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Strings of Maestro A musical trip down memory lane.

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1 Strings of Maestro A musical trip down memory lane

2 An instrumental extravaganza of popular yesteryear hits in Dubai

3 The idea: Targeted at the NRI community of Dubai Nostalgia factor of people living away from home Popular songs they have grown listening to Instrumental evening to invite an elite audience

4 Concept: Five 30-minute sessions comprising of the following: Classics of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Popular preludes, interludes and background scores A few tracks from Internationally acclaimed albums such as How to Name it, Nothing but Wind, India 24 hours, Music Messiah, Tiruvasagam, etc… Own composition of the various artists Final session – Top 10 all-time greats of the Maestro (Medley)

5 Why would the show attract audience: Songs they have grown up with Reconnection with their younger days in India (South India) First of its kind in Dubai The composer is a favorite among primary target audience (30-65 yrs) Impressive set of performers (one of the best in the respective instruments)

6 The army of soulful music Headed by Rajesh Vaidhya - Veena Navin Iyer - Flute Karthik Iyer - Violin Arun Kumar – Drums Karthikeyan – Keyboard Chandrajit - Tabla Keith Peters – Bass guitar (tentative)

7 Audience: Niche segment of Dubai NRI community South Indians, predominantly from TN High investing potential/purchasing power Aware of the genre and feels nostalgic about homeland High intensity show

8 Event Details: Venue: Sheik Rashid adutorium (Indian School) Capacity: 1600 Date: March 13, 2015

9 Promotions: Starting from Nov 15 Includes – TV, outdoor, radio, Website, Social Media, Emailers, In-store (in popular South Indian restaurants) & Theatres

10 Benefits for participating brands: Hoarding in popular South Indian area (Karama) right in front of Lulu supermarket Theatre slides – 2 weeks Radio – 1000 spots (Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam) Exclusive website for the event (Promoted through Google ads and Social Media) Promo videos to carry the Title and Associate sponsors extensively promoted on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Direct Mailers TV – Promotions and Telecast (Varnam TV, a popular South Indian channel in UAE)

11 Benefits for participating brands: (ctd) Backdrop on the event LED display – Video ads of the brand MC announcement Venue branding – Rollups/Standees Stall – 10*10 (Title & Associate) Ticket branding Exclusive bytes aired on TV & Radio Google display ads & Social Media ads carrying name of Title sponsor Crew tshirts

12 Package for Title and Associate sponsor: An all-inclusive 3-day tour of Dubai Complete itinerary of city-tours and sight-seeing 4-star accommodation Interaction on radio (one-day prior to the event)

13 Cost of participation: Title sponsor – INR 15,00,000/- (1) Associate sponsor – INR 7,50,000/- (1) Co-sponsor – INR 5,00,000/- (4) Partners – INR 2,50,000/- (10)

14 Vasudev Parthasarathy: +91 98403 95047 Rohit Rajagopalan: +91 98412 49990 Thank you

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