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Leadership Summit Flatirons Volleyball Club January 19, 2015.

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1 Leadership Summit Flatirons Volleyball Club January 19, 2015

2 Welcome!! Please introduce yourselves to those at your table. Name! Flatirons team that you are on! Position that you play! Why you are attending this clinic?

3 Norms Come with an open mind. Be willing to take risks. Ask questions when they come up. Listen intently to the thoughts and ideas of others. Turn off cell phones. Learn lots!!

4 Good Leadership? What is leadership? What makes someone a good leader? Do you feel you are a good leader right now? Why or why not?

5 Why Should You Care About Leadership? You ARE leaders right now. Captains? Role models for younger athletes. You WILL BE leaders in the future. When you return to high school teams. In the future as a scholar-athlete.

6 Our Society Needs Leaders

7 Let’s Start! Please take a few minutes to complete the self-evaluation survey….about yourself!

8 Some definitions…. Leadership is the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done. Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to work for shared goals.

9 Rewards of Being a Team Leader Satisfaction of helping others Ability to truly impact team’s success Position for future leadership roles

10 Risks to Being a Team Leader You will be constantly watched Trust and respect are extremely fragile You won’t always be liked

11 More….Risks! Some might be jealous of you You must deal with conflict You will take the heat when things go wrong

12 So…is it worth it? What do YOU think? WHY?

13 Leads to ability to PERSUADE

14 Leading by EXAMPLE 1)Model that which you want to see. 2)First in….last out philosophy 3)Hardest worker on team

15 Confidence Believes in self on and off the court Wants to perform in pressure situations Mentally and emotionally tough following mistakes

16 Composure Able to keep emotions in check Controls negative emotions

17 Character Does the right thing on and OFF the court Responsible, accountable, reliable Honest with coaches and teammates Treats people with respect

18 Credibility You “get” this as you lead by example. You are “walking the walk.”walking the walk Hard to earn…easy to lose.

19 Leading by WORDS 1)Why should anyone listen to you? 2)Have you built credibility?

20 Encourager Servant Puts need of team ahead of their own “First in…last out” Listens and supports teammates

21 Understands teammates Helps teammates feel good about selves Reaches out to struggling teammates

22 Refocuses teammates when they are down or distracted Communicates optimism and hope Brings team together / builds chemistry

23 Reflection Time What seem to be your leadership strengths? What type of leader are you RIGHT NOW? What areas do you need to work on? How will you do that?

24 Thank You! Contact me with questions! Chris Warner Assistant Director 303-819-2571

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