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1 Geothermobarometry

2 Partioning of Fe, Mg with Temperature: The Garnet-Biotite Geothermometer
Fe, Mg have similar ionic radii, therefore volume change small

3 The Garnet-Biotite Exchange Geothermometer
3 3 3

4 Garnet-Biotite Geothermometer Calibration
(Ferry and Spear, 1978)

5 Garnet Biotite Geothermometer

6 The GASP Geobarometer V LHS = 3 x = cm3 DV = cm3

7 The GASP Geobarometer

8 Other Geobarometers Sphalerite GRIPS
FeS content of Sph in equilibrium with Py and Po

9 Application of Garnet-Biotite and GASP Geothermobarometry

10 Application of Multiple Geothermobarometers

11 P-T-t path application: Garnet-Biotite/GASP Geothermobarometry
Sample from the Wopmay Orogen (St Onge, 1987) Gt-Bt: Hodges and Spear, 1982). GASP: Koziol (1988)

12 Solvus geothermometers
Alkali feldspar geothermometer Calcite geothermometer

13 Oxygen isotope fractionation factors
Oxygen Isotope Geothermometry Oxygen isotope fractionation factors

14 P-T Conditions at Balmat

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