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Sunshine Recovery Café

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1 Sunshine Recovery Café
Rowan Anderson

2 Renfrewshire ADP Renfrewshire Alcohol Drug Partnership established in 2009 Brought partner agencies together formally Brought Drugs & Alcohol together Responsible for addressing alcohol and drug issues

3 Service User Network (SUN)

4 Pilot Phase Convincing Stakeholders Securing Funding Sourcing Venue
Learning from others Being a legitimate business…

5 What would the Café be? Somewhere people can come and talk in confidence A safe place for addicts to come. A place where you can seek help and other services Warm & Friendly place to be able to come and chat. A place to come and know that you are not alone – similar issues To meet people of the same frame of mind, in recovery or through recovery and clean! A safe, calm meeting place for people in recovery and perhaps run computer classes, health and wellbeing access to services For people to be able to open up and discuss issues without feeling embarrassed. Someone listening, counselling, support. I would like the recovery café to be a place where I can meet people in the same boat as me

6 Social Enterprise Model
Volunteer Run Constituted body Shared responsibility Personal investment ‘Giving back’ Ownership Advertising

7 Growing Opportunities…
Volunteering in Cafe College Food Hygiene Employability Holistic Therapist Money Advice Share Group Guitar Group Evenings

8 The un-measurable impact
Friendships created Impact on social isolation Confidence building Recovery education Sense of belonging Nutrition

9 Partnership Working Willingness of organisations to support the Café
Staff support Community support Positivity that surrounds the project COSLA award nomination

10 “A grateful addict/alcoholic”
“The Power of Recovery” (Personal communication with Phillip Valentine, Executive Director, CCAR, Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) “5 years+ In recovery” “Recovering People” “Long Term Recovery” “Better than well” “A grateful addict/alcoholic” “Model citizens” “Normal People” Potential “Early Recovery” Time


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