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If I were a Paleo-Indian I would survive by…. Archaic Indians.

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1 If I were a Paleo-Indian I would survive by…

2 Archaic Indians


4 Archaic Indians 6,000BC – 1,500BC End of the Ice Age Group developed from Paleo-Indians Developed because a change of environment because of the end of the Ice Age

5 Environment Receed of Glaciers Small brush began to cover ground More vegetation

6 Shelter Built temporary shelters similar to those of the Paleo- Indians when they were able to find vegetation Camped until vegetation was gone Continued to migrate Set up shelters near rivers and streams

7 Copy to Notes on Shelters Built temporary shelters near rivers and streams where they camped until food was gone.

8 Food - Meat Larger animals such as bison and mammoth began to disappear Smaller animals were targeted for hunting deer, turkey, rabbit, and even skunk, fox, and wildcat How is their hunting different than the Paleo Indians?

9 Food - Vegetation Roots Nuts Berries Grains Gradually, these Native Americans learned they could grow or cultivate some of the vegetation. They began to save and store the seeds to later plant and harvest them. Foraged or searched until vegetation was found

10 Think ahead: How is the new idea of storing seeds and planting them going to change history? Hint: think about shelters of Native Americans

11 Copy to Notes on Food Hunted smaller animals Gathered more vegetation, including grains, berries, and nuts

12 Culture Started to form bigger groups, perhaps with chiefs Started to trade with other groups to get better stone for their spear points. Many people lived along rivers to use canoes to trade up and down the river. Pottery became more important and useful

13 Copy to Notes on Culture Formed bigger groups with chiefs Still remained as nomads. A nomad is a member of a group who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons

14 Tools Hunting smaller animals meant the Archaic Indians had to change the way they hunted Atlatl – stick or rod used to throw a spear harder and with more accuracy. Hook at rear end to hold spear until it is thrown Traps to catch smaller animals

15 Atlatl Pictures

16 Copy to Notes on Tools Used atlatl and traps to catch animals. Atlatl is a stick to throw a spear more accuracy

17 Compare these Indians Paleo Indians Large animals Little vegetation Temporary Homes Travelled in small groups Rock on a stick Archaic Indians Small animals Vegetation was popular for food Temporary Homes Travelled in small groups, but often with a leader Atlatl to assist with spear Food Shelter Interaction Tools

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