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Excel Project 2005-2006 By Lauren Kenely (Pullicino) Trevor Kissaun Dun Guzepp Zammit Boys JL.

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1 Excel Project By Lauren Kenely (Pullicino) Trevor Kissaun Dun Guzepp Zammit Boys JL

2 How does Student Participation in their Learing Environment Enhance their Self Esteem?

3 November 2005-Visit to Bath/ Bristol

4 Partner School in Bristol Sir Bernard Lovell School  Link Teachers: Jane Farrimond Justine Bath

5 Research Methodology- Data Collection Quantitative Research:  Pilot Study of Questionnaire  Actual Questionnaire Qualitative Research:  Focus Groups

6 Research Methodology- Data Analysis S.P.S.S.  Form Groups  As a Whole

7 Findings 1. Class Activities, Group Work, Project Work. 2. Break Activities 3. Disciplinary Interactions- Explanation and Consequences 4. Personal Evaluation and Positive Feedback 5. Helping Other Students, Student Voice and Student Management Groups 6. Changes Students would like to see re. Personal & Emotional Development 7. Interference with Positive Self Esteem

8 Findings – Class Activities, Group Work and Project Work Positive Aspects Increase in Participation Eagerness for Lesson Less Disruption Negative Aspects  Fear of Being Ridiculed

9 Findings- Break Activities Majority Enjoy Company of Friends  Younger: Extra Curricular Activities  Older: Sport Activities Lack of Break Activities→ Boredom → Bullying

10 Findings- Disciplinary Interactions /Explanation and Consequences Lack of Awareness Explanation→ Effort to Improve Warnings→ Control ones Behaviour Unfairness

11 Findings- Exams, Evaluation and Positive Feedback Exams  Younger Students Give More Importance Academic Achievement  O’ Level influence on Form 5 students Evaluation and Feedback  Younger students: pride in having their work displayed  Older students: pride in being praised by teacher

12 Findings- Student Voice, Student Management & Helping Others Sources of satisfaction:  Being a voice to other students’ needs  Helping others through ones good qualities

13 Findings- Personal and Emotional Development Need to Speak and Discuss Feelings and Emotions General Feeling of Having No One to Speak to SUGGESTION  More availability of people to speak to

14 Findings- Interference With Self Esteem HELP Academic Achievement Friendship Sports Activities HINDER  Lack of Student Interaction  Failing Exams  Bullying  Disrupted Lessons by Class Mates

15 Findings- Suggestions by Students Improved Student- Teacher Relationship More Activities During Learning More Sports Activities During Break

16 “ A teacher effects eternity; he/she can never tell where his/her influence stops. ” Henry Adams

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