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Cheyenne Indians Clara and Hunter

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1 Cheyenne Indians Clara and Hunter
Clara and Hunter

2 Introduction Step. Step Step. The Cheyenne chief crept from his tipi silently awaking his warriors. On this day the Cheyenne tribe was traveling to find buffalo. The tribe needed to get ready for the hunt to trap the buffalo. When they took off the woman hauled the logs behind them and the scouts searched the horizon scattered around the tribe. All Indians used nature in very interesting ways, but the Cheyenne make many interesting objects with nature including spears, homes and yarn also using nature around them to make items such as  toboggan sleds or cradle boards.

3 Food, Hunting and Farming
At first the Cheyenne farmed, but then they hunted when horses were introduced to their lives. They would hunt deer, buffalo, and elk. When they planted, they would plant, squash , corn, and beans. The Cheyenne would always have a large feast after a hunt because they had so much food. A treat they would like to eat is pemmican which is made out of nuts, berries, and dried up buffalo. After they gained horses they turned into amazing buffalo hunters. Sometimes a woman would take part in a hunt. The Cheyenne were nomadic, because they had to follow their food source. Pemmican is made out of dried buffalo jerky, and crushed up fruit, and nuts. Buffalo is the main thing that the Cheyennes lived on. Hunter #12

4 People There were many famous chiefs and people that were part of the Cheyenne culture. The Cheyennes called themselves the tsitsistas and spoke the Algonquian language even though their own language was very musical. They carried their babies in cradle boards so that it was easier to travel with them and do their daily chores. The Cheyenne chiefs were always peace makers. To become a peace chief they had to smoke a peace pipe. The most famous peace chief was Black Kettle. He fought General Custard who killed many Cheyenne Indians in his lifetime because he believed that they were bad. The Cheyenne used to wear feather head dresses but then they wore traditional war bonnets. Horses changed the lives of the Cheyenne. Hunter #12

5 Where They Lived The Cheyenne Indians lived in very dry, grassy areas, with lots of buffalo. They lived in South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas. They lived on dry grassy plains with no water within miles. Also, the Cheyennes lived on the mountains of the eastern plains. They were plains and mountain Indians. They refused to sell any land, buffalo, or crops because they felt they did not own it in the first place. It did not rain much and there were not many rivers, lakes, streams or woods in their habitat. The Cheyenne Indians were Plains Indians so they lived on the prairie. The Cheyennes would follow the buffalo all across the prairie. Hunter #12

6 Home, Shelter The Cheyenne lived mostly in tipis when they hunted buffalo, but also in wigwams when they planted crops. At first the Cheyenne lived in birch bark huts, earth lodges, and wigwams. Wigwams were made out of straw and twigs. Earth lodges were an underground home which looked like a small hill. Once horses were introduced to them they lived in tipis because they were easier to travel with and they were easier to build. The woman in the tribe would build the tipis and haul them to their next destination. They were nomadic since they had to move so much to find buffalo, stay in warmer places and find water. Tipis were owned by the woman and were her responsibility. Wigwams are usually made out birch bark and twigs. Hunter #12

7 Traditions, Honoring Nature
The dance of the sun is a famous dance for the Indians. The Indians would celebrate after a hunt. The Cheyennes had many different traditions. Dancing was one of the main traditions at holidays. The Indians would dance for weeks if they had to.The sun dance is a dance they would do to take away worries and to celebrate the coming of spring. They painted their faces for ceremonies or hunting parties.  Before a hunt they painted the horses on their sides to attract the buffalo. They always prayed to spirits before a hunt to bring good luck. It took a long time to get ready for the celebration of the coming of spring. The Cheyennes prayed to the buffalo for a good day and night. Clara #25

8 Legends, How They Got Their Name
The very first chief of the tribe named the tribe tstistas because it is the symbol of peace. The Indians would use this plant to make paint brushes. The tribe was a very sacred tribe and worshiped a lot. When the Indians went to bed or woke up they would pray to the buffalo to have a good night sleep or a good day. Before a hunt the Indians would pray to the buffalo for a good hunt. The Cheyenne Indians got their name from where the tribe first started in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They call themselves tstistas because it means peace. The chief was always a peace maker. Clara #25

9 Entertainment, Games The Cheyenne Indians had many items to entertain themselves such as games, cooking, and toy making. Teenagers played lacrosse or kicked around a string ball. The little kids played with dolls or even made them. When they were about eight or nine they make checker boards out of bones glued together. They also made glue from the buffalo’s hooves and painted it on a very small rock. Then they threw it at a ground to see if it would stick. That’s how they tested to make sure it would work. Many kids also played hoop games. If  they were baby then they would play with two shells stuck together with corn in it and it would become a rattle. Hoop and pole was a game where you threw a pole through a hoop. Clara #25 Sometimes the girls would make dolls for fun.

10 Weapons, Tools The Indians had many weapons to use for hunting but it was hard to acquire them so they had to make them. The women spend their free time making weapons because they could take over a month just to make one bow and arrow. They mainly used spears, war clubs, and bows and arrows. If the man’s arrow did not kill the buffalo the women would feel ashamed because she did not make it well enough. They used arrow heads, rocks, shells and sticks to make spears. The men carved the rocks into arrow heads and sticks into arrows. The bow and arrow is a very useful weapon. The spear was their main weapon. Clara #25

11 Relationships The Indians were sometimes friendly with the white men. When the Cheyenne Indians met the Pawnee tribe they did not like each other. The Cheyennes were not close with many tribes but were still considerate people. When they met up with a tribe it was either good or bad but never in the middle. They were closest friends with the Arapahoe tribe. The Cheyennes did not get along with the white men, because they did not trust them. They did not like most tribes because the would hurt each other, since the Cheyenne were very aggressive.  They spoke in sign language with other tribes because they could not understand the other tribe’s language. Clara# 25

12 Conclusion As one can see, The Cheyenne Indians were a very interesting tribe and did much with the environment around them and had many interesting thing to share with you about their culture and life. Learning all the interesting facts about the Cheyenne Indians readers wonder what other tribes did with the buffalo? Did the white men help the Indians? How did the Indians get married? What kind of jewelry did they where? only looking further will the reader understand the answers to these questions. The Cheyenne were very spiritual and sacred people. The Cheyenne people never wanted and hated to fight.

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