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Day 5: Do Now A. Edit the sentences. B. Write a paragraph in your journal. Do you have BIG plans this weekend? What are you planning to do? Be sure to.

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1 Day 5: Do Now A. Edit the sentences. B. Write a paragraph in your journal. Do you have BIG plans this weekend? What are you planning to do? Be sure to write at least 3 sentences that support your topic sentence. Add a closing sentence. Circle all the SIMPLE SUBJECTS. Remember: capitals and periods ALWAYS. Hint: Use any genre you like(fantasy, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) Daily Edit 1.In October, grandmother and me visited 2. she carryed presents from her car to the house.

2 Call Out Spelling Words

3 Grammar 0301.1.5 1. What is the simple subject in this sentence? The cute baby boy played with the ball. A. baby B. baby boy C. boy D. boy played

4 Grammar 0301.1.5 2. Choose the simple subject of this sentence. The strong girl ran very fast. A. strong B. girl C. fast D. ran

5 Grammar 0301.1.5 3. The whole class went to the playground for recess. Find the simple predicate of the sentence. A. went B. to the playground C. recess D. The whole class

6 Grammar 0301.1.5 4. Choose the simple subject in the sentence. The actor is the funny man in the clown costume. A. clown B. actor C. man D. is

7 Grammar 0301.1.5 5. Choose the simple subject in the sentence. The doctor is the tall lady in the white coat. A. doctor B. lady C. white D. coat

8 Vocabulary 0301.1.16 6. What does reunion mean in the sentence below? All of my cousins came to the family reunion. A.arrow B.dedication C.gathering D.terror

9 Vocabulary 0301.1.16 7. What does sincere mean in the sentence below? I knew my sister was sincere when she said she was sorry. A.cloudy B.damp C.honest D.usual

10 Vocabulary 0301.1.16 8. What does loveliest mean in the sentence below? Mom picked out the loveliest dress to wear to the party. A.happiest B.prettiest C.rockiest D.tastiest

11 Vocabulary 0301.1.16 9. What does inspired mean in the sentence below? Who is the hero that has inspired you most? A.affected B.bundled C.pasted D.struggled

12 Vocabulary 0301.1.16 10. What does managed mean in the sentence below? I am not sure how Amaris managed to move the bed all by herself. A.changed B.planted C.slept D.succeeded

13 Writing and Research 0301.3.4 11. Jacob wanted to go swimming in his family's pool. First, he put on his swim trunks. __________________________. Then, he went to the pool with his mother. He jumped in and swam across to the other side. The water felt great! Which sentence belongs in the blank? A. Next, he got his towel and put on sunscreen. B. Jacob does not like to swim. C. He got out of the pool and went back inside. D. Next, he swam to the deepest part of the pool.

14 Writing and Research 301.3.4 12. Bats are unusual creatures. They have wings and can fly, but they are not birds. They are actually mammals. Also, they are nocturnal. This means they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Bats cannot see very well, so they use sound to guide them. Bats are very interesting. Which of the following sentences could be added to the paragraph above? A. I do not like bats. B. Bats like Halloween. C. Bats hang upside down when they sleep. D. Hamsters are nocturnal animals, too.

15 Writing and Research 301.3.4 13. Which answer fits in the blank? My cat's name is Misty. She is a beautiful shade of gray, like the morning mist. Her favorite toy is a squeaky mouse. _________________________________. I think she is the best pet in the world! A. My favorite book is about a cat. B. My dog likes to sleep all day. C. She likes to climb to the top of the tree outside. D. We often ride bikes to the store and back.

16 Writing and Research 301.3.4 14. Choose the best supporting sentence for the paragraph. My first trip to the circus was really exciting. One of the clowns made me a bird out of a balloon. _________________. My favorite animals were the elephants. I also enjoyed eating lots of cotton candy and peanuts. I hope the circus comes to town again really soon. A. My brother enjoyed the zoo more than the circus. B. The weather was really bad the day we went. C. The acrobats amazed me as they walked across the highwire. D. I didn't want to go home when it was over.

17 Writing and Research 301.3.4 15. My little brother and Casey are great friends. ____________________. Sometimes Casey comes over to work on science projects with my brother. Find the correct word to complete the sentence. A. Casey does not have brothers. B. They are in the same class at school. C. They usually eat broccoli for dinner. D. Casey makes good grades in English.

18 Logic 0301.5.4 16. What did Tameka ask her uncle to do in her first letter? P. 274 A. write a letter B. come for a visit C. take her to the rodeo D. build kitchen cabinets

19 Logic 0301.5.4 17. What did Uncle Ray do before he put Oliver on the side of the road? P.276 A. He went to visit Tameka. B. He wrote a letter to “Traveler.” C. He built all of the kitchen cabinets. D. He wondered where Oliver could be.

20 Logic 0301.5.4 18. Who was the first person to give Oliver a ride? p. 279 A. Cherry B. Tameka C. Jackson D. Bobbi Joe

21 Logic 0301.5.4 19. What happened after Oliver visited Cherry? P. 281 A. He got a ride with Quinn’s cousin’s boyfriend’s aunt. B. He did not say goodbye to Quinn’s cousin’s boyfriend’s aunt. C. He went to a basketball game with Quinn’s cousin’s boyfriend’s aunt. D. He went to Uncle Ray’s house with Quinn’s cousin’s boyfriend’s aunt.

22 Logic 0301.5.4 20. Which words help the reader understand how Tameka felt about Uncle Ray? P.274 A. “favorite uncle” B. “favorite niece” C. “couple of weeks” D. “left this morning”

23 Informational Text 0301.6.1 21. Robin has twin brothers. They are younger than her and very annoying. She has a hard time telling them apart. She does enjoy getting them to play tricks on people. Sometimes she helps them switch places at school. Robin thinks having twin brothers can be cool. Why might Robin think having twin brothers is cool? A. They are younger than her. B. She has a hard time telling them apart. C. She would rather have sisters. D. They can play tricks on people.

24 Informational Text 0301.6.1 22. The Wagner family has a reunion every year. They have done this for many years. They take turns meeting at different homes. There are always fun games and lots of good food. Everyone loves the homemade ice cream and potato salad. A special recipe is used to make the ice cream. It is a tradition to eat these foods at every reunion. The games and food are great. However, the Wagners think the best part of the reunion is spending time together. How often does the Wagner family have a reunion? A. every year C. every other year B. every 5 years D. twice a year

25 Informational Text 0301.6.1 23. How to Make a Hot Fudge Sundae Do you like chocolate and ice cream? Then there's nothing better than hot fudge sundae! Here's how to make one. First, lay out what you need: ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, a cherry, an ice cream scoop, a bowl, a spoon, and a microwave. Next, spoon ¼ cup of hot fudge sauce in a microwave-safe dish. Heat it for 20 seconds in the microwave. If it's not hot, heat it for 10-20 seconds more. Scoop ice cream into the bowl. Pour the hot fudge sauce over the ice cream. (The sauce will be hot, so be careful.) Add whipped cream and a cherry. Yum- yum! Which question could you ask yourself to help you think about what you are reading? A. What color are cherries? B. How do you get the fudge sauce hot? C. How do you make a banana split? D. Why do I like strawberry ice cream?

26 Informational Text 0301.6.1 24. How To Revive Your Ferns First, take the fern outside. Second, pull off the dead or damaged leaves. Third, take the fern out of the pot. Fourth, refill the pot with new potting soil. Fifth, replant your fern. Finally, water your fern and place it in a sunny area. Ferns are expensive to buy. Which should you think about while reading the story? A. What can I do to save my fern? B. Do I need a new pot? C. How much does it cost to buy a fern? D. Are the leaves dead?

27 Call Out Spelling Words Last

28 Informational Text 0301.6.1 25. Jackson Carter is my friend. He is running for class president. He is kind to everyone and has great ideas. I believe he will be an excellent leader. Please vote for Jackson on Monday, May 8th. Why does the author think Jackson will be a good class president? A. he is in the author's class B. he is the author's friend C. he is running for class president D. he has great ideas

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