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King Tutankhamen.

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1 King Tutankhamen

2 King Tut is not famous for anything he did during his reign, he is famous for all the treasures of his that were found in his tomb

3 King Tut’s Family His father was Akhenaton who was a famous pharaoh because he changed Egypt from polytheists to monotheists. His mother was a noblewoman named Kiya His Stepmother was Nefertiti His wife was Ankesenpaaten, who was also his half - sister He had two daughters who both died when they were born.

4 His Childhood He was taught to worship one god -Aten
He Played ball, and with animal toys He Played leap frog and piggy back He Played with toy swords, spears and boats

5 Sports He hunted and fished
He participated in archery, spear throwing and riding chariots

6 Food He ate at low tables and used his fingers to eat with
He ate beef, goat, antelope, gazelle, pelican, and fish The bread he ate was flavored with honey, nuts and dates He drank beer and wine

7 His Palace He was raised in a brand new palace in Armana
Tiles covered the floors The palace had courtyards, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and servants rooms Outside of the palace was stables, ponds, and trees

8 His Schooling He attended Prince School
Received lessons in math, reading, writing, history, geometry, astronomy, music, science and medicine

9 His Clothes He wore the finest linen which was draped around his body
The higher the status, the more clothes and makeup they wore He wore a lot of eye makeup He wore a lot of jewelry

10 His Hair Children had shaved heads except for one long lock that hung on the side of the head. When he hit puberty his “lock of Youth” was shaved

11 Timeline 1343 BC Tutankhamen was born
1334 BC Tut was made pharaoh of Egypt when he was only 9 years old 1334 BC Tut married his half-sister Ankhesenpaaten 1331 BC he restored Egypt to polytheism BC Tut and his wife had 2 children, both are stillborn

12 Timeline 1325 BC Tut died at the age of 19. He reigned for just 9 years and his death remains a mystery 1922 AD Howard Carter discovers Tut’s tomb 1925 AD The inner coffin is opened revealing Tut’s mummy

13 Can you identify some of these artifacts??






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