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The “Gray” Area in Librarianship By Fe Angela M. Verzosa Aging:

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1 the “Gray” Area in Librarianship By Fe Angela M. Verzosa Aging:

2 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 2 Simone de Beauvoir It is the meaning that people attribute to their life, it is their entire system of values that defines the meaning and value of old age. The reverse applies: By the way in which a society behaves towards its old people, it uncovers the naked, and often carefully hidden, truth about its real principles and aims.

3 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 3 Overview What are the facts about “aging”? What are the myths and realities of aging? What are the frequently asked questions about ageism in the library workplace? What are the implications of a mature workforce in the library workplace? What legislations may be necessary to protect the aging workforce?

4 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 4

5 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 5

6 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 6 COSE reports … For every baby born, 10 will be over 65 Older populations grow more rapidly in less developed than in developed countries In 25 years, population over 65 will increase by 82 % By year 2000, 65% of older persons will be in Asia

7 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 7 Librarianship has an age profile older than most comparable professions. Assn of Research Libraries (1994) noted:

8 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 8 Some Factors in aging

9 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 9 Seven Dwarfs of Menopause Itchy Bitchy Sweaty Sleepy Bloated Forgetful All dried up

10 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 10 Fasten seatbelts and remove dentures

11 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 11

12 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 12

13 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 13The Library Workplace today Financial crisis/budgetary constraints Reduced support for library budgets Rising costs for salaries Early retirement packages Hiring of new potentially technologically-sophisticated personnel to keep up with IT needs/requirements Increased expectations from library clientele

14 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 14 Impact of Training & Technology staff training in IT is the foundation of a virtual library retraining/ immersion in IT is required for veteran employees studies have shown that age has impact on performance of computer-related tasks motivation is important in technology training of adult workers

15 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 15 in adult training Practical tips in adult training training must be refocused in terms of practical concerns of employees training must integrate new ideas with what the adult trainees already know adult learning requires self- pacing methods employ different techniques of training (aural and visual) to accommodate specific needs and requirements

16 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 16 in the performance of computer-based tasks Age-related differences in the performance of computer-based tasks older workers exhibit longer response times than younger ones they commit a greater number of errors they find the tasks more difficult and stress-inducing than their younger counterparts they require more practice

17 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 17

18 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 18 Managing change with late- career employees less likely to change jobs and more likely will stay in the same position or institution perceived to be less open to change decrease in turnover rate of older employees results from serious concerns: retirement and benefits vested interests in home and family current economic/employment environs relocation difficulties

19 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 19 on library services Implications on library services physical realities of aging reference burn-out takes its toll on veterans techno-stress resistance to work overloads

20 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 20

21 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 21 of Aging Workforce Challenges of Aging Workforce experienced veterans have a solid foundation of useful professional expertise they provide historical perspective essential in planning and governance they are excellent providers of on-the-job training and mentoring for new staff, etc.

22 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 22 of Aging Workforce (cont.) Challenges of Aging Workforce (cont.) they carry the best of librarianship’s humanizing service values into the virtual libraries of the 21st century such as good work habits attendance punctuality honesty loyalty, etc

23 11-25-2005Aging - FAMVerzosa 23 ~ Lin Yü-tang ~ - I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colors are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow… Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and its content.

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