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International Flight Operations USA-Bahamas-USA Andrea Luethi

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1 International Flight Operations USA-Bahamas-USA Andrea Luethi
BAHAMAS and back… International Flight Operations USA-Bahamas-USA Andrea Luethi

2 Overview Leaving the USA Bahamas Arrival Island Hoping
Bahamas Departure USA Arrival Forms Other

3 Deaparture USA Passport PIC: eAPIS
International Flight Plan (Equipment Codes) Non Radar 9,000-13,000 MSL Monitor MHz

4 Arrival Bahamas AOE Day VFR/IFR or Night IFR only (sunset)
No in-flight cancellations (Full approach) Intl Approach Plates CTAF Left Traffic, TPA 1,000ft AGL No taxiways (except Nassau and Freeport) Controlled Airspace: 1,500ft 3sm Uncontrolled Airspace: 1,000ft and Clear (w/Land or Water)

5 Arrival Bahamas Flight Plan: Equipment: Nassau Radio 124.2 or 128.0
Freeport 122.3 Exuma Advisory 118.0 Equipment: Life Vest 2-way radio US requirements

6 Bahamas Immigration Immigration Forms Immigration 9am-5pm Import Tax
3x GenDec/Cruising Permit (C7A) ($75) NO TRANSIRE (C38) for private unless C7A not avail 1x Bahamas Immigration Card (Do not loose) Departure Tax $25 / per person Aircraft Fee ($10*) Overnight ($10*) Immigration 9am-5pm Nassau 24hr but only main terminal Import Tax Mechanical spear gun

7 Island Hoping CTAF 122.8 Backtrack on runway
Flight Plan not required except Nassau and Grand Bahama CAD 63A or Intl Flight Plan FSS Nassau (124.2/128.0) or Freeport Radio (122.3) Control Area (CTA), Flight Information Region (FIR), and Terminal Control Area (TCA) Grand Bahama ( ) Nassau ( ,000) Aerodrome <3000 <6000 Nassau >6000 Miami Oceanic Control Area (FIR)

8 Island Hoping VFR Altitudes Restricted Areas
V-Airways Offset right during climb/descent Restricted Areas Nassau R-3002 (<500 AGL) Grand Bahama center Abaco <2000 except TO/LDG Great Inagua MY/R-3001 (<2000) 26nm off shore from Cuba Landing Fees: Grand Bahama/Nassau Fuel/Oil Cash limited

Departure Bahamas Immigration Card 3x GenDec (C7A) US CBP Arrival Notice 1hr vs 24hr prior Tailnumber PIC Departure Airport Pax Customs Decal # ETA WRITE DOWN THE INITIALS!!!

10 Arrival USA Transponder: Miami Approach or FSS prior to ADIZ AOE
Immigration Declaration Form eAPIS Documents/Equipment: Aircraft Registration Airworthiness License and Medical Passport Customs Decal # Life Vests (Raft) Pets!!!!!

11 Summary of Forms Inward Declaration/ General Declaration / Cruising Permit (C7A) GenDec (C7) Transire (C38) Bahamas Immigration Form US Customs Declaration Form (6059B)

12 Other things to consider
Gliding Distance Floatation Devices Boat Traffic Drugs (DEA)

13 Websites

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