Forger of armor Misc. Ugly and lame Blacksmith Maker of weapons & armor

21 Why is Mythology Important to study???

22 Many Famous Sites, Paintings, and Sculptures Across the World

23 Poseidon Famous Sites and Paintings Various Temples to Poseidon

24 Dethroning of Saturn

25 Zeus & Hera Enthroned

26 Psyche & Cupid

27 Eros (Cupid)

28 Statue of Ares (Mars)

29 Half-man/Half-horse The Centaur

30 Achilles and the Centaur

31 Minerva and The Centaur

32 Son of Zeus Famous Greek Hero Half-mortal/Half-God Telephus (His son) Wounded by Achilles’ but healed by the rust on spear Hercules and Telephus

33 Arrival of Io in Egypt

34 Aphrodite Crouching

35 The Birth of Venus



38 Venus de Milo

39 Cerberus at Notre Dame Cathedral

40 Charon, Ferryman of Hell

41 Crossing the River Styx

42 Hercules Dragging Cerberus from Hell

43 Echo and Narcissus

44 Death of Adonis

45 Pandora Releasing plagues, sorrow, mischief, and Hope into the world!

46 Presentation of Pandora by Vulcan

47 Prometheus bound Prometheus bound to rock by Force & Violence (Zeus’ servants) for loving man more than gods

48 A Satyr & Nymph

49 The Satyr Pan

50 The Sirens

51 The Moirai (The Three Fates) Three Fates with the thread of human life

52 The Fates

53 The Graiae

54 The Death of Medusa

55 Perseus and Medusa

56 Temples to the gods Temple to Vesta in Rome, Italy Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece Temple of Olympian Zeus

57 Allusions to Mythology in Literature Movies, Advertising, and Pop-Culture today!

58 Hercules

59 Remember Fluffy? J.K. Rowling’s inspiration was Cerberus, the three headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld.

60 Centaurs from Harry Potter

61 Sinbad Sirens attack Sinbad’s Ship

62 Movies about The Iliad

63 Movies about The Odyssey

64 Television Homer’s Odyssey and other references

65 Modern Day Mythology

66 Companies Nike- Shoes, The Goddess of Victory Saturn –Automobiles, Zeus's Father Olympus – Photography Technology, Mount Olympus Mars- Candy Bars, God of War FTD – Hermes Logo, Messenger God – Books, Race of Warrior Women Midas – Golden touch and Mufflers!

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