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Elements/Principles Review (Turn-In)

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1 Elements/Principles Review (Turn-In)
What elements stand out the most? What descriptions can be used for the elements? What principles of art stand out the most? What elements create those principles you have chosen?

2 Unit 4 “Italian Renaissance”
Objective: Students will be able to identify both key artists/artworks of the period and their individual contributions to culture/arts of the world. Vocabulary: Renaissance, humanism, linear perspective, and aerial perspective

3 Unit 4 “Italian Renaissance”
Questions What was the contribution of the Gutenberg’s printing press? How did it change the way people viewed life and the world around them? (page 354) How did Masaccio give his figures mass and show depth in Figure 16.3? (page 355) Who is given credit for the discovery of linear perspective? (page 356) What artist created the Gates of Paradise? How was this artist chosen to created the Gates of Paradise? (page 359)

4 Unit 4 “Italian Renaissance”
Vocabulary: foreshortening, contrapposto What was the technique used by Francesca to solidity to his figures and realism to the space around them? (page 362) What were the shared interests of sculptor Donatello and painter Masaccio? (page ) How did Donatello use perspective in his sculptural figures? (page 363) List three ways Donatello’s St. George is similar to the Spear Bearer. (page 363) Who were the Medicis? How did they influence the Renaissance art? (page 361)

5 Unit 4 “Italian Renaissance”
You have the definition of aerial perspective in your vocabulary bank. Look it over and consider what this technique means. Search through pages and find the paintings which use this technique. Name the painting, date, and artist responsible for the work of art. For TURN-IN !!!

6 Unit 4 “Italian Renaissance”
Vocabulary: Pieta Name five of the many different subjects Leonardo studied. (page 367) Why did Michelangelo distort the proportion of the figures in his Pieta? (page 369) Why was Michelangelo not asked to paint the walls of the Sistine Chapel? (page 370) Why was Raphael regarded as the most typical of the Renaissance artists? (page 373) What do many scholars believe Raphael was able to master? (page 374) What female Renaissance artist was the first to gain fame as a painter? (page 374) What King invited this female artist to his court to be a painter for ten years? (page ) What was unique about her painting style? (page )

7 Elements Principles Review !!!
What four elements stand out the most? What descriptions can be used for the four elements? What four principles of art stand out the most? Explain how the elements create the four principles? For Turn In!

8 Unit 4 “Italian Renaissance”
Why did Leonardo take the name Vinci? Name two places Leonardo lived and worked. What happened when Leonardo finished his instructors painting? Name four professions that interested Leonardo. Why where patrons wary to hire Leonardo? What was Leonardo supposed to build in Milan? Who was Leonardo’s chief rival in art? Why did Leonardo get into trouble for dissecting bodies? Name Leonardo’s most celebrated master-pieces. Where did Leonardo die?

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