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Woodland Heights Elementary Cafeteria Guidelines.

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1 Woodland Heights Elementary Cafeteria Guidelines

2 Cafeteria Guidance Greeting classes in the cafeteria: Your smile and positive role modeling encourages all our students to feel good about following the rules and expectations Please meet your class in the hallway beside the cafeteria

3 Students will enter and leave the cafeteria in quiet lines. Students will be served only once through the serving line. Students that pack lunch will pick up a tray to eat their lunch on to keep clean and sanitary. All classes will be monitored by a teacher, a teacher assistant, or a parent. Students will eat with best manners while sitting properly….

4 Students will have 5 minutes of silent eating signaled by the RED cup…. The adult supervisor will display a GREEN cup indicating quiet talking, once all students have eaten a nutritious lunch. Students will talk with those at their assigned table. Each class will clean their table and floor around their assigned lunch table.

5 Circulating around the tables Moving about ensures that all students get to see you and helps students follow the rules Awareness of the younger students needing help with their lunch items. Being able to monitor the noise level and to help avoid any potential problems that may occur.

6 Cleaning Up… Teachers assign jobs to students… Adults use the disinfecting spray only and when finished needs placed on the window ledge. Students may use the paper towels to dry off tables. Students may also use the broom and dustpan Trash containers to be put back in their designated area when done. Giving students the guidance will reinforce them as they help to do their part in maintaining their school.

7 Departing the Cafeteria Your positive role modeling behaviors will remind students to walk and keep body parts to themselves. Students are expected to line up and exit quietly The stage area and the steps need to be off limits when entering or exiting

8 Just to think about… Please pay close attention to your assigned classroom…I know how easy it would be to get caught up in a conversation with other adults in the cafeteria…but our kids need you! Please dress appropriately when coming to our school. We want to provide good examples of behavior and dress!

9 Thank you for helping our Cafeteria to be a positive, safe and healthy experience for our students! Questions? Complete the volunteer profile form. Please Plus-Delta today’s information

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