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Review: Chapter 1 Thursday, October 8. *use complete sentences!

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1 Review: Chapter 1 Thursday, October 8

2 *use complete sentences!

3 1. What is the difference between history and pre-history?

4 History is a written record of events, while prehistory occured before there were written records.

5 2. Stories passed down by word of mouth are ____________.

6 oral traditions.

7 3. How can we learn about human ancestors who lived before written history?

8 We can learn about our human ancestors by studying the artifacts they left behind.

9 4. Suppose that large, heavy spear points are found at a prehistoric site. What might they tell us about the human ancestors who once lived there?

10 It might tell us that they hunted large animals.

11 5. The ____________ was the earliest known period of human culture.

12 Stone Age

13 6. How did early humans find food during the Old Stone Age?

14 Early humans found food during the Old Stone Age by hunting and gathering.

15 7. What characterized the Old Stone Age, Middle Stone Age, and New Stone Age?

16 In the Old Stone Age tools were made of stone. In the Middle Stone Age the tools became more advanced. In the New Stone Age people started to plant seeds to grow their own food.

17 8. Our ancestors learned how to ____________ or tame, animals.

18 domesticate

19 9. What is the connection between farming and the growth of early cities?

20 As people farmed, the population grew, leading to the growth of early cities.

21 10. What survival skills did our ancestors learn throughout the Stone Age?

22 Our ancestors learned how to make tools, clothing, shelter, and get food.

23 11. Making items such as baskets, jewelry, and pottery is the job of a(n) ____________.

24 artisan.

25 12. How did the discovery of the use of fire affect our ancestors?

26 The discovery of fire allowed our ancestors to move to colder climates.

27 13. Describe aspects (different parts) of the earliest cities.

28 Cities had growing populations, public buildings, people doing a variety of jobs, and governments.

29 14. A society that has cities, a central government, and specialized jobs is a(n) ______________.

30 civilization.

31 15. ___________ is the period of time before writing developed.

32 Prehistory

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